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13 Shockingly Amazing rights of Employees in Islam.

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Islam is a religion of peace, scholarship, dignity, education, and sacred logic defined under divine knowledge and supremacy.

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) brought reforms in the society. And in a remote area of Arabian-Peninsula Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) educated and trained people to live the life with a purpose, for the very first time.

Obviously previous prophets and messengers like Jesus, Moses, David, Ishmael (peace be upon them all) also brought the leading guidance rules from Almighty God but were soon vanished, manipulated or fabricated with the martyrdom or en-slavery of companions by the commons. But again for the last time the message was revised and encrypted against fabrication with its revelation on Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)
Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)

Humans who were living their lives in a complete ignorance, arrogance, and superstition. And who used to wage tribal wars over nominal issues.

ALLAH revealed Quran for Arabs in their mother tongue and the people who were weak at that point of history in education, and strength became the most powerful nations. They emerged as a leading power in the world and remained for a longer period of the history.

The provision of such a meaningful contribution and, in fact, restructuring of the moral-basis of humanity under the guidance of sacred divine instructions, laid the foundation of a civilized society. 

Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) amazingly, and obviously brought a revolution and redefined all the phases and code of life.

He (pbuh) defined

rights of Employees
Code of Life
  • Code of State 
  • The Code of Conduct
  • Code of Ethics
  • The Code of Jurisdiction 
  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Code of Criminal Justice 
  • Military code of conduct 
  • The Military code of Justice 
  • Military code of Ethics 
  • Leadership Code. Etc. 

Leaving apart other detailed aspects of the glories of the personality of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), the points that I have just mentioned ensure complete peace of mind, success, and freedom for humans.

For today’s discussion I have selected for my readers the rights of an employee in Islam.

Rights of Employees
Rights of Employees

Rights of Employees

It requires an employer to follow below stated rules, which unfortunately we do not discuss widely. But if followed, will surely turn this world into an ideally perfect place. And please keep it in mind that I highlighted these points after a little research on the exact sayings of Prophet Mohammed (saw), so these points do not encompass them completely.
He (pbuh) told that Almighty God wants us to

  • Help them in their work.
  • Do not overburden them.
  • Don’t taunt them.
  • Call them with beautiful names.
  • Treat them equally and don’t behave proudly.
  • Forgive their mistakes at least 70 times a day.
  • Give them to eat what you yourself eat.
  • Provide them to wear what you yourself wear.
  • Respect them and do not insult them at all.
  • The Employees can file a complaint against their owner in the Shariah court.
  • Do not force employees to perform/indulge in illegal actions, for the sake of escalated business.
  • Employer shall never force employees to change their religion.
  • The employer has to bear the expenses in case of his illness.

Apart from few outlined points quenched from the Prophetic sayings, there are several other points one need to keep in mind and practice. To keep a system running at peak performance of goodness and happiness, religion requires it to follow the sacred rules.

Islam is Peace!
Islam is Peace!


Islam is a complete code of life. The sacred teachings of Islam can bring peace, compassion, truthfulness, and many other crucial positive attributes in a society. Islam makes the true follower compassionate enough to do his/her activities without setting worldly gain as the primary goal. Hence, Islam can empower any nation to do excellence.

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