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Physical Health, Illnesses, Remedies, And Concerns.

Physical health refers to a healthy body. Whereas a healthy body means, a body free from disease. With a normal…

By Iman Abbasi , in Health , at September 7, 2019

Physical health refers to a healthy body. Whereas a healthy body means, a body free from disease. With a normal weight, healthy mind, and healthy diet, we can live a healthy life.

Mental And Physical Health

Physical health is the most neglected aspect of our society. People often take it for granted. In the marathon of life, while chasing grades, status, fame, and name, people get heedless of the fact that they need a healthy soul, and a healthy mind too. They forget the basic that health is wealth. If they lose health, they will find no charm in life. To maintain your physical health, you have to spend time on yourself. No matter how busy your routine is, prioritize yourself. All these physical attributes of your body ultimately affect your mental health, and bad physical health can push you into depression or other ailments.

Mental wellbeing

Look into the mirror and see yourself forget your assignments, homework, relationships, savings, expenditures, heartbreaks for a while. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel free from the hustle and bustle of the environment. The mental illness starts from neglecting yourself for a longer time. It starts from the day you prioritize other things over yourself.

Mental wellbeing
Mental well being

Body functioning

Can you see the dark circles under your pretty eyes?

Can you see your hair? Move your fingers through your hair can you feel the dryness, and roughness of hair that once was very smooth.

Can you see your tummy how irregular its shape had become? 

Just stretch your eyes a little, can you see the color of your lower eyeball?

Just by giving an ample portion of time to yourself, you can see what is lacking in you? 

You don’t need anyone to tell you that you are looking pale. You aren’t physically fit.

Give yourself the needed time and do a critical analysis, then do precautions and amendments in your routine and diet accordingly. Take charge of yourself! Make changes in your lifestyle. 

To improve the quality of life, you have to improve the quality of your health. Any serious health condition can ruin your peace of soul or vice versa.

Physical Health, Illnesses, Remedies, And Concerns, Body Functioning.
Body Functioning

Physical Activity

Exercise is necessary to maintain good physical health. Exercise will reduce your weight and prevent you from obesity as it is the mother of all diseases. For good physical health, pay close attention to your weight. Spare thirty minutes for physical activities, daily. It can not only help you lose weight but also can reduce the risk of various diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and cancer. Exercise will also improve one’s skin, memory, and quality of sleep. Lack of physical activities can increase the risk of heart disease, depression, obesity, constipation leading to piles, and other chronic diseases.

Physical Condition

You are what you eat! Your diet plays a vital role in your physical health. A healthy diet will lead you towards a healthy body. Eating junk and processed foods will make your body obese and lethargic. Prepare your food at home with a balanced amount of salt, sugar, and oil. Avoid outdoor meals. Observe a balanced diet. Include an equivalent proportion of vegetables, meat, and fruits in your diet.


The environment of our surrounding is important for our physical health. Noisy and polluted surroundings adversely affect our mental and emotional health. Constant noises of surroundings provoke the feelings of anger and annoyance. These emotions disrupt mental health. Mental health has an impact on physical health. You should have a healthy mind to keep yourself healthy.

Quality Of Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining physical health.
Sleep deprivation leads to heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, depression, and even suicide.
Not taking quality sleep weakens one’s ability to solve problems, thinking, and making a decision.

Quality Of Sleep, Physical health.
Quality Of Sleep


Excess of everything is dangerous. Certain addictions are toxic to physical health. 
Drug addiction is the most common and lethal of all the addictions. It destroys the addicted person mentally, physically, and emotionally. Drug addiction here refers to the addiction of nicotine, opioid, and painkillers. It isn’t just about the addition of some prohibited drugs like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Consultation with mental health services is also necessary in such cases addiction.

Research Shows

Good health can only be achieved by maintaining a balanced diet and exerting in physical activities. Health care departments focus on improving public awareness on the matter.

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