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Abdullah Ali Abbasi

Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a blogger by passion.
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Sindhi – its Latin script – and the way forward!

It has now become a common practice for people in South Asia to write their languages using English alphabets on the internet....

10 Beauty & Health Benefits of Ramadan

We have written a detailed post on the spiritual aspects of Ramadan, which you can find here. Now we will highlight and...

Pakistan Is Not Holding the guilt-free Israeli Pilot.

Recently I saw an image circulating on social media claiming that an Israeli newspaper Haaretz has featured an article on its homepage,...

Welcome back to school hardians 🙂

This post is going to be a super-duper roller-coaster :)You will see in this post, how we can introduce and infuse ideas....

Reading Books Can Earn You These 11 Amazing Outcomes.

Successful entrepreneurs and business people read a lot of books. On average, a successful businessman reads two books a week, which is eye-opening.

Parallel Universe Theory – 5 Theories and Evidences You Must Know

Now this suggests that similar Big Bang would have occurred countless times in this universe, as the Big Bang itself is not an unusual event planned to result in the creation of humans.

World’s Future Assessment! And Crazy Iran.

The death of insurgent leader Sulemani outside the territories of Iran unfolds several truths associated with global politics. It is highly suspicious, on...

The Top 9 Fastest Aircraft in the World

No doubt, today a large group of people think that someday they would fly in the sky and their dream definitely comes...

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