Pakistan’s Cricket World Cup Jerseys

Pakistan’s leaked Cricket World Cup Jerseys 2022 is getting big hits over the internet. There are several mixed reviews from lovers and haters of Pakistan cricket team.

Cricket World Cup Jerseys 2022
Pakistan Cricket World Cup Jersey 2022 – Leaked Image

The jersey appears having strips of three catchy colors yellow, light green, and green. Men’s T20 world cup logo on the right side of the shit and a star containing the logo of Pakistan cricket is visible. On the lest hand under shoulder, a logo of Pepsi is visible, it is expected that the team will be able to attract other sponsors such as HBL Pakistan cricket sponsorship. Previously, the team was able to attract advertisers including Jazz, Meezan Bank, and other prestigious sponsors.

Pakistan’s journey in the ICC Cricket World Cups has been as variable as can be. From a title to three group stage exits, they have done it all. We have also heard it all, from black magic to betting to just cats walking by, superstitions don’t come slow either. A little of that has had to do with the colour and aesthetics of the kits as well. As we await the latest World Cup kit, we take a look at how the kits had evolved, back to the first one played with the white ball in 1992 while giving you a summary of what went down in them.

Cricket World Cup Jerseys 2015

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 1
Pakistan team in the 2015 cricket world cup

A simple light green kit with thin stripes, this kit had dark green along the sides.
Pakistan’s exit in the previous World Cup was unfortunate as many believe they let it slip from their very hands. referring to Rahat Ali’s dropped catches off of Wahab Riaz. This one will be most remembered for the Wahab vs Watson; Wahab’s fiery spell in the quarter final. It saw the ODI departures of Misbah ul Haq, Younis Khan and Boom Boom Shahid Afridi

2011 Cricket World Cup Jerseys

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 2
Shahid Afridi celebrating a wicket in the 2011 Cricket World Cup Jerseys

Among the most different ones, this kit had transitioning colours as well along with a star and a crescent on the front.

Semi-Final against the hosts and arch rivals India at Mohali, 5 chances to Sachin Tendulkar but still denying him his 100th hundred while restricting them to what should’ve been a modest total.

The chase was good too, up until the regular choke against the blue shirts. In the end, Misbah was the lone man standing who could do nothing but watch as wickets tumbled around him.

Dropped after Kamran Akmal put two catches down off of him, this cup saw the exit of Shoaib Akhtar from the international arena. It also established the need for better hands behind the wicket; or at least ones which were more reliable with the bat.

2007 Cricket World Cup

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 3

Among the most fogotten kits, the kit was similar to the previous one with a different shade of green and light green replacing the sleeves and the yellow sides.
In the group of Ireland, Zimbabwe and the hosts, West Indies, no one would’ve imagined an early exit for Pakistan.
This World cup is most forgotten because of the International retirement of Inzamam Ul Haq and Irelands first victory over a test playing nation.

2003 cricket world cup jersey

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 4
Pakistan team in the 2003 cricket world cup

A personal favourite, the kit was a simple dark green one with yellow running down the sides and the shoulders.

A fierce pace bowling attack heading into South Africa, under the leadership of Waqar Younis, Pakistan headed in and came out before reaching the super six stage of the tournament. First time that they failed to go past the group stage since 1975!

This one saw the retirement of the legends, the two W’s, Wasim and Waqar, and the most flashy opening batsman in Pakistan’s history, Saeed Anwar, from international cricket.

1999 Cricket World Cup

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 5
Wasim Akram celebrating a wicket in the 1999 cricket world cup

One of the most favourite ones for Pakistani cricket fans, the kit was light green in colour with a dark green star at the front, with “Pakistan” written in Urdu font.
Under the leadership of Wasim Akram, Pakistan were able to reach the final, although this was filled with it’s fair share of lows as well, including one very suspicious loss to Bangladesh which handed them their 2nd win in ODIs and first one over a test playing nation.

Wills 1996 World Cup

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 6
Aamir Sohail going back to the dugout in the 1996 cricket world cup

All teams were to follow a similar pattern in this tournament as well, the last time this would happen. Pakistan chose a dark green colour this time compared to the lighter tone of the previous one.
One of the most forgettable ones for any cricket fan, this one saw the final ODI of the legend Javed Miandad. A prelude of the 2011 chase happened which cemented Pakistan as chokers while chasing.

1992 Cricket World Cup

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 7
Pakistan team in the 1992 cricket world cup

In the first time coloured kits were used, they were required to follow the same pattern for all teams. Pakistan supported a light green colour.
The most famous World Cup for Pakistan, this was the only time Pakistan lifted the cup. It saw the retirement of the captain, now PM, Imran Khan and inspired a new generation of superstars.


2007 World T20 Jersey

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 8
Shoaib Malik and MS Dhoni in the 2007 T20 World Cup

Barring the final and the bowl out, both against India, Pakistan was undefeated in the tournament. Emerging as a dominant T20 side, thanks to Misbah and Shoaib Malik, the final of this tournament was also the moment Misbah haters were born.

They supported a beautiful colour transitioning kit which stuck with them for a while. It also had a crescent flowing down the front.

World T20 2009 Jersey

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 9
Pakistan team lifting the trophy of the 2009 World T20

“Batsmen win you matches but bowlers win you tournaments”

This was the case for Pakistan here. It was this formidable bowling attack that saw them win big games in the future, keeping them consistently the best T20 side in the world.
The kit was quite simple, dark green with a yellow stripe running down the side.

World T20 2012 Jersey

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 10
Pakistani players of the 2012 cricket world T20

Under the captaincy of Hafeez, Pakistan was excellent in the tournament barring the usual choke to India. The kit was most iconic because of the national flag over the left shoulder.

ICC Champions Trophy 2009 Jersey

Pakistan's Cricket World Cup Jerseys 11
Faheem Ashraf and Fakhar Zaman in the 2017 Champions Trophy kits

In a simple light green kit, Pakistan had recently barely qualified for the World Cup prior to this tournament and no one rated them or expected them to do much in this tournament. But fate was written otherwise as they bagged their first ever ICC Champions Trophy title.

Shawaz Lodhi
Shawaz Lodhi
Shawaz Lodhi is a freelance writer and a sports freak.

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