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Banana Diet

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Banana is the most valuable, healthy, and refreshing food. Apart from its great taste and richness in fiber, banana is a very popular healthy snack for fitness oriented athletes.

It is because it is sodium-free, fat-free, and cholesterol-free fruit that contains high-grade protein with essential amino acids sucrose, glucose, fructose, and potassium to boost energy.

Eating just two bananas can produce enough energy for an intense 90 minute workout.


How about losing weight quickly and without going hungry?

Proponents of the Banana Diet say that it is possible to lose weight-8 kg in one month or up to 18 kg in two months on this diet.

This all without restrictions on what you eat for lunch or dinner. 

There are few rules and there is a specific menu we will discuss later in this article.

Banana Diet
Banana Diet

Suggestions on Banana Diet

  • At breakfast, eat 1-4 bananas
  • Eat nothing until lunch time
  • We should take dinner until 8 pm and after dinner, we should consume nothing else until bedtime.

Will This Diet Work?

Yes! The banana is a fruit rich in fiber, both soluble and insoluble. The fiber in bananas prolongs satiety, leading people to eat less all naturally. The resistant starch fibers, when digested, produce substances that can increase the capacity of the body fat burning and also decrease the accumulation of it in the body.

Banana Calories and Nutrients

A banana is far from being considered a high-calorie food. It can have between 60-180 calories depending on size. The banana gold is the calorie, about 125 calories. Other bananas and silver as the dwarf contains about 90 calories. Adding bananas to your diet is not only great for boosting energy but also prevents you from many stomach diseases and boosts your immunity.

Fascinating Facts About The Natural Healing Power Of Bananas

Banana Diet
Healthy Bones
  • Bone health
    • contains high potassium benefits to muscles and helps promote bone health.
  • Brain power enhancing agents
    • more attentive, alert and Focused.
  • Relief in Constipation – High in fiber
    • Contain natural mood enhancement tryptophan that will make you feel relaxed and happier.
  • Digestion – Riper bananas help relieve diarrhea.
    • It helps calm the stomach and re-hydrate the body
  • Chest Burn
    • Acts as antacid
  • Heart disease
    • High-fiber foods help prevent heart disease
  • Calms the stomach and increases blood sugar levels.
    • Nerves–High in Vitamin B that calms the nervous system.
  • Overweight
    • To avoid panic-induced food cravings, control the blood sugar levels to keep the carving away.
  • Banana is stress releasing
    • Potassium helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain.
  • Guard against strokes
    • Reduce the risk of death from strokes by 40%.
Colorful life
Colorful life

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