How to Lose Weight?

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People are now much concerned about how they look. They want weight loss for several reasons. Some just want to look beautiful whereas, some are more concerned about their overall health. Any of these reasons can motivate them to set on a journey of weight loss.

Due to a lot of information related to weight loss on internet it gets harder for audience to decide which information can help them to attain their desired goals. Dietitians are running their groups successfully on various social media platforms. You will see a lot of people especially women engaged on these platforms sharing their success stories and getting feedback from people. Some people also complain that certain formulas of weight loss does not work when they try it. 

Weight Loss

Any specific diet plan is not for all body types.

Besides that, there is a group of people wanting some magic to happen in 10 days. They are more curious to know how they can get rid of all their body fat in a span of few days or a month. A very famous idiom says: “Easy come, easy go” meaning anything which can be achieved easily goes easily too. Shortcut towards success often leads to a long-term failure. 

Success has no shortcuts. First thing people need to understand is that not everyone has same body type. One diet plan is not an ultimate solution to everyone’s problem. Secondly, dieting is not starving. There is a huge difference between dieting and starving.

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Diet Chart

If you want to set your diet chart just don’t try any random one from the internet. No one can help you the way a certified nutritionist can. Body type, medical history or any current ailment requires consideration while designing a perfect diet plan and no one can do it better than a certified nutritionist.

Weight Loss Applications

People have also installed health related application in their smart phones. These applications are good way to check calories count and workout duration but they are not a substitute of nutritionist’s advice in terms of food consumption. Just to make it clearer, if you are a cancer patient you can’t cure yourself simply by looking at the methods on internet or downloading some mobile application. 

You would need to visit a doctor who would suggest you medicine keeping in mind the stage of your disease and other health related issues. Same is the case when you need to design a diet plan for weight loss.  

Weight Loss Tips

Tips for Weight Loss
  • God has created different items to eat for a reason. Excess of everything is bad. When you consume same food item such as chicken or meat for several days even by mixing it with other food items is not a right practice. Eat different vegetables, fruits and cereals too. Beat your food addiction to beat your weight gain.
  • You can have craving for food anytime and anywhere. To satisfy that hunger always keep some healthy food such as dry fruits with you.
  • Eat healthy food but in a balanced way. Overeating healthy food can also put all your effort in vain.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Drinking water can help you boost your metabolism. Drink water before taking a meal also avoid drinking water right after having a meal. 
  • Prefer boiled egg over fried egg. Don’t consume food items cooked in excessive oil.
  • Drink green tea after an hour of every meal.
  • Cut down white sugar from your diet. You can consume your required sugar needs from fruits and dry fruits.
  • If somebody offers you a junk food start moving your head right and left horizontally and repeat this process unless that person takes away that offering. 
  • Say a big no to all soda and sugary drinks. You can replace them with fresh fruit juices or lemon water.
  • Last but not the least, you need to bring certain reforms in your lifestyle. Having enough sleep on the right time is as important as exercise or any other strategy for weight loss. Similarly, you should set your proper timings for having different meals. Try your best not to eat anything after 8 pm. Take out some time from your busy lifestyle for exercise.

Weight Loss Exercises

Football Video Game

Advancement in technologies have revolutionized our lifestyle in both positive and negative way. Play grounds are waiting for people whereas, people are waiting in the line to enter any area with lots of video games. Seeing people playing football with their hands rather than legs is alarming!

Exercises for Weight Loss

Any physical activity you adopt to burn calories which was previously not part of your normal routine is exercise. Scrolling through the internet you will see thousand of suggested exercises for weight loss. It becomes hard to decide which way to go when you have so many options. Just like a diet plan, every exercise is not for all body types. You need guidance from some professional in this case also.

When you don’t like to do something, but you must do it for a certain purpose, you feel burdened. You start that thing with this motivation that no matter what you will remain consistent. But with the passage of time you lose interest and eventually you will end it by give up on that thing. It happens because instead of asking ourselves our priority we decide to seek help from those who knows nothing about us and our interests. It is not always important to follow certain exercises for weight loss from YouTube which we are not interested in.

Here is the list of those forgotten games and activities which were not only best exercises but also great source of joy for players in the past:

Forgotten Games for Weight Loss
  • Walking or Jogging: Walking or jogging is the one of the best way to burn extra calories. One must dedicate at least 30 minutes to this activity daily to lose weight slowly but with least chances of gaining it back suddenly.
  • Football: If you play football three times a week for one hour you can lose at least 2 pounds of weight in a month.
  • Basketball: Basketball is a great workout which can help you to reduce body fats especially belly fats.
  • Badminton: You can burn many calories using this sport. You will see its significant results on your body within a span of month.
  • Cycling: It is one of the best exercise to tone up your belly, thighs and hips. It also results in overall weight loss.
  • Running: Running is a great exercise. People with certain health issues related to heart or those who have gone under some surgery recently must avoid it.
  • Hopscotch: It is one of the best activities for kids of growing age. This activity might not be much effective for weight loss, but it will help in preventing weight gain.
  • Swimming: Swimming also burns calories, so it can also help you to reduce your weight.
  • Skipping Rope: Skipping a rope for one minute can burn 10 calories on average. It can help you to reduce weight up to 2 pounds a month if you practice this game half an hour every day.
  • Dancing: You can burn around 400 calories by dancing for one hour. This exercise can help you to lose almost 2 pounds a week.


The need of balanced diet along with the workouts mentioned above can’t denied. Selecting your hobby as an exercise can reduce risk of giving up on hard work for weight loss. Balanced diet and exercise goes side by side for a weight loss journey. Their joint venture can do wonders.  

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