Does amazon ship to Pakistan?

Everyone is asking does amazon ship to Pakistan? And the answer is quite complicated. There are certain sellers that ship Amazon products to Pakistan while others don’t ship to Pakistan. The majority, however, does ships products to Pakistan. There is no hard and fast rule for which types of products are delivered to Pakistan and which aren’t. Also, there is no definable or visible identity of stores or sellers that deliver products to Pakistan. However, on payment of extra delivery charges and additional delays, you can purchase almost any product from Amazon in Pakistan.

There is one essential thing to understand behind this phenomenon of Amazon shipping products not on a priority basis to Pakistan. Amazon usually sells Chinese products and these products are readily available in Pakistan. The only feature that is currently missing from the Pakistani market is the business model or structure of Amazon and this provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs of Pakistan to earn money online using digital marketing in Pakistan. If any company provides fast delivery service, it products could be equivalent to the quality of Amazon products.

Does amazon ship to Pakistan
Does amazon ship to Pakistan

The sellers that usually sell or deliver in Pakistan are those who are from Pakistan and sell products on Amazon around the globe. And not all Pakistani sellers deliver Amazon products in Pakistan but those who have a warehouse in Pakistan or are doing a separate business in Pakistan in the same products and as soon as they receive an order on Amazon, they deliver it locally. Additionally, Chinese seller also deliver products to Pakistan. So now you know the answer to Does amazon ship to Pakistan?

How to buy from amazon in Pakistan?

Yes, you can buy from Amazon in Pakistan and Amazon does ship products to Pakistan. To buy products on Amazon, you first need to create an account on Amazon. Creating an Amazon account is simple, just like any email sign-up with few additional details sometimes. Once you have created your account, you can proceed to billions of products on amazon. To check if the seller delivers it to Pakistan or not, all you need to do is click on your desired product.

As Amazon knows your country of registration, it will indicate right below the product image if the product will be delivered to Pakistan or not. Additionally, more and more products will be available for sale in Pakistan shortly as Amazon has announced the placement of its warehouses in Pakistan. There is another way of purchasing Amazon products in Pakistan.

How much does Amazon charge for shipping to Pakistan?

Amazon ships products to Pakistan via a Global delivery system. We researched our end and found that the shipping price for most of the products is more than double the amount of products themselves. And here is a sample product from our research. This simple food tray [Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet, 2-Pack, Silver] is available on Amazon for around 13.75$. And a bundle of two is costing 27.50$. See the image herewith for more details, click to enlarge the image.

Does amazon ship to Pakistan? 1
Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet, 2-Pack, Silver.

Also look at the price breakdown below. You pay 119$ for a 28$ product. And you spend more than 75% on shipping fees.

Does amazon ship to Pakistan? 2
shipping cost of amazon products to Pakistan

Amazon charges a Global Shipping fee while exporting anything to Pakistan. Additionally, it also charges an additional fee in terms of the estimated import fee. Thus making products delivery more expensive than the product itself. One can imagine the hurdles and problems in cases of product return, breakage, or refund. As these costs have to be paid beforehand, the risk and damages are to be bored by the purchaser.

How much time does it take for an amazon product to reach Pakistan?

It takes on average, three weeks to four weeks for an amazon product to reach Pakistan. Additionally, it also varies from seller to seller as not all products on Amazon are sold by the company itself. These are usually other freelancers or businesspeople selling products as an FBA or Private Seller.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
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