Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes are an outcome of human thinking and extensive debate about the observable universe. The universe is a place that encompasses not only what we see in space, but also what we cannot see. When we look at the earth and everything that’s included in it, the notion of a powerful and symmetric design strengthens. There develops a sense of interconnection and everything somehow supports or gets support from something. It is all complex and tangled or intertwined. Let’s dive right into it and discuss parallel universes.

Rain is an independent phenomenon as we all know. Water heated under sunlight or evaporated under any circumstances converts into clouds. These clouds under the influence of wind, at certain atmospheric pressure, travel long distances and transport large quantities of water from one place to another. This phenomenon is there for an unknown period in history and has made water levels rise asymmetrically around the globe in terms that it is now famously known that there is water underneath the soil.

The wind is there due to tidal activity which is caused by the gravitational pull, tidal activity, and another complex scientific phenomenon. Sunlight is there due to the sun, and the ongoing chemical reactions taking place on it. Similarly, it doesn’t travel independently but relies on the atmosphere to provide it a medium through which it can travel. To understand the importance of this medium, consider thinking about opaque objects which do not allow light to pass. Not only the opaque object but denser objects also tend to stop the traveling distance of light such as light does not travel far underwater.

Now, see how we started with rain and ended up at the light. The more and more discussion or thought process progresses over the natural phenomenon, we can write down more and more scientific hypotheses, and theories, and ultimately check if further processing, investigation, and testing help us reach concrete facts. The world has somehow justified or required reasoning for everything that is often visible and other times are hidden.

Did you see how in just a single phenomenon of nature, there were several other things involved for just it to rain? We talked about sunlight, heat, wind, atmospheric pressure, and several other interconnected ideas or phenomenon of nature. Let’s talk more about it to make a more clear point that will help us understand parallel universes as well.

Parallel Universes - parallel worlds
parallel worlds – parallel universes

The logic behind Parallel Universes

As we have seen in previous examples that different realities act together to yield another visible outcome. Like in the case of rain, wind and other realities acted together. Similarly, we often look at the final results and then investigate the reason why such a phenomenon is there and then we reach the reasons upon investigation, testing, or adoption of other scientific and common sense procedures. For example, penicillin was developed by an accident -after a two-week holiday, the scientist met penicillin, an amazing cure. But the reason behind the discussion of this accidental outcome was to tell that often a final product helps us find and reach the reason(s) behind its existence.

There is one more case for today’s discussion and that is, predicting something by looking at actions that might yield something in the future. For example, when you see a pan or any cooking utensil with water in it in an oven or cooking stoke, can you predict the future of that very water? I guess, everyone can. The future is either the water will overflow after reaching a certain temperature or will evaporate entirely or both overflow and evaporate.

Similarly, when it comes to theories that support parallel universes, we take the lastly discussed approach -predicting the future or other realities that might exist in parallel to our reality. One more thing that will help solidify these arguments is our perception of reality and belief in reality. The perception of reality is what we perceive as right or wrong using our five senses. The perception of reality improves with several traits or accomplishments in life such as education, research, strong observation, and extensive debates and sharing of ideas.

Lastly, the belief in reality -defines how optimistic or ready we are in believing a certain thing to be true. For example, have you ever seen mount, Everest? Or have you verified it using your five senses, if it’s the world’s highest mountain? The simple answer for a majority is NO. We all believe that it is the world’s tallest building for the reason this news has been repeatedly telecasted and broadcasted over other mediums of information and communication technology. Until someone denounces it on similar grounds and satisfies all the initial mediums of information sharing, Mount Everest will remain the tallest mountain.

The logic behind Parallel Universes
The logic behind Parallel Universes

Finally the Parallel Universes Itself.

Earth circumambulates the sun, all the planets and stars are orbiting in their respective path or orbits. Where did this earth come from? If we can’t, then how we can predict precisely something that happened in the past? The answer is, by looking at our surroundings and trying to answer the thought behind things, just as in the case of a water bucket on the stove. Scientists concluded that the earth came into existence due to a big bang. More on the big bang theory later, but that big bang theory yields an interesting debate. And that debate goes like hereunder.

The big bang was the start of this universe as per the thinking of a majority of vocal scientists. It was all just packed in a minutely small particle that blasted and kept expanding since then. This blast resulted in the creation of several fireballs or so to say planets as we know them today. All these planets had initially no sign of life on them as it was too hot, flaming hot. However, gradually it started cooling. Although it is unknown where that energy or heat dissipates. It dissipated into the environment, but the total energy of the system remains constant, more on this later.

The parallel universes are to be created at the same time in another portion of the universe that we know today which must have had the same conditions, circumstances, and outcomes that resulted in the creation or formation of Earth. For example, matter packed closely in a chamber, when blasted under its influence will not yield things into components. Let’s understand it with a very clear example of Pepperoni Pizza. Consider that the object that was to yield everything in this universe was not mattered but Pepperoni Pizza. Now as soon as the blast took place and everything came out of singularity as per Stephen Hawking’s point of view, what products will it yield?

I hear you saying that it will yield shreds of Pepperoni Pizza scattered all over the place, or in our case universe. Right, it would never have yielded the ingredients of Pepperoni Pizza. Like, when the blast occurred, it blasted yielding all-purpose flour, egg, spices, olives, mushrooms, and everything separately. So, exactly this analogy yields that according to the defined process of how this universe came into being? and how many universes are there? There should be many universes and parallel universes.

If you want to learn more about what is a parallel universe, we have written a detailed post on that topic. Now, coming back to the topic. As there must be identical universes to that of earth, we can say that there could be many more piles of earth out there in the universe. Why we haven’t seen it yet? It is because the universe is soo big and we have not discovered it fully yet and it’s not possible anywhere soon in the future.

Those parallel universes could have entirely the same environments as we have on earth. Those parallel universes can have their own Suns and Moons. Their entirely identical or slightly changed atmospheric and environmental patterns with human species either identical to humans or superhumans.

Proof of Parallel Universe

The science fiction produces concrete evidences that can lead us to a an elevated or super natural understanding of life and the universe. And that super natural understanding includes an insight into a parallel universe. Let’s suppose that there is a parallel universe and start preparing to contact with human beings over there.

It all starts with the question, how to contact someone on a parallel universe? Start by considering the condition of life and advancement in technology over there. Our life on earth, could have a billion other possible present, as humans are where they are today because of many fortunate and unfortunate circumstances, lucky events, and thin probabilities. A smallest difference can yield entirely different planets that started exactly the same.

So, if the other planet to which we are calling a parallel universe would have been more advance than us, people from that parallel universe would already have either contacted us or visited us,but that’s not the case. And in case our other self is living a life with lesser technology, than it is the responsibility of scientists on earth to contact them. Lastly, if they are just like us, than we both might be struggling to contact each other, and humans on earth should speed up their mission of reaching themselves on a parallel universe.

The process might be similar to a cellular connection as that on earth. However, the cellular networks coverage not on earth but in the space and far beyond our limits of influence. May be an excellent connection as that of Starlink by Elon Musk may help catch signals transmitted by our parallel selves from over a far off planet or broadcasting our signals in space for the people on the alternate universe.

Signs that you are in a parallel universe

There are no sign that either we or any other human species exists anywhere in a parallel universe. And the notion previously presented has a thin capacity of ever working or yielding any serious results. At the moment transmitting signals in space is quite difficult and nasa uses DSN, a deep space network of antenas to contact far off spaceships in the wide blue or black ocean of stars.

Transmitting these signals hundreds and thousands of light years away planets is essentially not possible. And there is a clear sign that neither we are our parallel selves nor we are able to contact anyone in a parallel universe as of now.

Can you meet yourself in a parallel universe?

Can you meet yourself in a parallel universe? It all starts with the parallel universes theory. The way scientists describe the presence of life, existence of universe, initiation of live, and everything coming out of a minute unity, gives rise to parallel universe theory and in turn, how to contact yourself in a parallel universe.

In no way do I believe that there is a parallel universe principle because I think scientists’ very understanding, observation, calculation, and historical predictions are flawed. When it enters metaphysics, science instantly starts taking a pseudo-scientific approach to explaining ideas.

In science, we only believe in things we can perform in the lab and follow the scientific procedure, establish it on scales such as theory, fact etc. Otherwise, we need concrete shreds of current or repeatable evidence. Can we repeat the process of making new earth? No! So anything said must be taken with a grain of salt.

We don’t even have any framework today to understand a murder that occurred a couple of days ago in an area where no nearby cameras or other modes of technology are present. However, when it comes to fossil fuel readings, carbon dating, and other such contemporary ideas of science, it at once becomes a fact, and all we need is to say: “Recently scientists discovered” and attach any blah blah blah here.

is it true that you can meet yourself in a parallel universe

is it true that you can meet yourself in a parallel universe

It was previously discussed in an article that there could be signs that either we are in the parallel universe and a counter argument on why it is not possible to be on parallel universe. There are an unlimited number of worlds around us, and there is a chance that you will cross paths with someone else in one of them.

If no one is around to watch it, a specific matter atom can exist in hundreds of different states, but as soon as someone does, everything condenses into the visible state. However, this makes me think that those various quantum states are connected to various quantum worlds. And if no one can view it from the other state, those quantum states are independent, and we pretty much discussed it previously.

The universal wavefunction is said to be objectively real according to the many-worlds interpretation (MWI), presented by Hugh Everett, which also claims that there is no wave function collapse. This suggests that in some “world” or “universe,” all outcomes of quantum measurements are physically realised. And this is what allegedly gave birth to parallel universe theory.

There are vast unseen and unrecognized realms of existence in the Universe. We see only a tiny slice of everything that exists — just the tip of the iceberg. The energetic field we are immersed in is a field of existence that contains a multitude of realities! Of course, conventional science doesn’t have a clue.

The Modern One-Dimensional View of Existence

Conventional science previously had a minimal perspective on reality. It works because reality is limited to what we can see and feel. Additionally, it implicitly assumes that there is only one reality—the one that we experience and engage with. They previously disregarded the concept of hidden worlds and alternative/parallel universes.

However, there are scientists who uphold the concept of parallel universe by extending the debate or scientific point of view on the existence of universe or the way this world came in to existence, such as big bang theory, theory of evolution, and other areas of human interest to know more about life and presence of life without relying on religion.

The Ancient Multidimensional View of Existence

Numerous prehistoric spiritual/metaphysical philosophies held that the Universe contained several other realms of existence including multidimensional view of existence. They thought the Universe was divided into “planes,” each of which had a reality populated and inhabited by various persons, objects, and creatures.

These “planes of reality” were enumerated and arranged by the various ancient schools of thought, but they were always viewed as a progression from lower to higher. The higher planes, or spirit realms, are less dense, less solid, less material, and more “subtle” or ethereal than the lower planes, which are denser, more solid, and more material.

Meet yourself in a parallel universe

Of course, contemporary science mocks and dismisses these ideas as “mystical” and unscientific. However, if they were to remove their “materialistic” blinders and work on it with an open mind, they would be astounded by what they would find – the multidimensional Universe! And this discovery’s full effects would probably transform everything for the better.

Unfortunately, the one-dimensional, inflexible, materialistic understanding of the Universe dominates conventional science. However, there is hope since there is a tiny but expanding group of non-conventional scientists who are open-minded and have been diligently examining the cutting edge.

meet yourself in a parallel universe in science fiction
meet yourself in a parallel universe in science fiction

Ancient people intuitively understood that numerous invisible parallel realities were present in the Universe, but they lacked the scientific knowledge to articulate how this was possible. This isn’t the case anymore, and there’s nothing “mystical” about it; it’s just physics, namely the science of energy and frequency. “Think about energy, frequency, and vibration if you wish to discover the secrets of the cosmos.” Nichola Tesla.

The Science Behind Multiple Planes of Reality

Let’s first review some fundamentals to help us comprehend how this works. Only a small range of energy frequencies known as “light” is visible to us. Because light is emitted or reflected from objects made of what we call “matter,” we can see those items. The matter is also energy with extraordinarily rapid and precise oscillatory or cyclical motions.

Therefore, the matter also has a frequency attached to it. Everything is just an energy pattern; all energy patterns have a frequency since they are cyclical, oscillatory, and vibratory motions. Conventional science has some understanding of this, but it hasn’t yet grasped the more profound and broader implications, one of which is the multidimensional aspect of reality and everyday life.

The frequency range that humans “SEE” is a tiny portion of the overall frequency spectrum. Even though science has developed tools that can “see” energy frequencies above and below our “visual” range, they haven’t realized that there is much more activity than they had ever imagined in the other frequency ranges — complete parallel realities!

They’ve never considered the possibility. They haven’t even considered that things and entities in other frequency ranges might conceptually resemble those that occupy our reality yet be unseen and transparent to us.

This narrow-mindedness is about to be shattered by the recent discovery of invisible intelligent entities by the inventors of a new imaging device. This revelation should accelerate the complete scientific comprehension of the multidimensional Universe! Check out the scientists’ footage from the finding down below.

Even while science has known for some time that everything is energy, the full implications of this have not yet become apparent. They haven’t fully understood how the “objects” we see are patterns of energy and how they are all connected by the energetic field, a sea of energy penetrating all of space.

meet yourself in alternate reality
meet yourself in alternate reality

Perception of Parallel Reality

Due to the constraints of our perception, the prominent features of matter that we perceive most strongly are discreteness and solidity. The specific patterns and energy frequencies we refer to as “matter” exist. We consider the stuff “solid,” although science has long since disproved this notion. We know that, about their size, the atoms in a clump of matter are separated by enormous distances. Most of the atom is “space,” even INSIDE.

The area is not actually “empty”; instead, it is brimming with energy and energy patterns with a much higher frequency and smaller scale—what is referred to as “subtle matter” from the higher realms.

Rocks, trees, humans, and other “objects” on our reality plane are just highly complex energy patterns with varying frequencies. Why couldn’t there be energy patterns of the same complexity and type as those we refer to as a rock, a tree, or a person but composed of frequencies considerably higher than our own and outside our perceptual range?

We know that we experience a relatively narrow spectrum of frequencies. And wouldn’t these patterns be comparable to the things and things in our frequency band? That is to say, a whole parallel universe is effectively comprised of its worlds, creatures, etc.

Frequency Bands in Parallel Reality

The ancients used the term PLANES for these frequency bands and the parallel realities they contain. The current term that is widely used is DIMENSIONS. Others have used the term DENSITIES, but it all boils down to FREQUENCY BANDS. Space is not empty; it is chock full of energy patterns at many different frequencies that all occupy the same “space.” T

he energetic patterns all interpenetrate, overlay, and are superimposed on each other — this is possible because higher frequency patterns are of smaller/finer scale and can be thought of as riding on top of or within the lower frequency and more significant scale patterns.

The ancients referred to these frequency ranges and the alternative realities they hold as PLANES. Dimensions are the contemporary phrase that is frequently used. Although other people have used the term “DENSITIES,” the key concept is FREQUENCY BANDS. Space is not empty; instead, it is packed with energy patterns of numerous frequencies that share the same “space.”

Because higher frequency patterns are smaller/more delicate scale and can be imagined as riding on top of or within the lower frequency and more substantial scale patterns, the energetic patterns all interpenetrate, overlay, and are superimposed on one another.

The frequency bands are far enough away from each other that there is limited interference between the bands, and hence they function essentially as “separate” realms of existence. Another way to say this is that space is partitioned into “separate” realms of existence because conscious entities only perceive “things” (energy patterns) composed of the frequencies within the same band that they are composed of.

We only “see” what our frequency (consciousness) ALLOWS us to see. Hence, frequency bands function as “parallel” realities. The most significant determinant of which plane of reality you inhabit is the frequency of your consciousness. That’s because consciousness is energy. The brain does not produce consciousness as most scientists believe. The universal energy field is conscious, and your brain is just a receiver!

Realms of Existence

Since there is little interference across the frequency bands because of their distance from one another, they virtually operate as “independent” domains of reality. Another way to put this is that conscious entities only see “objects” (energy patterns) composed of the frequencies within the same band that they are composed of, which causes space to be divided into “different” realms of existence.

Only what our frequency (awareness) ALLOWS us to view is what we “see.” Frequency bands, therefore, serve as “parallel” universes. Your consciousness’ frequency is the most critical indicator of the plane of reality you live in. Since consciousness is energy, this is the case. Contrary to what most scientists think, the brain does not create consciousness. Your brain is a receiver for the conscious field of universal energy.

Conclusion on meeting in a parallel universe

We saw how different people, holding varying point of views try to drag spiritual matters under the radar of science. Oh man, we cannot detect the mood of a person using a mighty radar that can detect a hundreds of miles away unidentifiable flying object. It is essential to understand that everything, every procedure, scientific knowledge, and the implementation of science has limitations. And if you still think that we need to contact ourselves in a parallel universe, try reading our recently updated article on contact yourself in a parallel universe.

Conclusion of Parallel Universes

Parallel universes could be there because the reasons that concluded in the creation or formation of the universe are not special to Earth. There could be many parallel piles of earth with similar atmospheres and environments. There could be a parallel you in those places as we are nothing but just a complex organisms. And these complex organisms originated from simple cells that are not special to earth. Life could be supported by an identical Sun and moons.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a blogger by passion.

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