Science & Tech Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Applications of Artificial Intelligence


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The applications of Artificial Intelligence are as endless as the stars in the night sky. From home security to military to self driving cars, here are a few practical applications of Artificial intelligence.


AI in advanced form can be used to aid running cities or even entire countries with efficiency. They can be used to help set the rules and regulations as well as aid in making important decisions for the betterment of the nation.

Banking and Finance

AI can help make financial decision more efficiently for both banking and home users. It can account for the benefit of the user as well as the economy in general. It can also analyze trends in the market to help make investment and loan decisions.

Food and Health

Analyzing taste buds, and cultural and regional trends, AI could give endless recipes to make for the most delicious and nutritional meals.
It could also analyze your nutrition intake and suggest the amount of exercise to help you better live a healthy lifestyle.


Tiny AI robots could be used to fight off diseases such as cancer. By attacking the cancerous cells or just fight off viruses altogether it could help treat patients. They could also be used to better diagnose patients and even perform surgery as accurately ass physically possible


AI can be used to manufacture all kinds of items from small tools to entire spacecrafts and aircrafts with micrometer precision.

Privacy and Security

AI can be used to secure your homes and offices as well as banks and entire countries. It can also better protect you from thieves. In real life as well as digitally

Leisure and Ease

AI can be, and is already used to, fine tune itself your taste and recommend items that best suit us. Furthermore, from music to ads, everything can be recommended as per our needs.
It can also offer ease to the user by aiding in everyday tasks such as taking the trash out or keeping the ideal temperature of your home. It can also drive your car and take you from point A to point B without the need for you to pay attention.


It can be used to do all kinds of research in every field imaginable with unmatched precision. It can also run simulations and find the best possible way to complete a task or predict the outcome of it.

Shawaz Lodhi
Shawaz Lodhi is a freelance writer and a sports freak.


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