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Health Benefits of Dates

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Dates are sweet fruits of a date palm tree. It is scientifically known as Phoenix dactylifera popularly known as Khajoor in Urdu, Tawarikh in Arabic, and Palmier in French.

Types of Dates:

  • Barhi
  • Medjool
  • Dayri
  • Halawy
  • Deglet Noor
  • Hayani
  • Migraf
  • Iteema

Calories and Nutrient Content

  • One date contains about 20 calories.
  • It contains 0.03 grams fat, 5.33 grams carbohydrate, 0.6-gram dietary fiber, 4.5-gram sugar, 0.17-gram protein, 0.012 mg vitamins, and 0.07 mg iron.
Health Benefits of Dates - Health
Health Benefits of Dates

22 Proven Health Benefits of Dates

  1. Used for treating constipation. Its pulp stimulates gastrointestinal activity and helps in treating constipation.
  2. By eating a handful of dates every day will improve your heart health.
  3. It helps in regulating cholesterol and reliefs oxidative stress.
  4. As dates are rich in vitamin k, selenium, copper, and manganese so it improves your bone health.
  5. Potassium helps to regulate blood pressure.
  6. Enhances sexual health.
  7. It is used for treating diarrhea.
  8. It promotes brain health.
  9. Prevents the development of colon cancer.
  10. It boosts your energy levels because it contains sugar.
  11. It helps you to gain weight.
  12. Intake prevents night blindness.
  13. It prevents hemorrhoids during pregnancy.
  14. It prevents intoxication.
  15. Contains vitamin C and D which gives elasticity to your skin.
  16. It exhibits anti-aging effects.
  17. It prevents hair loss and promotes a healthy pregnancy.
  18. Prevents inflammation.
  19. Aid in treating Anemia and intestinal infections.
  20. It promotes muscle development.
  21. A source of antioxidants.
  22. It boosts your immune system.

Fresh Vs Dry Dates

Dried have double amount of carbohydrates, and it is a rich source of fiber. Dried also have a large amount of calcium. While fresh dates are rich in vitamin C.


This Fruit offers countless benefits for our health. It is a complete package of nutrients, our body needs. By eating a reasonable amount of dates, we can stay away from diseases. To change the flavor, we can stuff it with cream and dry fruits. Go Natural, to live a healthy lifestyle.

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