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Importance Of Religion

Religion is a basic human necessity. Humans need religion as they need water to quench their thirst and food to…

By Iman Abbasi , in Religion , at July 12, 2019

Religion is a basic human necessity. Humans need religion as they need water to quench their thirst and food to satiate their hunger.

Religion gives our irregular lives a regularity and gives calmness to the chaos within all of us. The fact “Importance of Religion” has established over the history of time and is not an imposed idea.

Religion is Life ~ TriA

Imposed ideas like Atheism, Imperialism, Capitalism, and imposed religions cannot impress a free human under drastically different circumstances. Religion has proved to impress its readers and followers throughout history.

How Does Religion Do That? 

Religion has logical and rational answers to questions that human minds are incapable of even comprehending. Questions, even when our most intelligent and educated minds come together to solve, they always come up with a doubt: “We can’t say this with 100 percent surety”, “postulates”, “theories”, and “guesses”, which always make human souls more chaotic and human minds more baffled.

Tangled Thoughts
Tangled Thoughts Are A Blessing – TriA

Religion starts from a point where human minds become unable to work. Religion makes rules that humans need to regulate their lives and daily life matters. 

The Logical Key To Everything!

Whether it’s our judicial system, our political system, or our domestic system, all require rules and directions to decide their matters. Religion not only comes up with rules, directions, restrictions, and laws but with a complete, unaltered, and logical Code of Life

Religion provides you with the food you need to give your soul to make it at peace when the noise in your surroundings and smoke of restlessness makes everything so unclear. The religion emerges like a car’s headlight penetrating through the smoke and noises directly targeting your hopeless eyes giving a ray of hope to the lost wanderer you are.

Colors Of Life
Colors Of Life

So far, religion has created this concept of right and wrong, punishment and reward, Deeds and misdeeds. Without these standards set by religion, our lives would much like a boat without a sailor, no direction to follow, and no destination to reach. Religion is like that sailor which directs the boat toward its destination, preventing it from deviation.

Simplicity Is The Essence Of Religion


Now it’s our responsibility to inculcate in ourselves the very teachings and principles set by religion. Religion taught us to love, harmony, honesty, peace, understanding, compassion, broad-mindedness, stand with the right and for the right, confidence, kindness, intelligence, submission to God, and humility.


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