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Cari Carr holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University. She is a Freelance Journalist, Occasional expatriate, and a mom of five.

Hamza Bin Tariq is a Medical-Doctor and President at IFMSA. He is a writer and social activist.

Billie Foster works as a Medical health provider and Hospice caregiver. She Teaches life skills to Adults and Retired statesmen.

Fatima Abdyab is a Health, Diet, and Nutrition Specialist. She provides Nutritional Guidance as a Food Blogger and a Social Activist.

Ayesha Ashfaq is a nutritionist by profession and food blogger by passion.

Muntazir Mehdi is an Engineer by profession, writer, and a poet by zeal.

Haroon Rajput

Haroon Rajput is a Software Engineer, SEO Specialist, Developer by profession and a Blogger by passion.

Saad Kashmiri is a Civil Engineer by Profession and a Blogger by passion.