Shawaz Lodhi

Shawaz Lodhi is a freelance writer and a sports freak.

Unveiling the ONIC Sim Experience: A Closer Look at Pakistan’s First Digital Network

I bought an ONIC SIM, touted as Pakistan's first high-speed digital network, powered by Ufone. Driven by online campaigns, I opted for three packages: Limit Less, Epic Data, and Big Data (1990, 1290, 890 PKR). Call and SMS services suffice, but internet speed falls below expectations. Play Store reviews reveal a 2.4 rating, with numerous complaints about sluggish speeds, averaging less than 1 Mbps.

How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe

The idea of "What if." It fascinates us all. And How many universes are there? Will we have to look for an alternate universe that exists outside our universe or observable universe?

Floods in Pakistan Essay 

The "Floods in Pakistan Essay" delves into the recurring natural disaster that has plagued the country for decades. These devastating floods have left a trail of destruction, impacting millions of lives and causing significant damage to infrastructure and the environment. The consequences of these floods are far-reaching, affecting agriculture, public health, and economic stability.

The Story of Pakistani YouTube Lecturer – Malik Shahzaib

My name is Malik Shahzaib. The story of where I...

New Zealand Did NOT Lose the Cricket World Cup 2019 Final

The illustrious career of MS Dhoni began with a runout...

Comets, Asteroids and Meteors

Flying space rocks in the sky can be difficult to spot in the modern illuminations. But despite the business of life having taken us away from the spectacles of the night sky, they wander around, waiting to be seen

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The applications of Artificial Intelligence are as endless as the...

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

From Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking, there have been many...

Avengers Endgame Review

If you’re a true marvel fan, you’ve probably already seen Avengers...

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