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Indian Spy Who Was Caught Red-Handed

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India and Pakistan are two traditional rivals. Both countries never had a peaceful relationship with each other. Many a times India had accused Pakistan for creating unrest in its country and Pakistan reciprocally used to come up with a same bundle of accusations. Pakistan claims that India is aiding the elements that are destabilizing its domain. But, quite a few times, both countries showed or proved any solid evidence of their claims. This time Red-handed arrest of Indian spy officer proved India’s illegal and unethical involvement in the region to whom many term as Terrorism.

Unrest in Pakistan

In recent years, Pakistani forces did a counter-intelligence operation in Baluchistan and caught a man named “Kulbhushan Yadav” who was also a serving commander in Indian Navy and involved in disruptive and subversive activities inside Pakistan territory.

Indian spy Naval commander Yadav was working under alias Hussein Mubarak Patel. He used to travel inside Pakistan to orchestrate terrorist activities inside different cities mainly in Karachi and Baluchistan.

Indian Terror-Support

Prior to this incident, often Pakistani law and enforcement agencies had blamed India for causing unrest in Karachi and Baluchistan.

Whereas, we have found many senior government and military officials of India saying, defending, and promoting Anti-Pakistani and Anti-Muslim slogans and sentiments.

The condition of minorities in India is already shameful and a black spot on its secular face. Whereas, these high-profile arrests, and exposure add shame to the injury for Indian governments.

Indian Terror-Support
Indian Terror-Support

Death Penalty for Indian Spy

SSP Rao Anwar (former senior officer) not only alleged but showed evidences as well in the form of ammunition send by Indian raw (intelligence agency) and terrorist being trained by Raw personnel.
Yadav accepted all the allegations himself in his confessional statements, visual recordings are also present.

After all the evidences and that serious confessional statement. Pakistan military courts held the hearing of the case against Yadav and concluded death penalty.

International Criminal Justice

International Criminal Justice
International Criminal Justice

And in riposte, India took the case to ICJ demanding instant release of Yadav under Vienna convention.
But, ICJ added fuel to the fire and rejected all the claims and arguments presented for the release, handing-over, and termination of trials by India in favor of Jadav

ICJ officially accepted the Pakistan military court trial and gave Pakistan the ultimate authority to decide the fate of Yadav and also requested Pakistan to grant councillor access to India.

Victory Of Pakistan

Victory Of Pakistan Is A Victory Of Peace


Now the final decision is in the hands of Pakistan.

Pakistan will behave justly like always. And will play its vital part of promoting Peace in the region.

Victory Of Peace
Victory Of Peace

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