News A Voice of Oppression from Kashmir

A Voice of Oppression from Kashmir


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There has been a lot of discussions recently regarding Kashmir due to the fact that the tyranny of the Indian government on the occupied state has been stamped with the removal of Article 370. An article which gave the state autonomy over its internal affairs. There have even been rallies all around India to condemn the move whereas critics have termed the move as illegal.

None the less, legal or not, it is beyond a crime against humanity. In this modern world of democracy, India is getting away with such forced oppression and the question is why? It is beyond a crime against humanity that the world remains silent on the issue. And it is a sin from the Muslim world that we fail to raise a voice against the tyranny in Kashmir by both the authorities and the guardians of safety.

We share with you, a deeply concerned voice from Jhansi district, Barua Sagar. A voice that expresses the oppression by the people and the silence of the guardians of the law.

The woman expresses the abuse and repression towards them. The abuse towards the women and maltreatment towards their men. She also expresses concern about the fights between Hindus and Muslims. A deep fear can be heard in her voice as she explains how Muslims are being oppressed and beaten. She pledges the message to be sent to all Muslims everywhere so that the World may put an end to this massacre.

The mentality of the Hindu extremists and those in power can be understood from but one statement, where the Indian BJP leader breaks the welcoming news to his fellow Indians that now everyone can get married to a fair Kashmiri girl.

I would like to urge all those with any form of influence or power to do anything in your power to help those suffering in Kashmir in any way you can. You would be answerable for your silence. Imagine such gruesome acts done in your own home. To your own family, to your own wives, mothers and daughters. This may feel like a pledge more than an account. But the World has seen too much of this already. Raise your voice!

May Allah help all those in suffering and ease their way.

Shawaz Lodhi
Shawaz Lodhi is a freelance writer and a sports freak.


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