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Want to try K-Pop diet?

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K-pop is a genre of popular music emerging in South Korea. K-pop artists follow specific diets for a rapid and defined weight loss and here”s everything you need to know about these K-Pop diet before you step upon them.

Paper Cup Diet K-Pop diet

  • All 3 meals in three paper cups. the size was about 3 ounces.
  • It includes rice, side dish, fruits /vegetable. 
  • Nine muses followed this diet.• It promotes portion control.
  • It is a highly restrictive diet results in rapid weight loss.
k pop diet
k pop

The Protein Diet

  • Jin and jimin from BTS follow this diet.
  • 4 chicken breasts (protein ) for 1 year.
  • 1 solid meal in 10 days.
  • It promotes balance but its extremely dangerous as it is deficient in fruits /vegetables/whole grains.

Asa Banana K-Pop diet

  • Popular in Japan, South Korea.
  • Use 1 or more bananas in Breakfast.
  • Banana for a mid-afternoon snack.
  • Anything you want for lunch and dinner.
  • It boosts metabolism and promotes healthy eating. 
  • Lose 6 kg in 4 weeks. 
  • It is a boring and nutrient-deficient diet.

The Deadly Diet K-Pop diet

  • Whee sung follows this diet.
  • Chicken breast and salad as main meal
  • Almonds ,vit C supplements are mandatory
  • Drink twice as much water as you can
  • Speed walking or planks are advisable
  • You can have one cheat day ,eat whatever you want
  • I do not recommend this diet as it may cause constipation and nutrient deficiencies

Single Food Diet / Park Bom’s Diet

  • Eat one food of your choice in all 3 meals
  • A day contains 5 meals (3 main meals and 2 snacks )
  • Corn ,lettuce ,watermelon were experimented in this diet
  • Rice are excluded
  • It promotes healthy eating habits but use of single food over and over again does not promote optimum growth and development

Seolhyun’s K-Pop diet

  • This diet incorporates protein and carbohydrates
  • It involves liquid dieting
  • Sweet potato ,chicken breats ,boiled eggs were included • It ensures portion control
  • I do not advise, as it excludes all green veggies and whole grains

Conclusion :Diet means :Did I enrich today? always remember all that glitters is not gold .one should not continue these diets for longer periods as every individual has different body types and requirements.Follow a healthy balanced diet and achieve your ideal body weight .

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