How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe

How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe, if there is one? This question would have resulted in a curiosity, making you search for this online. Before we discuss this particular question, if you want to read the concept of Parallel Universe.

Want to know how to communicate yourself in a parallel universe? While accessing other worlds, or alternate universes, is entirely hypothetical, it’s a lot of fun to consider! While enjoying sci-fi, guided meditation, visualisation, or creative exercises, you’ll discover fascinating ideas like wormholes and the fifth dimension, allowing you to see and communicate with all the other selves.

We’ve all thought about parallel universes in one way or another. The idea of an alternate reality has a lot to do with the concept of the Parallel universe. The idea of “What if.” It fascinates us all. And How many universes are there? Will we have to look for an alternate universe that exists outside our universe or observable universe?

An alternate reality means that following the scheme of evolutionary theory, there must be a lot of replicating universes, earths, planets, solar systems, humans, and all what we see around in the universe.

But is there such a place in science for such wistful speculation? If the universe is what we can see, this thinking of parallel universe principle or alternate reality can’t be real/true, right? By saying so, I mean we are talking about a theory and not a fact which implies that there can be a parallel universe or there can’t be a parallel universe.

However, evolution leading to big-bang, and after cooling process its evolution into this world gives birth to the concept that, there can be multiple copies of our planet or universe in the huge gathering of universes.

This possibility of the presence of another universe makes us think how to contact yourself in a parallel universe? As we have made a combination of interconnected theories, it is required to make them all work and if one falls, all the other too go in vein.

Physicists often use the term universe, whereas in actuality, they mean the observable universe. The observable universe is a tiny part of the universe that we can see. Hence, it implies that it is also not a fact that there isn’t any parallel universe out there.

Because light doesn’t travel fast enough as compared to the vast universes, we can’t see ahead of the travelling light. But most likely, the universe is much more than that we can observe due to the light waves travelling back after hitting any solid substance in space.

How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe
How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe!

If the universe is taken to be that, then yes, there are multiple observable universes for different observers. But that’s different from a parallel universe principle.

It is important to mention that no scientific evidence exists for any of these theories, so anything we mention is just imagination or in few cases a speculation. But we should remember that the idea of a universe beyond our solar system and galaxy was also once speculation but it turned out to be real. Therefore, we can’t outlaw the discussion of possibilities due to the fear of their rejection.

How to Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe?

Do Parallel Universes Really Exist?

Parallel universes exist or not, we need to look into evidences. The concept of parallel universe finds its roots from the concept of presence of life and the origin of universe. The start of the universe is described by scientists as a result of big bang theory which basis the theory on the concept of singularity that yielded everything including an ever expanding universe. The concept of ever expanding universe introduces us to the circumstances that lead to the formation of our universe which includes several galaxies and black holes. Our universe is a part of milky way galaxy.

A blackhole defines an area of matter with maximum gravity. Anyways, the concept of having several galaxies, black holes, suns, planets, and stars leads to the concept of parallel universe. A universe that comes out of an identical blackhole in an event of expansion. In short, under the identical circumstances, this scientific theory yields the concept of an alternate universe where everything just like on earth is present as a duplicate.

How to enter a Parallel Universe?

It has been discussed previously that the concept of parallel universe is a topic of science fiction and at most a theory at the moment. It is the same for most of the concepts of cosmology and meta physics and so is the case of entering a parallel universes. Having said that, lets analyze the possibilities of entering a parallel universe.

To enter a parallel universe, a strong understanding of the concept is a must. To enter a parallel universe, it requires us to locate it in the universe which might take a lot of time in upcoming years. Apollo 11 made it possible for humans to land on moon, a celestial body nearest to the earth. Nowadays, scientists and astronauts are working on finding a way to land on the surface of Mars. And the hopes of getting on the Mars are strengthening by every passing day, this could help us further investigate the theory and ultimately finding a way to land on a parallel universe.

Gravitational pull is weaker on mars compared to earth and thus can work as a better launching pad to escape the milky way in case we find a parallel universe in our galaxy or nearby galaxies. Meteoroids and comets can be a great hurdle in each case and must be accounted for while carving a way out of our galaxy or even solar system.

How many parallel universe are there?

It is very early to say anything without a doubt about the number of parallel universes. However, there number could be much higher considering the theory of parallel universe which pours much into the connection of this theory with the subject of existence of this universe and Big Bang Theory.

Science Fiction And How To Contact Yourself in a Parallel Universe

Often in science fiction, when “parallel universe” is talked about, it is often meant to be different bubbles of reality and everyday life. If our universe is actually infinite in the truest sense, then there are no other realities or universes out there. But we know that matter in the universe should be arranged in a finite way. Would that mean that patterns eventually start repeating? We aren’t going to get into the shape of the universe but according to Einstein, this should be applicable in a flat universe, given infinite time.

How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe!
How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe!

In physics, the term multiverse is used to describe parallel universes, but what is the differences between parallel universe and multiverse? And in the above thought experiment, the universe is one and it just starts repeating itself indefinitely when all combinations of matter run out. If there was a shortcut like an Einstein-Rosen bridge or a wormhole that existed locally, it could send us to a point where we could be able to interact.

It is a possibility however that these different parts of the universe may have different laws of Physics and may prevent survival for a second let alone the interaction. For example, a universe made of antimatter may cause you to explode the moment you enter it (matter interacting with antimatter results in total annihilation

Using Einstein-Rosen wormhole to contact yourself in a parallel universe

These scientists had an academic liability to discuss the theoretical time-reversal. It was due to the on going debates in the educational sections supporting or rivaling the existence of life, and the way this universe came into existence, and so lead to contacting someone in the parallel universe.

Though they weren’t initially dubbed wormholes, their theory of them dates back to 1916. Austrian physicist Ludwig Flamm discovered a different solution to Albert Einstein’s general relativity equations while examining one provided by another physicist. He talked about a “white hole,” a black hole’s hypothetical time-reversal variant. There might be a space-time conduit that connects the entrances to both black and white holes.

Einstein and scientist Nathan Rosen utilized general relativity in 1935 to develop the concept and suggest the presence of “bridges” between space-time. These bridges link two distinct locations in space-time, hence posing the possibility of a shorter route that would shorten travel times and distance. The wormholes or Einstein-Rosen bridges are the names given to the shortcuts.

Using de Broglie Wavelength to contact yourself in a parallel universe

When studying quantum mechanics, the de Broglie wavelength is a key idea. De Broglie wavelength is the wavelength lambda connected to an item about its momentum and mass. Typically, a particle’s force is inversely proportional to its de Broglie wavelength.

And a theoretical time travel machine can help anyone travel through space-time. According to this view, space and time are interconnected. Additionally, according to Einstein, nothing can move faster than the speed of light in our universe (186,000 miles per second). In what ways does this affect time travel? This idea states that time moves more slowly the quicker you travel.

Can you meet yourself in a parallel universe? Although no scientists believe, unlike in science fiction, that we can travel back in time, but some hold the view that this (space time travel) can sometime in the future enable us to move to ad from a parallel universe or an alternate universe.

Einstein’s Equations For Higher Dimensions

Another popular idea is that of higher dimensions. A solution of Einstein’s equations for higher dimensions yields beautiful results and it formed the basis of the different string theories. But if there are beings living in that dimension, it is fair to say that we may never witness their full glory being, at best, 4-dimensional beings. Imagine it this way, beings living in a flat plane may never see a 3-dimensional sphere passing their plane. All they’ll be able to see is a flat line changing size.

Transcending to the higher dimension might be different though but there would still be limitations to what we can fathom. And then, there’s the idea of the higher dimensions being curled up so close together in the tiniest scales imaginable as most string theories suggest. What kind of interaction can that allow? You can’t even fathom those scales, let alone interactions in them.

Don’t loose hope of not having an option of finding another you, there are other theories on alternate universes to fascinate your thinkings.

Einstein’s Equations For Higher Dimensions
Einstein’s Equations For Higher Dimensions

There may be a very unorthodox way, in my understanding, however, that in terms of religion, the soul and the death realm may exist within the higher dimension. That might offer an explanation to some religious reasoning but strictly under those rules, there is only one of yourself.

Is there an answer to how to contact yourself in a parallel universe?

There may be no scientific answer to the questions posed, but there’s an endless array of answers in the minds of those that ponder it and whether you talk about religion or science, neither has a definitive answer. But if you can imagine an infinite universe created by an infinite God, it may not be so crazy to think that there’s another version of you somewhere unimaginably far away. Whether there is any physical or nonphysical way to interact with it is really the question of Schrodinger’s cat being alive or dead before the box is opened.

If you like the concept discussed here please consider reading the article on parallel universe we have written for our great readers 🙂

How To Contact Yourself in A Parallel Universe!

As the existence of parallel universe is a theory, we don’t know if it really exists or not. So, its premature to answer this if we can contact ourselves in a parallel universe or not.

How to tell if you’re in a parallel universe?

I think and feel that i am in a parallel universe. We can be dwelling somewhere in a parallel universe but this thought has no scientific explanation or evidence.

How to travel to a parallel universe?

We can travel to a parallel universe only if we know that there exists any such place. Than we can calculate the distance, travelling time, and medium.

How many parallel universe are there?

The number of parallel universes can be infinite. For details please check Parallel Universe Theory. However, we do not have any concrete evidence to back the concept.

From Elon Musk to Stephen Hawking, there have been many people that fear the growth to the point where they render humans obsolete.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

The applications of Artificial Intelligence are as endless as the stars in the night sky. From home security to military to self driving cars, here…

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Living in a parallel universe can never be easier, we can lost in it our identity and the uniqueness as a human.

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