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Shawaz Lodhi

Shawaz Lodhi is a freelance writer and a sports freak.
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Sarfaraz Ahmed in the Pakistan Cricket team (T20I)

Pakistan team has just arrived in Australia for three T20Is. Which will start from 3rd November which will then be followed by...

Independence Day Poem!

The dream of IqbaI, the work of the Qauid, Runs tears every time it is revived........

A Voice of Oppression from Kashmir

There has been a lot of discussions recently regarding Kashmir due to the fact that the tyranny of the Indian government...

How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe!

How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe, if there is one? This question would have resulted in a curiosity, making you...

The Story of Pakistani YouTube Lecturer – Malik Shahzaib

My name is Malik Shahzaib. The story of where I stand now is a complicated one with twists and turns and...

New Zealand Did NOT Lose the Cricket World Cup 2019 Final

The illustrious career of MS Dhoni began with a runout after facing his very first delivery in ODI cricket and maybe he...

Comets, Asteroids and Meteors

Flying space rocks in the sky can be difficult to spot in the modern illuminations. But despite the business of life having taken us away from the spectacles of the night sky, they wander around, waiting to be seen

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

The applications of Artificial Intelligence are as endless as the stars in the night sky. From home security to military to...

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