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The sun always shines on the righteous

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The sun always shines on the righteous is a proverb that encourages people to hold righteousness. Have you ever struggled hard enough to get a thing and mastered the art of reaching your goal? If yes, you are the person who believes in righteousness. There are always opportunities for those who want to adopt a shortcut to reach their goal. And if you ever watch them succeeding, don’t lose hope and never turn down your righteous attitude.

Psychology studies the brain, its functions, and emotions. And it relates happiness to the mental and Psychological contentment and well-being of a person. If a person is psychologically content, only then does a person tastes true happiness. The mental state of a person is geared towards spiritual contentment and does not count the material wealth of a person. The sun always shines on the righteous. And you will be glorious, blessed, and winner only if you are a just person. Let’s deep dive into this notion by exploring the idea of happiness.

The sun always shines on the righteous
The sun always shines on the righteous

Happiness is a mental state of contentment that involves the stability of circumstances and no imminent threat. If a person wants to live a content life, then bad deeds can’t allow such exposure to satisfaction. The brain is an organ influenced by circumstances and accepts the effect of happiness and sorrows from the immediate people and environment. Have you ever felt sorrowful by hearing bad news and cheerful after receiving a piece of good news? If yes, this is an indication of how external elements are influencing your mental state. Have you ever felt the sorrows of other people by looking at their misery? If yes, then this means you are a normal human being.

All humans are genetically engineered to accept the impact of their surroundings. And they also want to do something that brings them acceptance, appreciation, and approval. Thus, opening a route from outside to one’s mind and happiness.

Sun always shines on the righteous

We spend most of our time with humans at home, work, or on vacations. And healthy relationships foster happiness. Happiness has the capability of radiating energy waves that affect everyone nearby. To bring contentment and happiness, take the initiative. Start a discussion about any positive news you read the last night or talk about upcoming great days. Speak with people the good way and try to reach them with good words and positive topics. Choose your topic of discussion wisely and approach them with a smile, a helping hand. Ask them about their day and what encourages them to stay motivated. And how they think about the positive experiences of their life.

The sun always shines on the righteous


Life rewards everyone differently. And the lives of people aren’t identical nor their sources of happiness. Everyone has a different role to play and exposure to life conditions. Thus, marking different parameters of happiness. And it all trickles down to happiness if you remunerate happiness in your surrounding. Righteousness has a greater impact even if it doesn’t improve the living conditions directly in terms of wealth. It does improve the quality of living and satisfaction.

The sun always shines on the righteous and equality
The sun always shines on the righteous and equality

Spiritual Benefits of the sun always shines on the righteous

All religions believe in the establishment of final hours and the say of resurrection. The notion of judgment by Almighty God is well-established in the religious scriptures, and God Almighty prioritizes right deeds over bad ones. God knows everything and will bless people on the day of judgment against all the odds they faced on earth. Additionally, God almighty blesses righteous people with the happiness of heart, and mental contentment, and satisfaction. The biology and chemistry of human feelings are controlled by an ultimate power we all know as God. And God loves his servants who are submissive and thankful to his ultimate blessings.

This world doesn’t offer equal rewards to every human, and it also pokes towards the importance of religion and spiritual definitions of life. Despite the historical human efforts, we haven’t been able to establish absolute equality on earth. 

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