8 Benefits Of Communication for a Persuasive Personality

Today is the time to discuss the benefits of communication; today, the world is in great need of communicating effectively. Humans are connected with the unbeatable power of technology yet lacking the skills to persuade and transfer the sentiments correctly. Communication is a basic need of almost every living individual to share, care for, and survive. The word has derived from the Latin word “communis“, meaning “common.” We convey our thoughts, ideas, and information to people around us through it. 

Learn the benefits of Communication in your Daily Life

Building Trust

The top of the list advantage of communication is its trust-building ability. When we communicate or share our ideas with people sincerely, people trust our words, philosophy, and personality. So, effectively communicating can promote an environment of trust and mutual benefit.

Problem Solving

Life is all about solving problems on familial, official, national, or international levels. Communication initiates the process of thinking, and we get an immediate response about the correctness or incorrectness of our words that represent the scheme or theory that is flooding our mind.

Clear Communication for Clear Destiny

The clarity about one’s ideas, goals, and future destiny is as essential as breathing. If the plans are clear, the journey to the destination gets straight and easy. Unfortunately, most of the time, people fail or opt for the wrong path or destiny due to unclear thoughts and plans.

Increased Engagement is an added benefit of communication.

When we communicate clearly, people take interest as our speech makes sense. However, we cannot establish the advantages of communication any further as the engagement factor is vital for the growth of people individually and collectively.

Be productive and grow like a pro.

This is another vital advantage of communicating with people in every capacity of your life. When communication is clear, goals are clear, and processes are transparent. As a result, most of the sectors of our lives have a clear option, and our productivity grows enormously. So, for increased productivity, we need to speak and reap the benefits.

Verbal Communication

Conveying thoughts and ideas through written or spoken words is verbal communication, and mastering communication is necessary for an influential personality.

Strengthening Interpersonal Relations

Life is all about relations, be it the relation of parents and their children, the boss and his employees, or teachers and their students. Relationships can be strengthened or otherwise weakened due to a lack of effective communication behavior. When Communication occurs between two different people from different background, there is a chance of bringing or pushing two entire nations. On a micro level, informal Communication can bring closer or take apart two people. If the people are well-versed and can communicate on the topics of agreement or disagreement, taking into account the difference of opinion patiently, we can bring the world closer. Wars are an outcome of ineffective Communication or erupt when people fail to communicate.

Effective Group Communication

In the present century, we encounter groups of people daily. We go to schools, colleges, or job places and need to talk persuasively with a group of people. Complex tasks need many people to work together, and the advantages of Communication stand out. We need to communicate effectively to increase points of agreement and decrease the notions of agreement as much as possible.

Public Communication

We need to communicate with people, learn the patterns of life, and decide our lives in light of shared facts. When you communicate with a vast audience, you need the support of microphones and speakers to make your voice audible for a large group of people—for example, a Politician addressing an audience during an election campaign in some area. But the advantage only lies behind the truth of speaking. Adopting the changing patterns of life is necessary, and only communication makes it possible.

Advantages of Non-Verbal Communication

Benefits Of Communication
Benefits Of Communication

When we communicate using means other than written or spoken words, non-verbal communication occurs. To reap the advantages of communication, one has to follow along with the guidelines. 

  • Eye Contact: A person communicates through eyes. For example, if you want to talk to someone, you will develop eye contact. Likewise, if you don’t want to talk to someone, you will avoid eye contact.
  • Gesture: Gestures are the signals you convey through your body movement. For example: If you like somebody you will shake hand while greeting that person. You are saying YES or NO by moving your head horizontally and vertically.
  • Facial Expressions: Your facial expressions say a lot about whether you like or dislike something. They also convey your mood and state of emotions. This way, you can tell people a lot without even uttering a single word.
  • Signs and Symbols: Signs and symbols are a graphical or visual representation of some message, for example, traffic signals and signs.
  • Personal Appearance: The way you look and the way you maintain your physical appearance also coveys a lot about you. For example, You can easily judge someone wearing a black coat with a white dress as a lawyer. We can identify different people from different organizations through their uniforms.
  • Silence: Silence is also one of the most powerful ways to communicate something without saying it.

Definition of Communication by Different Authors

Benefits Of Communication collection
learn communication

Different authors define this process differently. Let’s have a look at some famous definitions:

  • It is a process of passing information from one person to another. (Davis)
  • It is a special kind of pattern, a pattern that is expressed in symbolic form. Two prerequisites are: people sharing those symbols must have a common understanding medium such as language. The associated meaning with those symbols must be shared among participants who are sharing it. (M. T. Myers and G.E. Myers) 
  • It is the exchange of information for transmitting a meaning. It is the essence of the social system of an organization. (Katz and Kahn) 
  • It involves a systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding. (Allen Louis) 
  • It is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons. (Newman & Summer)
  • The imparting, conveying or exchange of ideas, whether by speech, writing or signs. (Oxford English Dictionary) 
  • The mechanism through which human relations exist and develop – all the symbols of mind, together with the means of conveying them through space and preserving them in time. (Charles Cooley)
  • It includes all the procedures by which one mind may affect another. This, of course, not only written and oral speech, but also music, the pictorial arts, the theatre, the ballot, and in fact, all human behavior. (Claude Shannon & Warren Weaver) 
  • In the most general sense, we have it whenever one system, a source, influences another, the destination, by manipulating alternative signals that can be transmitted over the channel connecting them. (Charles Osgood) 
  • It is the transfer of thoughts and messages, as contrasted with transportation and goods and persons’ transfer. Its basic forms are signs (sight) and sound (hearing). (Columbia Encyclopedia) 

What Communication requires?

Communication requires at least three elements; source, message and destination. The source can be an individual, place or anything from which the message originates. It could be a gesture, writing, speech or any organization which on-airs or publish that message. The context of anything you want to convey is the message. The destination is your target audience to whom you wish that message to reach.

Process of Communication

8 Benefits Of Communication for a Persuasive Personality 1

First of all, a source (sender) develops (encodes) and conveys any message. The source decides what kind of information or feeling it wants to share with people; then, it designs the statement accordingly, keeping in view the target audience. Then, the source delivers that information using some mass media such as picture, written or spoken words, television, radio or social media. There are unlimited means to convey your desired message. 

On the other end, the receiver (target audience) receives that information and understanding (decoding) that message starts. People must share a common language and understanding of the transmitted thoughts and ideas for decoding. If the target audience does not understand the message sent via sender, they won’t give accurate feedback. Sometimes, the medium’s distortion that delivers that message also acts as a barrier to ineffective communication. The medium through which you get that information should be technically perfect for conveying a message without any distortion. When a message reaches its target audience without any hurdle, they will acknowledge it by giving feedback. Feedback could be positive or negative depending on how effectively the message was conveyed to the target audience. 

The Advantages of Effective Communication

8 Benefits Of Communication for a Persuasive Personality 2

People communicate daily. They need to do it for carrying out their daily activities effectively. Communication is as essential as breathing for a person. It is the basic need for the survival of every living being. It’s not like only humans communicate. Animals, birds, insects, and every living being is following some pattern to communicate. 

There are certain set of principles one can follow to communicate effectively.

  • The message must be well designed and easy to understand.
  • The designed message must be captivating enough to draw the attention of the target audience.
  • Avoid using symbols and jargon, which would be difficult for people to understand. If you use any, then make them understand the meaning of what you are trying to deliver.
  • Keep in mind the educational and social background of your target audience. It would be best if you did proper research on it for communicating a message effectively.
  • Don’t force people to go against their norms while delivering a message. If you ask them to do something, not in line with their beliefs and practices, they will resist listening to what you are saying. To bring a change in people’s attitudes, you need to educate them first by showing association with what is already happening there.
  • If you are going to communicate with people personally, try your best to transform your physical appearance into what is socially acceptable for them.

We don’t share a common language with animals. But, we can understand their message also through non-verbal communication. Several types of researches are being done on plant communication also. Communication is essential to manage our daily activities. But, only effective communication can help us in achieving wonders. The way you say something matters more than what you are saying.

Maida Khan
Maida Khanhttp://Hardhour.com
Maida Khan has done Masters in Mass Communication from NUST. She is a part-time lecturer teaching TV Production courses. Writing is her hobby, and she is a vocal activist.

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