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Don’t let life pass you by

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It is wise to live life to the fullest, so don’t let life pass you by. The day we are born, we inhibit the traits of struggle, from surviving in the race of sperm cells winning the race of fertilization to entering the world to face a series of challenges before even developing consciousness. Then, we learn how to get our fair share of attraction, affection, and obviously our lifeline, the food. We cry, weep, and laugh by looking at the face of beloved parents with a lot of unknown feelings. These feelings and relationships that humanity has not yet discovered and will take a lot of time to even account for their existence by paying attention to them.

So, we are all here on earth to live. The birth, in itself, is a message and manifestation of the spirit to survive, no matter what the circumstances are. During the hours of our mental growth especially, we look at our surroundings to understand life. When we are born, we are just like a clean new piece of iPhone 14 released from the factory, but something is more than that which is, we do not have an operating system as well.

We learn from our surrounding better than a crazy Artificial Intelligence powered device working on the principle of machine learning. All these pieces of information are hard coded to our being in the form of genetics and other hereditary traits and functions. So, we learn about how to understand life, and what it means to begin with. We also learn when to become angry, when not to, and when to celebrate or simply hide the event.

Don't let life pass you by
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It is essential to first choose the goals of life. secondly, it is of utmost importance to choose these goals wisely. And the irony is while choosing life goals we do not have enough information to choose our life goals intelligently. We rely on our environment and we are ready to not only accept the influence of our surroundings but a wide majority (according to my understanding, more than 90%) in fact opt for it as the only option.

It is not wise to live life the way others want us to or the way they promote us as the only. After all, they are just humans like we are and the cycle dates back to prehistoric times. In fact, much of our today’s psychology is the same as the first man would have had in the past. So, we are connected to our history in more ways than we consciously imagine.

Cutting long story short, a wide majority of people on earth who follow an Abrahamic faith believe that life started with Adam and Eve. And according to the Geometric growth or progression growth that seems to be the only few possibilities. Life started as few or in order words a pair and grew exponentially.

So, why not let life pass you by? what is the other possibility for us to live life? It is by finding a purpose in life and trying to accomplish that purpose. Most people get bored with their routine life and this happens when there is no end goal. An end goal defines and becomes a torch bearer of hope in tough times to help you and push you through the leaps and bounds of the time.

It is essential to not compare your life to others. There are tons of internal and external variables that influence the life of a person and any comparison can lead to horrendous consequences. It is essential to understand the role of everyone in life and never look down upon anybody. It is essential to show disapproval and even conflicts and disagreements, but it must not be based on variables of life but on principles.

These are the basic understandings that must work as the foundational block of the emotional and mental understanding of life and should govern the rest of your life. It is also essential never to stop learning, as we never stopped it during the period of unconsciousness to get where we are today.

And dont let life pass you by. Live it consciously, and do great things for yourself, and for your loved ones.

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