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How Many Universes Are There?

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Our universe is vast, and to understand how many universes are there, requires deep investigation. The investigation starts from the definition of the universe, let’s see what we include in the universe and then we will be able to discuss it in detail. The universe is expanding due to the thick energy density of the vacuum in space. The imagination goes on with the Inflaton field holding or carrying energy in it. And the universe stops expanding inside this field. The inflation of the universe due to the big bang continues till the date and is expected to do so. Now and then, there are tiny patches that stop inflating.

Whenever these patches stop inflating, they exactly match the tiny smaller than atom particle that resulted in the formation of our universe that including the earth we live in. The patch when stops accelerating loses energy and stops expanding. This is the point where this theory is weak as it describes this point as the birth of a new universe from this patch that lost its energy. Let’s suppose each inflaton field is represented by a bubble. Moving forward, the bubble represents a smaller universe in making and there are uncountable such inflaton fields. Therefore, there must be an infinite number of the universe.

universe is expanding
universe is expanding

The bubble-shaped universe keeps inflating and expanding in the nearby spacetime at the speed of light. And when they expand, the expansion or activity inside that field stops. Here comes the twist in the story, multiple inflaton fields are expanding nearby, and overlapping each other. This ultimately forms a universe whose expansion can’t be measured due to unknown boundaries. And it could be said that they are expanding and have stopped expanding at the same time.

Every 10^-32 seconds, 1 cubic meter of the universe expands by 10^72 cubic meters. Such a huge rate of inflating universe is just the tip of an iceberg. The measurement calculated above has no fixed reference point, and thus the measurement is taken at any given point with reference to a cubic meter at that given time. Therefore, the exponential growth can’t be fully accounted. However, the figure previously mentioned, i-e. 10^72 cubic meter is the volume of our universe.

So, in a complete 1 second timeframe, there are 10^10^34 expansionist cubic meter have added to the previous volume of our universe. So there are 10^10^34 universes in the ever-growing, infinitely large universe adding to the list, every second. Now we know How Many Universes Are There.

Parallel Universe Theory

Another version on the numbers of universe comes from the claims made by Stephen Hawking. He says that there is only one Multiverse and basis it’s claim in the presence of One Universe. He says, there are least possibilities of the existence of more than one universe. And there could be millions or billions of stars, planets, milky ways, and galaxies, all following same laws of physics that we define on earth. These universes or multiverse could be made of electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, neutrinos, and other elements that we possibly can’t find on earth.

How many universes are there?

Recent theories like the String Theory unleash the fact that there is no doubt that there could be many universes inside multiverses made up of elements that are different from the materials on earth. Additionally, there could be different laws of physics that may be contrary to what we know here on earth. And there could be unimaginable 11-Dimensions compared to the previous Four-Dimensional theory named Space-Time theory. 

According to the string theory there could be 10^500 universes in a multiverse. And there could be multiple copies of ourselves and the circumstances out there. Therefore scientists who argue against this theory also question big bang theory, which basically is the foundation to all these claims made rationally by many scientists. There is never an agreement on the total number of universes. However, there is an agreement among us all that its fascinating to talk about physics, laws of physics, and especially the existence of life on earth.

How Many Universes Are There
How Many Universes Are There

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