Stuffy Nose Remedies

During seasonal changes, you might suffer from a respiratory problem named a stuffy nose. We present this article on stuffy nose remedies.

It is the inflammation of blood vessels in the sinuses that leads to the blockage of the nose causing difficulty in inhaling and exhaling. It is because of increased secretions and mucus in the nasal passages. Triggering factors may include cough, flu, allergies, and sinus infections, i.e. paranasal sinuses. It gives an irritating and funny sound that may embarrass you in public. Nasal congestion also irritates you while eating. There are tons of allopathic and herbal remedies available that can treat the problem of a stuffy nose. Significant modification in the diet can also help you get rid off this problem and facilitate you to breathe better.

Install A Humidifier In The Room

Installing a humidifier in the room helps you breathe easier with reducing sinus pain. This machine converts water into moisture that slowly increases humidity. It also dilutes your mucus and helps you empty your nose from fluids and other nasal secretions. Use nasal strips to get a peaceful sleep.

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Take a hot shower

Evidently, in this condition, a person has a feeling of discomfort, and a little struggle can reduce your problem. During a hot shower, the steam thins the mucus and gives you instant relief. Fill the sink with warm water and cover your head with a towel and put your head over the pan, and take deep breaths so the steam may open your stuffy nose. Hydration helps in diluting your mucus and provides a soothing effect to your irritated tissues and decreases pressure in your sinuses. By intake of juices, broths, soups help you get rid of the stuffy nose.

Use saline spray

Saline is a salt and water solution. Using any nasal spray increases moisture in your nasal cavity and helps in emptying your nose and bring you to ease while you breathe. Seek medical advice before using any saline spray. There are many types of saline sprays, including decongestants. Don’t use any decongestant for a longer duration because it may have adverse effects.

Drain your sinuses regularly

It’s an annoying and irritating task, but you have to drain your sinuses by using a Netipot. Netipot is a specially designed container that helps you flush your clogged nostrils. It drains out all the excess fluid from your nostrils. Let’s see how it works? Stand with your head over the sink, place the spout of the Netipot in one nostril, tilt it until water enters your nasal passage, allows it to come out through your other nose and empty it into the sink. Do it for about one minute.

Give a warm compress to your nose

A warm compress is effective to unclog your nose. Rinse the towel with warm water, then squeeze the water from it, and place it over the nose. It gives heat effectively in opening your clogged nose and helps in relieving inflammation.

Try decongestants

The decongestant has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing swelling and pain. Two types of nasal decongestants are spray and pills. Common decongestant nasal sprays include oxymetazoline (Afrin) and phenylephrine (Sinex). Whereas, common decongestant pills include pseudoephedrine (Sudafed, Sudogest). Use all decongestants correctly and safely. You shouldn’t take a decongestant for over three days without a doctor’s supervision. After three days, a nasal decongestant may make your congestion and stuffiness worse. Use corticosteroids because they can reduce inflammation.

Take antihistamines or allergy medicine

Combination medicines that contain both an antihistamine and a decongestant can relieve sinus pressure and swelling caused by allergic reactions.

Follow The Instructions For Stuffy Nose Remedies

Cure a stuffy nose by opting for some herbal remedies. These remedies may not give you instant relief, but their consistent application would prove beneficial for you. Use these remedies at night before going to bed. These remedies soothe your inflammatory tissues, i.e. they have an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Different essential oils can treat a stuffy nose. Take some hot water, put a few drops of essential oil in it and inhale its steam, this will give you immediate relief.
  • Take chicken noodle soup because it has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antioxidant properties.
  • Try to avoid contact with animals because their temper might be a source of allergic reactions.
  • Drink hot fluids such as ginger tea and garlic to sooth your inflammatory nasal tissues. Add honey in these herbal teas.
  • Try mentholated salve try a small dab under your nose. It opens up your blocked breathing passages. Menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor all have mild numbing ingredients that may help relieve the pain of a nose rubbed raw.
  • Put hot packs on your sinuses.
  • Take an extra pillow under your head do this at night when you sleep its helps in relieving congested nasal passages.
  • Use your thumb and index finger to press the muscles of the nose for about 3 minutes then blow your nose to get rid of excessive nasal secretions.
  • Avoid the intake of spicy and fried foods.

Causes & Stuffy Nose Remedies.

There are many promoting factors of a stuffy nose

  • Viral Infections
  • The common cold because of viral infection causes a stuffy nose. It also causes coughing, sneezing, and sore throat.
  • Allergic Rhinitis:
  • Allergic rhinitis occurs when the body’s immune system overreacts to a substance that is not usually harmful, such as pollen, dust and animal dander. Its symptom is the stuffy nose, itchy eyes, runny nose and
  • Sneezing.
  • Occupational Rhinitis:
  • It is like allergic rhinitis a person becomes allergic to something from the environment such as chemicals, wood dust. Its symptoms are the stuffy nose,
  • Itchy eyes and coughing.
  • Atrophic rhinitis:
  • Atrophic rhinitis occurs when there is thinning, and hardening of mucous membranes arise; it is common in people with multiple nose surgeries.
  • Symptoms of Stuffy Nose:
  • Green mucus draining from the nose.
  • Facial pain.
  • Pain in the ear.
  • Headache.
  • Fever.
  • Coughing.
  • Chest tightness.
  • Conclusion:
  • Stuffy nose is very irritating; we can get rid of it by using the herbal and allopathic medication after consultation with a doctor. Also, pay attention to your diet.
Ayesha Ashfaq
Ayesha Ashfaq
Ayesha Ashfaq is a nutritionist by profession and food blogger by passion.

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