Why Abortion Should be Legal Essay

Discover Why Abortion Should Be Legal essay, and the significance of legalizing abortion and empowering women’s rights. Join the debate on pro-choice and pro-life arguments to understand the complexities surrounding this controversial issue.

Why Abortion Should Be Legal Essay: Understanding the Controversy

The issue of abortion has been a subject of great controversy in society for numerous years. Each individual and expert holds their own distinct opinions on abortion, in contrast to popular belief. The debate between pro-life and pro-choice activists further adds to the complexity of the matter. Regardless of one’s stance, whether against or in favor, the argument appears to be finely balanced, signifying its significance.

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice: Diverse Opinions on Abortion

Many individuals oppose abortion, arguing that no one should have the authority to dictate the fate of another human life, particularly when it concerns an unborn child relying on its mother for existence. Conversely, others advocate for a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body, contending that legalizing abortion offers a safer option compared to seeking assistance from inexperienced abortionists or resorting to dangerous self-induced methods.

In this paper, we will delve into the concept of Medical Abortion defined as the “termination of pregnancy at any phase that does not affect the birth of a human being.” My objective is to advocate for the legalization of abortion and its accessibility to all females, aiming to prevent unwanted pregnancies arising from rape or endangering women’s health.

Human Rights Watch on Legality of Abortion

Human Rights Watch believes that reproductive rights are human rights, including the right to access to abortion. States have the obligation to provide women, girls, and other pregnant people with access to safe and legal abortion as part of their core human rights responsibilities.

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The Significance of Balanced Arguments on Abortion

Many scholars and researchers oppose abortion, maintaining that no one should have the authority to control another person’s life, especially when it concerns a human body that has yet to enter the world and is dependent on others, particularly the mother, for its continuation. Furthermore, various religious beliefs, such as Islam, and Christianity, condemn abortion. Consequently, terminating a pregnancy can be viewed as contradicting one’s religious principles and the teachings of religion.

Debunking Myths: Exploring the Reasons Against Abortion – Why Abortion Should be Legal Essay

Additionally, research indicates that females who undergo abortions face an increased risk of depression later in life, potentially impacting their well-being and family life. The realization of how early in life human features begin to develop can be astonishing. By the tenth week, the fetus already possesses arms, fingers, toes, a face, inner organs, and observable brain activity. Therefore, the argument refuting the fetus as a human being from the very beginning is not valid. A newly fertilized ovum, akin to a freshly planted cluster of cells, is no less human than an acorn is to an oak tree.

Advocating for Women’s Rights: Legalizing and Accessible Abortion

Supporters of abortion believe that a fetus is not a human being but rather a cluster of tissue, justifying a woman’s right to make decisions concerning her body. They assert that pregnancy can be physically and emotionally demanding for a mother, and thus she should have the freedom to decide. Nonetheless, opponents argue that all human beings have the right to life and should not be deprived of this right, even at the early stages of development.

One of the key arguments presented by abortion opponents is that legalizing the procedure would minimize risks associated with unsafe and unprofessional practices, thereby reducing the number of maternal deaths. However, this viewpoint is met with disagreement, as some individuals emphasize the importance of preventive measures and personal responsibility in avoiding unwanted pregnancies.

The Physical Risks of Abortion- After all Why Abortion Should be Legal Essay

The risks associated with abortion can lead to various complications later in life. Some of these complications include the possibility of miscarriages due to a weakened uterus, an increased risk of ectopic pregnancies, and a higher chance of contracting pelvic inflammatory disease. Additionally, the procedure itself may cause damage to the uterus, resulting in infertility and making it difficult for women who undergo abortion to become pregnant again.

In extreme cases, abortion can even lead to fatal outcomes. Other medical complications may also arise as a consequence of abortions, with teenage girls being at higher physical risk due to their bodies not yet being fully mature.

Abortion’s Psychological Impact: Addressing Stress and Depression

The psychological impacts of abortion are substantial as well. It can cause stress, create distressing memories, and even trigger depression in women. The emotional burden can last a lifetime, haunting some women with guilt throughout their lives. If left untreated, the emotional toll of abortion may lead to severe depression and, in some instances, even suicidal thoughts.

Millions of women and girls across the United States have suffered an alarming deterioration in access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, following the US Supreme Court decision overturning the constitutional right to abortion in June 2022, UN-appointed independent rights experts said on Friday.


The Complex Ethical Debate on Abortion

The issue of abortion is complex, with both sides of the debate presenting diverse circumstances that need consideration. Legalizing the choice of abortion not only ensures safety but also empowers women to have control over their bodies and reproductive systems. So, Why Abortion Should be Legal after all?

Abortion Risks: Complications and Long-term Effects

While some individuals who oppose abortion cite law, religion, and tradition as their reasons, it is essential to consider abortion ethics from a woman’s perspective, especially when it pertains to the reproductive health of females. The argument for anti-progestogen abortion being controversial stems from the fact that it puts women in control of the abortion process, a prospect that may worry those who wish to restrict female autonomy. The debate on abortion has even led to violent actions in some cases, with anti-abortion activists resorting to harming doctors and committing acts of arson to support their views.

Women’s Rights and Access to Abortion

On the other hand, pro-activists emphasize that women should always be free to choose and embrace pregnancy, regardless of their circumstances. However, studies, such as the one by Pro Mujer in Puerto Rico, show that many women opt for abortion because they want to be responsible mothers. The anti-abortion stance often emphasizes that abortion amounts to murdering embryos and fetuses, yet the ethic behind it seems to demand that women who favor or choose abortions must suffer and even die for their decisions.

Empowering Women: The Importance of Safe and Legal Abortion

The technology and techniques involved in performing abortions have become safer and more accessible, making it possible to conduct abortions in aseptic conditions as soon as a woman decides she cannot continue her pregnancy. Training is available for healthcare providers to ensure the procedure is carried out with minimal risk to the woman’s health and fertility.

Unsafe Abortions: The Need for Access to Professional Services

Preventing access to safe abortions does not make sense, as it can lead to women seeking out unsafe and dangerous alternatives. The World Health Organization defines unsafe abortions as procedures carried out by individuals lacking the necessary skills or in environments that do not meet minimum medical standards.

Conclusion: Finding a Middle Ground in the Abortion Debate

In conclusion, the abortion debate has always been sensitive and polarizing. While some argue for the fetus’s right to life, others emphasize a woman’s right to choose. Research indicates potential psychological and mental health impacts on women who undergo abortions, affecting their lives and families. However, the counterarguments also have merit, asserting that women should have the freedom to give birth or not, and legalizing abortion would reduce the risk of consulting inexperienced abortionists.

After examining both perspectives, the benefits of legalizing abortion for women become apparent. Ensuring safe and accessible abortion services can prevent unwanted pregnancies caused by rape or endangering women’s health. In light of this, it is advisable to make abortion legal, secure, and easily accessible to all females, thereby safeguarding their reproductive rights and overall well-being.

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