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What is a termite’s favorite breakfast?

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What is a termite’s favorite breakfast other than wood and dead plants? Termite is an insect that can digest cellulose and contributes to the 11% methane gas production in the atmosphere. Methane gas adds to the greenhouse effect and causes ecosystem disturbance. Termites are considered harmful for buildings, crops, and plantation forests.

Termites are present everywhere on earth except Antarctica due to extreme cold weather. They live in colonies that range from a few hundred to millions. Certain cultures use termites as a food product. Additionally, termites are used in the medical industry to cure several diseases.

What is a termite's favorite breakfast
What is a termite’s favorite breakfast

How to do- Termite treatment

“Nissus Bora Care” Protects against all species of termites and can be purchased on Amazon. If you can’t find it on Amazon, you can read the chemical composition on Amazon and try finding the same or matching products in your local home supplies store. It can be sprayed or rolled onto wood with ease. It penetrates deep into the pores of wood for lasting protection. It is super-effective against wood-infesting beetles. And you can use it for interior and exterior places. 

Termite Control, a math riddle.

Termite control is a Civil Engineering preliminary process that involves usage of methods and techniques to exterminate termites. The process of termite-control is often referred as termite-process and involves usage of chemical such as termite control pesticides or termiticides, and termite baits. The best termite control remedy is Borate Wood Treatment. Borate is a salt in which the anion contains both boron and oxygen. It is also known as Borax. The process involves soaking the chemical deep into the foundational unit of wood.

Termites feed on wood and damage paper, books, insulation, swimming pool liners, and filtration systems. Plus, these bugs never sleep and can eat their way through your home at any time, night or day. Five essential chemicals that one must use for termite prevention are here in this blog.

  • Arsenic trioxide: It is sold in the market under brand name Trisenox®
  • Bifenthrin: Commercial named for this chemical are Round Up, Prowl, Dual, Lorsban and Orthene.
  • Permethrin: This chemical can be found under the brand names Nix, Elimite, and Acticin.
  • Fipronil: The chemical is effective in termite control and could be found under commercial names  Frontline®, Barricade®, Easyspot®, Effipro®, Sentry Fiproguard®, Parastar®, PetArmor®, Pronyl OTC®, Spectra Sure®.
  • Imidacloprid: This is a patented chemical, one could find under names Kohinor, Admire, Advantage, Gaucho, Merit, Confidor, Hachikusan, Premise, Prothor, and Winner.

Other chemicals are beneficial in termite control. But, the list of chemicals above provides a fair list of products or drugs to choose from. These drugs could have different names in your vicinity due to the commercial intent of sellers. However, if you stick to the core salt name or patent commercials, you can find them easily. Now you don’t have to worry about What is a termite’s favorite breakfast?

Is termite prevention necessary

If your structure, be it a commercial building or a home, will have any wooden elements in it, termite control is a necessity. It is now becoming more and more convenient and cost-effective to have termite processing. And it secures your structure or a longer time in the future against any termite attack. Additionally, it also protects against soil settlement and other problems due to microbial activities, leading to seepage. Thus termite prevention is a necessity.

What is a termite’s favorite breakfast?

The question first appeared on the internet as a math question. And it is a heading of a riddle that involves several math questions. However, there were traces of it carrying useful information for common users. And we decided to include it in our blogs.

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