God Of Islam? Understand Allah.

God Of Islam is Allah, the Arabic word for God. God Of Islam is an omnipotent deity that is all alone in His character, choices, attributes, actions, superiority, authority, orders etc. It is difficult to define the qualities of God Of Islam, ALLAH, yet impossible to deny ALLAH. Allah is the same God towards whom all the prophets like Moses, David, Ismael, Isaac, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Jesus, and Mohammed (peace be upon them all) referred.

God of Islam is One
God of Islam is One

Ahlus Sunnah referred to as Sunni Islam, believes in the oneness of God. In Sunni Islam, there is no image, Father, son, or relative of God. God is not dependent on anything. However, everything is dependent on God. Any association with God or his attributes is considered shirk. There is a difference of opinion in distinguishing between what and what not is shirk. However, all Sunni scholars do consider shirk as a grave sin.

Who is Allah, the God of Islam?

The discussion about the creator comes from the concept of creation. However, the word creation comes from the philosophy of life, existence, and the presence of an observable universe with all their complexities. God of Islam is the same to whom all the previous prophets refer. However, it is evident that most of the time people fuel the rift between the theological societies on mere speculations or unjustified thoughts. A Colombian International University professor, Mr. Daniel Janosik says;

For most Muslims,Allah is the only God and therefore must be the same God as the one that the Jews and Christians worship. Similarly, for some Christians, Allah is just another name for the one God of the universe. For others, however, the Muslim Allah and the biblical Yahweh are contradictory and cannot refer to the same being, for, they say, “how can the God of Muhammad be the Father of Jesus Christ?” The question before us, then, is whether the terms “Allah” and “Yahweh” are just two names for the same God, or are they referring to different Gods? (And since there can only be one true God, the ultimate question is, “if they are different, which one is the true God?”)

MTJ Clothing
Islamic Faith and God of Islam

To check if the two terms refer to same God, I think we need to check the attributes of God in Islam and Christianity. Larycia Hawkins wore a headscarf in solidarity with Muslims, she is a professor at Wheaton College, Illinois. She also quoted Pope Francis, Christian and Muslims worship the same God. There is a fact written in Quran about Jacob (as) and his sons that bible also mentions.

Is it that you were present when death approached Ya‘qūb, when he said to his sons: “What will you worship after me”? They said, “We will worship your God and the God of your fathers, Ibrāhīm, Ismā‘īl (Ishmael) and IsHāq (Isaac), the one God, and to Him we submit ourselves.”

https://quran.com/2/133?translations=20,19,101,84,85,22,17,18 (God of Islam).

There is a difference of opinion among Christians on the matter. Evangelicals reject that Muslims and Christians observe and worship the same God. They bring the holy trinity as a point of focus and claim that no one can know God the Father without knowing God the Son. 

God Of Islam? Understand Allah. 1
Trinity and God Of Islam.

Holy Trinity – The concept of holy trinity came into existence due to the arrogance of Jews who denied the piousness of mother Mary and accused her of immorality. Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus (as) without any male intervention as per Islamic theology. The Christians of ancient times fell into this fallacy, and in a try to prove their innocence, they started claiming the divinity of Jesus (PBUH) and Mary.

Below is the consistent historical and theological chain of happenings that will help us learn the concept of God Of Islam.

  • The majority of Arabs are Polytheists, Christian, Jews, and Pagan.
  • There are 360 Idols inside the Holy Kaaba.
  • Religion was always monotheism, and the law had to be the one revealed to prophets.
  • People kept leaving the tenants of faith gradually and fell prey to Satan.
  • Jews fabricated the Torah. And upon the renewal of the message by Jesus, high-status people refused to obey.
  • It was not the destiny of the Bible to stay original. People kept violating the boundaries, denying the commandments, and innovating desirous ideas to Bible.
  • God never changed the definition and understanding of the concept of God. However, people wronged the concept of God due to transgression.
  • Mohammed (saw) gains publicity as a truthful and honest person.
  • A series of Supernatural acts happen, and He reveals his prophethood destined by the God Of Islam, none other than the God previously worshipped by Adam & Eve and every other prophet.
  • Here it is important to mention that it was predefined in the previous holy scripture and in bible that a final messenger will reveal himself with a final book from God. Warqa bin Naufil testifies that Mohammed is that last messenger of God.
God Of Islam? Understand Allah. 2
  • A majority of Christian, and Jews accepted Islam. However, a portion repeated the same behavior and denied his prophethood. Moreover, they also claimed that as he doesn’t have a son, his name will vanish once he departures (dies).
    • There is a series of evidences of the prophethood of Mohammed (saw). I will write them in upcoming blogs.
  • The popularity of Islam in old-school people also endorses that the Islamic concept of God in Islam drew their attention and the law (quran) proven its divinity due to perfection.

The major theological problems arose due to the adherence of faith to personalities and their superiority over religious matters. It establishes staunchly that the Christian theology, the manuscripts, and understanding kept embracing visible changes throughout history. So, the changes in faith by authoritarian regimes made ideas tangle, intertwine illogically, and increase falsehood.

God Of Islam? Understand Allah. 3
The concept of God was always that Islam teaches. Always there was only one true God with no associates.

Islam allows no one to introduce or remove theological concepts that it establishes by the will of God. And on the hand of prophets who take direct commandments from God. Therefore, the present ongoing innovations and shifting paradigms of the Christian faith also point out the fact that the ideas of Islam are consistent and never change with changing circumstances.

God of Islam – Two Analogies

Why Jesus Prostrated?

Going a little farther, he fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will.” Matthew 26 : 39.

prostrate before God
prostrate before God

Here bible refers that Jesus (who is God) fell in front of God. Whereas, the bible never says that God the father also prostrate before God the son. Therefore, it implies that God the Son believes that God the Father is greater than Him. Then, how are these three equal? And then what is polytheism? And when Christians call God, why do they refer to Jesus as God, who is a lower rank. Additionally, it was not the way that Jesus ever preach or endorse in his entire life. Thus, it implies that someone else introduced this concept later.

Here I present for you the statement of Richard B. Hays – All facets of divine activity are reflected in all three persons of the Trinity. They are dynamically intermingled. They may not be separated.

Why Jesus Came in the first place?

The Jews wronged their religion. They fabricated Torah and brought innovations to the revealed religion of Judaism. As God promised when Adam and Eve were descended to Earth, that He will not leave them unattended., He kept talking to them by means He wanted. Jesus came to undo the prevailing falsehood and revive the law and jurisprudence under divine instruction and justice.

Islam is peace
Islam is peace

God revealed Bible to Jesus after establishing His prophethood by giving him a series of miracles. However, people similar at the time of Noah and Lot kept resisting and denying the message. And God uplifted Jesus without letting him be harmed by infidels and Jews.

However, later people again wronged the religion, and there was a need to revive the message after establishing the wrongfulness of people and their misdealing of sacred revelations. Consequently, this series of happenings lead to the revival of the message in the form of the Quran and Islamic Law.

Human knowledge & God Of Islam.

Humans earn knowledge bases on the perception, interaction, measurement, and experience of all the happenings in their surroundings. However, to implement constructive ideas as a driving force of a nation requires strength and power.

We need to discuss the previous statement to clarify the context. We all observe that people holding government offices object and disrupt reforms for their benefit. Even in the 21st century, to whom many call a century of freedom, we don’t see rationality, justice, and compassion. Whereas, due to nonconfinement of religious scripture and prevalence of the idea of having the authority of changing the scripture, if one has the power to do so, made Christian faith grow farther from what Jesus taught.

The process of human education and God of Islam.

  • Humans perceive different things differently and build perceptions.
  • Based on their perception, they evaluate and interact.
  • During their interactions, they measure and gather data.
  • The intelligent ones compile that data under different domains.
    Examples are
    • Biology.
    • Sociology.
    • Chemistry.
    • Physics.
    • Mathematics.
    • Psychology. etc.

Knowledge and God of Islam.

The gathered data help educate and pass on the information gathered and refined over time to the coming generations. No data is absolute or entirely correct without any limitations. All the knowledge that humans have was collected and refined over a period, and the involvement of many people. The chances of human error also limit the reliability of any information collected.

Human Limitations and God Of Islam

Humans are limited in their efforts of gathering, compiling, and evaluating the data as they rely on their five senses and previously acquired knowledge. With all these limited resources, the presence of humanity, the first-birth, and its savior during climatic changes, droughts, and pandemics are all a mystery, and no one can define it by any means. Here also comes the spiritual needs of humans and the urge to have spiritual contentment.

The design and perfection call towards God of Islam.

The correct design, installation, and printing of all the traits, capabilities, and reproductive systems on the DNA datasheets, all call for sincere interpretations. In the 21st century, humans are still not capable of increasing their life span. We cannot even define the process of death and why we die, and how we can prevent death. We haven’t seen any evolutionary process giving birth to an entirely different species from humans for the known documented human history.

What is the Context?

The very existence of everything calls for the presence of a creator. The creator smart enough to place all that’s observable in its exact place, quantity, pattern, and period. Revelations give an insight into the presence of that unknown and unseen reality that some omnipotent creator is purposely hiding from all humans or maybe all of us living on planet Earth.

Do they not see that Allah, who created the heavens and earth and did not fail in their creation, is able to give life to the dead? Yes. Indeed, He is over all things competent.
Al-quran [46:33] God of Islam.

Where did we conclude that the God of Islam is the same for Christians and Muslims?

Aren’t these the attributes of God in Christianity? Allah/God is the creator of the universes and beyond, including the known and unknown, the countable and uncountable, the discussable and non-discussable, the visible and invisible, the tinniest and gigantic, the living and non-living, the finite and infinite, the good and evil, the beneficial and non-beneficial, the weak and strong, the describable and indescribable, and the acceptable and deniable.

Is there a difference of opinion about God of Islam and Christianity.

The thinking process of humans that powers and backs every sphere of life is shallow, and we need not pay more emphasis on this. However, we have been given full authority and capacity to judge between the right and wrong, rational and irrational, logical or illogical.

There are different versions of Bible, and all contradict one another. There is a prevailing understanding that Jesus didn’t write the Bible and it was written over a course of an entire century. However, the disciples of Jesus did wrote the Bible but were killed and their copies were confiscated and later fabricated.

The Reality Of Allah

Anything that belongs to human history and the existence of humans has a lot to do with spiritual believes. The role of imagination in human life is inevitable. Thoughts are the pulling engine of the human race, culture, caste, creed, intellect, and progress.

Every time we have ideas in our minds, our surroundings inspire them. And why is it necessary to address these thoughts? It’s because more and more people are feeling the necessity of this discussion irrespective of their caste, color, creed, profession, nature, nationality, or age.

Why must we eat food?
We have an urge to eat food.
Why must we love?
We have an urge for it.
Why must there be some higher deity controlling everything?
There is an urge to find Him.

Be it cosmologists, spiritual leaders, mullahs, pundits, or casual ones like me – we are all compelled in one way or another to dive into the mystery of the connection between our existence and the power behind existence. Are we constantly trying to figure out the secret of our presence and the system?

Who brought us here on earth? How we have all these feelings, intelligence, and a perfect habitat. Who held us during unexpected times and when there wasn’t any advancement.

Thoughts about the existence of the universe and the intelligence behind this masterpiece call for an intelligent creator.

parallel universe
Parallel universe | Never ending Universe

Several theories are in place to define the existence of life, evolution, creation, and what not? But none of them can withstand the resistance of argument and cross-questioning. The perfectly coded genetics calls for the supremacy of that one deity who never falls asleep or unconscious.
There should be a reason behind everything that is operating around us. We can well establish the connection of thinking, ideas, and the impact of surrounding upon them. And all call towards that one God of Islam who designed this universe perfectly.

How To Find God in Islam?

Allah created this universe with a purpose to test the children of Adam for their sincerity and patience. He blessed the child of Adam with the title of being the best among creations.
One can find God by prostrating before Him.

Islam emphasis discovering the universe, as this leads to the introduction to God, who alone is holding everything in place and perfect order.
Learning about the monotheism of God and the scripture of God, one gets to know about Him. As more and more one knows about God, one realizes His presence. And the ways He is holding his servants.

Oneness of God in Islam.

The reality of the existence of Allah calls upon his oneness. Here, it is essential to elaborate on His oneness by elaborating His attributes and authority. The oneness of Allah and the integral enrichment associated with it call for no resemblance to quote whatsoever. If by any means, we as a human in our limited capacity will try to define His indefinite oneness with the definite human position, we can lead to serious stack errors, misconceptions, and challenging to digest ideas.

Allah defines his oneness with absolute authority, and any associations can carry heavy punishments. Allah says, if there would have been any partners of God, there would have been chaos in the universe. He is as alone as Nothing else and as wise as Nothing else. The time doesn’t encompass Him, and the circumstances do not defy Him.
How beautiful is God?

He is as beautiful as the word beautiful can’t contain its beauty, and he is as powerful as the word powerful is weak in its gigantic resemblance. His wisdom can create a human out of Nothing, and it’s only Him who builds everything out of Nothing.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasihttps://abdullahaliabbasi.com
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a writer by passion.

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