What is a Parallel Universe?

What is a parallel universe in fiction or reality? It is a science fiction theory that entails the presence of multiple universes. The Parallel Universe theory finds its base in Big Bang Theory. The reason for its relation with the Big Bang theory is the definition of the universe. The description says that the universe was created due to a collision or blast of non-terrestrial bodies packed together in a place smaller than an atom. Yes, you read it right; the big bang defines the universe as something that came into existence as a blast that expanded a body smaller than an atom. So, what is a parallel universe?

What is a Parallel Universe?

It is unknown how and what caused everything to come closer to one another. But it was all compressed to a smaller place as per scientists. And the Big Bang theory is endorsed by a more comprehensive section of scientists around the globe. It is unknown what caused the blast we know as the Big bang, and it is also unknown wherefrom that energy came to compress and finally decompress such a closely packed body. But, in science, a hypothesis becomes a theory if there is no one to oppose it.

What is a Parallel Universe
Big Bang and Parallel universe theory

For now, it is about the existence of a parallel universe. Parallel universes are imaginary or multiple universes, also known as multiverse, so to say. And this comes from the possibility of numerous big bangs taking place all over the different areas in an infinitely large universe. The infinitely large universe comes from the inflation theory that tells that the universe is inflating or expanding at a tremendous pace. This theory is also termed as cosmological inflation of the universe.

But inflation doesn’t end everywhere at once, and the places where inflation doesn’t end continue to inflate, giving rise to more space and more potential Big Bangs. Once inflation begins, it’s virtually impossible to stop inflation from occurring in perpetuity, at least somewhere. More Big Bangs — all disconnected from one another — happen as time goes on, giving rise to an uncountably large number of independent Universes: a multiverse.


Why Parallel Universe Exists?

It tells that the universe came out of a body compressed in an area smaller than an atom. Then due to unknown factors, it blasted and resulted in the formation of the observable universe. Additionally, the resulting universe keeps inflating all the time. Moreover, it states that many such small compressed elements could be present in places unknown to humans or space. How vast is space or the universe? No one knows, and also, there are no means available.

The idea of the universe resulting from a blast is due to the scattered appearance of planets, moons, meteoroids, asteroids, and other bodies that are wavering or wandering in space. Have a look at the blast in the gif below and ride on the horse of imagination. The central part represents an atom, and the explosion resulted in things scattering that was previously compressed as per Big Bang theory. The only difference between the explosion below and the universe is that the particles in the image below are settling due to the pull of gravity. At the same time, the case of space is different due to the absence of gravity.

What is a Parallel Universe? 1
The discussion on what is a parallel universe?

How could there be many other smaller than atom bodies in far unknown places? The answer to this complex yet the exciting question is the outcomes of quantum physics experimentation. In a double-slit experiment, when an atom is shooed, its path could be guessed without any surety, and its place of final appearance could not be predicted. And thus, you are left to deal with the possibilities. A part of this might be some natural phenomenon that we can’t yet expect or know.

How does it tell what a Parallel Universe is?

Anyways, the closely packed substance that was supposed to be smaller than the atom could be many in various places of the vast universe. And thus, there could be many universes that could be identical to our universe. There arises another question, how many universes are there? It is a debatable question, and the discussion goes interesting. It will be uploaded soon.

Those universes may be different from our universe, but that too must have calculated or predictable changes. The parallel universe and multiverse also contain a concept arising from discussing alternate realities.

Opposition to Parallel Universe Theory

There is a criticism of Parallel universe theory in educated sections of society. And that arises from the very basis of the universe’s existence and the big bang theory. The big bang theory is famously known as the foundational block of scientific explanation of the existence of life. However, it is unknown if it explains the actual existence of the observable universe.

Therefore, the parallel universe theory, an offshoot of the big bang theory, compromises its credibility. And thus, it remains unknown if there exist many or how many parallel universes in space and beyond.

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