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A clock is called a High Tech Time Measure machine if the least count of a clock is 1 Millisecond. It means that the least count of a high tech time measure device will yield a value in 0.001 format. Such results are achievable in digital clocks only. As for analog clocks such a speed and precision is not possible. There are certain elements that will reduce the functionality of an analog clock especially friction.

Usually our time measuring devices can measure time in seconds. A typical wall clock yields time in seconds. The term second can be mathematically represented as 1 second. However, stopwatches can measure a small time as such as 0.1 second. Stopwatches are also referred as mechanical stopwatches. And a mechanical stopwatch can measure a time interval up to a minimum of 0.01 seconds. And a digital stopwatch can measure time in 0.001 second format.

High Tech Time Measure - stopwatch
High Tech Time Measure – stopwatch

What we call a clock that can measure time as lower as 0.0001 second? There is no such watch or wall clock at the moment that can measure time as low as 0.0001 seconds. However, a computer clock can measure time much lower than this count of a second.

In fact scientists have measured time up to a smallest measure called Zeptosecond. It was recorded and published in the Science journal by a group of scientists from Goethe University in Germany. They measured the time it takes a photon to pass a hydrogen molecule, which is roughly 247 zeptoseconds, making it the smallest time span ever successfully recorded. A Zeptosecond is 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001.

High Tech Time Measure

To have a look at how a High Tech Time Measure device would function, have a look at this stopwatch. This stop watch can measure time accurately up to as lower count as 0.001th of a second. Its a digital stopwatch, and you can find such a watch here. The fastest domino effect recorded in a domino toppling world record is 0.711 centimeter per millisecond. You can check that mesmerizing record following this link.

High Tech Time Measure
High Tech Time Measure

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