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Iman Abbasi

She is an avid reader. Apart from pursuing her career in Micro-Biology, she is a writer.
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Virus: 101 Facts – Principle and Their Pathogenesis

  Viral Pathogenesis Viral pathogenesis is the study of how biological viruses cause diseases in their target host, usually carried out on a cellular level...

8 Essential Points On the Importance Of Mental Health.

Physical health refers to a healthy body, whereas a healthy body means a body free from disease. With an average weight, a healthy mind,...

Top 10 Airforce Pilots – Air Force Fighter Pilot

Air Force of any country plays a vital role in the success of any country's military adventures. We have gathered the information on, the...

US Pakistan Relations And Khan’s Successful Visit To USA

To summarize it all, PM Imran Khan visit was a great win as all issues about which Pakistani nation was anxious and worried were put forth

Indian Spy Who Was Caught Red-Handed

India and Pakistan are two traditional rivals. Both countries never had a peaceful relationship with each other. Many a times India had accused Pakistan...

Importance Of Religion

Religion is a basic human necessity. Humans need religion as they need water to quench their thirst and food to satiate their hunger. Religion...

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