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Maida Khan

Maida Khan has done Masters in Mass Communication from NUST. She is a part-time lecturer teaching TV Production courses. Writing is her hobby, and she is a vocal activist.
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Vulgarity & Modernity Aren’t Chips of the Same Block

Media has a great impact on the minds of people. People watch television for getting entertainment, information and sometimes both. Magic Bullet...

It is Becoming Difficult to Die in Naya Pakistan!

We often hear people praying: "May Allah provide him/her ease" when they see someone in extremely critical condition. Life is a beautiful...

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi – Hype for Last Episode

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is a story about girl Noori. She was born to a family that picks garbage from people's home.

Sexual Harassment – Allegation is not a Joke

Sexual harassment is the technique of harassment which is sexual in nature. It has different categories ranging from demanding sexual favors in...

Interpersonal Communication in the Age of Technology

Communication which occurs between two or more than two persons is Interpersonal Communication. Like everything else, technology has affected communication patterns of...

News in the Age of Digital Media Transformation

In traditional media organizations, the flow of information including facts and figures plus feedback reaches the mass audiences after the filtration process,...

Transgender – Gender Identity is not a Disorder

There are certain attributes, roles, behaviors and patterns we associate with an individual to identify their gender. Third gender is commonly the...

Advertising on Social Media – Using Youngsters as Advertisers

FRONTLINE, an American TV Series was founded by David Fanning. It is famous for highlighting important issues through their documentaries. It has...

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