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We recently have advertised the opportunity of building relationships with other content creators around the globe. Share your words with the world using our platform by writing a detailed blog post on a topic that our AI system will assign. We at Hard Hour are constantly striving to produce great content for our readers. Meanwhile, we appreciate the input of our readers. If you want to write for us, please comply with the Guidelines. Additionally, you wish to submit a post and looking for Editorial Guidelines or demands for the submission and acceptance of your post; this page will help you understand what we are looking for.

First, we at Hard Hour are looking for unique and creative Content. According to Google’s webmaster policy guidelines, we also link back to credible resources, papers, websites, or profiles. This is the only way we, our interactors, and readers can co-operate. We also add a “sponsored” tag to any advertisement. Time is money, and we don’t want to feed our readers Raw-stuff. So, please make sure to ensure full compliance with the below essentials. Last but not least, we won’t accept any offer that is money-oriented and not quality-oriented. We won’t publish your article if it’s only for a backlink or traffic.



Observe Guidelines Before You Submit a Post

Basic Editorial Guidelines

  • Please do not copy/paste; we hate plagiarism. Yes, you heard it right. We HATE plagiarism.
  • Install the Grammarly App or Pro Writing Aid app extension to avoid blunders.
  • Please, try to reduce or eliminate grammatical mistakes.
  • Always research before writing anything and give citations properly.
  • Yes, please — Properly means appropriately.
  • There are no double spaces, wrong comma, or smileys in the text. Please, read twice.
  • Leave a link to your blog or a social account (if necessary) at the End of your post.
  • The post should be thorough, precise, and 600 words long.
  • However, if your post is 800words to 2000 words, we will remove any errors mentioned before publishing.
  • And the chances of rejection are thin.
  • Try to be unique and 100% original.
  • Be confident, your writing style can be better than any other writer on the planet.
  • Show you the knowledge to the world.
  • And make the world a better place by sharing credible information. 

So, If you are willing to write for us, contact us – Editor’s email: [email protected]. Please check your post twice before submitting it. We will review and get back to you If your post gets approved. At the same time, it can take up to two business weeks.

Additional Editorial Writing Guidelines

Additional Editorial Writing Guidelines

Divide Task into Stages, and follow the sequence:

Stages of Writing

  1. Pre-Writing Stage
    1. During this stage, “write down a preliminary plan,” “Outline your presentation,” “Bullet points,” or “Mind map.” 
    2. Define Your Topic
    3. How to approach it?
    4. Collect Material
  2. Process Writing
    1. Produce the first draft.
    2. Add sections or aspects
    3. Evaluate, rethink, and rewrite. 
    4. Recognize the need for revision and development.
    5. Writing takes time.
  3. Process Writing
    1. Inventing
    2. Writing 
    3. Rewriting
    4. Create a Distance (to re-read your Content)

Structuring argument

  1. Main Claim  
    1. Sub-claims
    2. Reasons
    3. Evidence
    4. Logical Order
  2. Learn the Counter-Arguments against your claim, sub-claims, reasons, or evidence, and address or answer a few of them in the text to show off your understanding of the concept. 
    1. What does argument mean?
  3. How do you convince, or what counts as convincing? 
      1. Examples are summaries of research articles, statistics, facts, examples, etc. 
    1. How to structure to convince? 

* When writing about a particular claim in any field, we need to follow an argumentative style. 

Three-Parts Essay Writing

*If no instructions are given, then a three-part essay is the only answer.

  • Facts 
  • Figures
  • Clarity
  • Trustworthiness
  • No surprises
  • Transparency of text structure
  • The Introduction

Provide background and contextual information. Then introduce the argument that you are making in the essay. And tell me what your opinion will be and how you will present it? It’s a mapping statement. 

  • Present a topic
  • Raise a question 
  • Research Question
  • Present the claim
  • Thesis Statement
  • The Body is where the discussion takes place, and results are presented following IMRaD.
  • Paragraphs
  • Sections
  • The Conclusion
  • Sum up your conclusion
  • No new shares are introduced. 
  • Stay brief (one or two paragraphs)

Structuring Information

*A logical way of Writing. Move from general to specific claims.

  • Chronological Order
    1. The process consists of three main steps. The first step in the process is X and so on
  • Casualty
    1. There is evidence that X contributes to causing Y.
  • Comparison & Contrast
    1. X differs from (or is similar to) Y in certain aspects.
  • Problem to Solution
    1. Question is raised
    2. And the answer is suggested

Structuring Paragraphs

  1. Each paragraph deals with one point.
  2. A new paragraph shows a shift or progression in ideas.
  3. Every paragraph must have a “topic sentence” or “main sentence,” and the rest of the section should elaborate on it.
  4. A topic sentence starts with what the paragraph is about and ends with something about how the topic is approached. And this last part of the sentence is technically called controlling idea.
      1. For example, The study of language and its origin has a long and colorful history, extending over thousands of years. 
    1. In the above example, the bold sentence is the topic sentence, and the rest is the main idea.
  5. Followed by topic sentences are the supporting ideas or corrections. 
    1. It is backed by examples or illustrations, explanations, definitions, comparisons or contrasts, or some form of causal analysis.
    2. Make sure that a paragraph is coherent. Each coming sentence should be connected to the previous or first topic sentence


  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussion

Reading strategies Why references?  Editing for register and tone

  • Don’t use non-standard words
  • E.g., granny
  • Dialects or Societal words
  • Slangs or swearing 
  • Don’t use non-standard grammar
    1. The king got real mad
  • The king became furious
  • The second sentence is Civil.

First-person pronouns and choosing between active and passive voice  Standard punctuation  Using a style sheet

Write For Us, Health Niche:

You can submit your article in the niche of medicine, health, virology, and other medical science subjects. We will process your essay, and if the article is healthy, we will reach you at your email address and ultimately publish the Content. It is essential to note that we might not contact you before posting the Content. So, it is in your best interest to keep visiting the health section for any updates or reach us via email. 

Write For Us, Entertainment Niche:

The entertainment industry is growing, and people’s interest in the niche is growing with each passing day. We are very picky regarding the topics and posts related to the entertainment industry. We only allow content that isn’t about profanity and vulgarity. However, we still believe in entertainment and ask you to help us promote positive, healthy, and intellectual resources on entertainment. If you think that your Content is good enough to reach people around the globe, get us by email, and we will process your article before publishing.

Write For Us, Lifestyle Nice:

Although we publish the lifestyle content under entertainment or news, we still accept and post it like other topics. However, we are not looking to promote the hip-hop lifestyle, as we are not a pure lifestyle content company. Therefore, we would ask you to send your ideas or drafts of your work in the lifestyle niche and wait for our Editors to go through it and decide. “Home write for us,” the place of home decoration and architecture, is also a value-adding topic to our website. Our writers are Engineers, Doctors, Nutritionists, and Bloggers from various niches. So we expect good traffic on such issues of mutual interest. Who does not want to beautify one’s home? Write for us “fashion” niche as well. 

Write For Us, News Niche:

Hard Hour publishes science, tech, and other industries or current affairs niches throughout the year. We are also a part of the Google News program, and if you want to do any press release with us, that can help you get due attention from google and its search partners. Write for us in the Business niche as well. We have writers who consult accountants and other business professionals on financial importance. We publish Content in various places, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and other topics that we usually cover in News-Journalism. 

Why Write For Us?

Well, we at Hard Hour are here to help you connect with the right audience. The audience can share your ideas and make the world a better place. Moreover, Writing helps you explore many hidden sectors of your intellect and understanding. Interaction with people and sharing ideas make you quickly cover the distance to your desired destination. Furthermore, we help you go like a pro! We help you enhance your writing skills and real-time market-addressing techniques.

Last but not least, if you want to pursue your career as a blogger or freelancer Writer. We share with you search-engine-optimization techniques, and please don’t forget to take your 24/7 live certificate of appreciation from Hard Hour. Yes, we give you the entire credit of your writings, unlike many other sites. So, to make you showcase your papers and enhance your curriculum vitae (CV) sections, we will publish your never-dying link accessible from around the globe and Mars. And, if You Feel That You Have Read All The Instructions Carefully And Want To Proceed By Complying With The Policies, Contact Editor.

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We are a team of professional writers. Our team is comprised of writers, researchers, and developers. The research and development team researches the internet of things, trends, and topics of interest. And then we produce the Content for our readers. We also keep our grip over market orientation and prospects. The aforementioned helps us hit the right audience with an accurate narrative. Our Search Engine Optimization cell also helps us keep up with the changing global internet policies, Search Engine Updates, and against our competitors. Working with us will give you handsome information, exposure, and credibility. Hard Hour will help you build the confidence to write and speak for yourself and your ideology. We allow you to grow online and give you the full credit for your writings, unlike any other platform.

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