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Vulgarity & Modernity Aren’t Chips of the Same Block

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Media has a great impact on the minds of people. People watch television for getting entertainment, information and sometimes both. Magic Bullet theory also assumes that the message fired via media weapon directly hits the mind of a viewer leaving a long-lasting impact. Drastic changes in the norms and values of our society since the past few decades are proof of it. People love to update themselves following the latest trends. They follow the latest fashion trends and lifestyle of their favorite celebrities. Be it vulgarity or modernity, whatever they will promote it will become a trend. Some of our celebrities need to know that vulgarity and modernity aren’t chips of the same block.

People who lack talent tries to be in the limelight by being part of the controversies.

We keep on watching criticism by fans on their favorite celebrities due to their inappropriate dressing or some other aspect of their lifestyle on social media. This thing goes on and on without any solution. People invest lots of time and energy for defending or fighting for their stance on some matter and their favorite stars don’t have time to read their names even. Social media is a trap. The fame which is supposed to be achieved with hard work, people are getting it over-night due to social media. That’s why people who lack talent tries to be in the limelight by being part of the controversies.

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Yasir Hussain proposed Iqra Aziz in the Lux Style Awards 2019 ceremony and they got engaged. He kissed Iqra Aziz publicly and people had a mixed reaction about his act. Some condemned it and some supported it. Hamza Ali Abbasi, a person who is against performing on item songs because according to him they promote vulgarity also supported them via tweet. He gave references from religious sayings also to support them.

Let’s talk about the difference between modernity and vulgarity without bringing religion into it.

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Majority of people in Pakistan are divided into two extremes; conservatives and liberals. Both are extremists. One is extra caring and the other one simply doesn’t care at all. No society in this world is crystal clear in fact no person in this world is crystal clear. But certainly, the difference between humans and animals are their limits. If one can’t understand the importance and respect of privacy then they are no less than animals.

Everyone is free to choose their lifestyle. Everyone is free to do whatever the hell or mess they want to do with their lives. No one will ever point a finger on them if they won’t make it public. Problem with our celebrities is that they want people to notice their acts. They want to stay in limelight all the time. And after getting a strong abusive reaction from the audience side they start talking about mental health. Excuse me, who asked to share that stuff publicly at first place? Or who asked you to become the center of attention at a public event? Another thing is that we are not living in the West. Your responsibility towards society increases when you are in a place where you are leading the crowd.

It’s better to use your stardom for bringing some positive change in society rather than promoting vulgarity.

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A famous quotation states: “With great power comes great responsibilities.” Celebrity is a person who is known by the majority. People are interested to know about them and their views. They eagerly follow what their favorite celebrity does or suggest. I am sure none of us want our future generations to live a life which is morally and ethically wrong by following the wrong role models. Doesn’t matter you are a religious person or not everyone is born with that basic sense to differentiate right and wrong. In fact, the basic concept of right and wrong, moral and immoral values is the same among all religions and societies of this world.

We can’t negate the fact that we live in a society where the majority of people are illiterate and conservative. When they see any university girl or boy behaving unethically in a public setting, they think their children especially daughters will bring disrespect by doing the same if they will be sent to some good university. This way act of two irresponsible people becomes the reason to deprive many of achieving their dreams and basic rights. Sometimes in order to open our door, we close the doors for many others. Our irresponsible celebrities need to understand it!

Doesn’t matter what a person is doing in his/her personal life, he/she must respect the norms and values of a society they are living in. Whatever lifestyle you adopt, you don’t need to expose it publicly. People must unfollow such attention seekers to make them realize their true worth. We don’t want our future generations to idealize people who don’t understand the worth of being a human and socially responsible citizen of this country.

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