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How Solar Energy In Pakistan Will Power up the future?

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Pakistan is a country rich in natural resources. Solar Energy In Pakistan is an alternative to old-school electricity generation procedures and projects. The world is growing towards sustainable energy resources. It is noteworthy that many developed countries are using non-renewable energy resources, including the United States of America. We are all aware that the USA backed out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement under Trump’s administration. And, the USA has no limit of resources as it has colonies around the globe.

The sun shines over the territories of Pakistan throughout the year. Pakistan has two deserts in Punjab and Sindh and a province in Baluchistan that receives sunlight as often as nowhere in the world. The opportunities of deploying Solar Systems in Pakistan are endless.

There are dozens of ongoing projects of Solar Energy, Hydropower, and wind Power In Pakistan. And the country is already investing in eco-friendly electricity generation. However, around 5% of electricity generation is from renewable electricity generation projects. Fossil fuels generate a hefty 60%+ electricity in Pakistan, followed by Hydropower at 24%.

Solar Energy In Pakistan 2021
Solar Energy In Pakistan 2021

What are the challenges in adopting Solar Energy in Pakistan?

The government of Pakistan has shown its interest in investment in solar energy. However, solar energy panels are expensive, and the country can’t afford them at the moment. The cost of production of a solar panel is meager compared to its sale price due to the monopoly of big corporations. As time passes, the solar panel manufacturing industry will improve, and the cost of solar panels will also reduce due to an increase in competition. And cost reduction will allow the governments to purchase these alternative energy solutions or manufacture them locally.

Is there any Solar energy industry in Pakistan?

No, there isn’t any solar panel or solar energy manufacturing industry in Pakistan. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been losing previously-had industries due to foreign invasion in Afghanistan and unrest in Pakistan. Pakistan has lost trillions of dollars during this invasion.

Should Pakistan rush towards installing renewable energy resources?

No, Pakistan should not invest in these purchase-and-install solutions anymore. International corporations and business owners invest in “research works.” And not every researcher and research work are credible, trustworthy, and honest. There are hundreds and thousands of case studies lying under the burden of lies, deception, and fake information that we can’t even imagine. Only solutions that don’t create another tale of mess, we should opt.

Pakistan should start relying on “national experts” that aren’t influenced and brainwashed. Although, it is valuable to shift towards less damaging energy resources, but not at the cost of foreign debts that are putting people to death, mass starvation, and undernourishment.

It is also essential to draw your attention to European plastic production and shipment to Asian countries. Countries like the USA and the UK send their plastic waste to China, India, and Pakistan. Every year during the excavation of minerals, thousands of tons of harmful nuclear wastage creates hazardous situations.

Coal Energy In Pakistan
Coal Energy In Pakistan | Non-renewable energy source.

One of the benefits of CPEC also includes the solutions to the energy crisis in Pakistan. The importance of technology is inevitable, and as we lack in the sector, China is helping Pakistan. This technology fusion in Pakistan is helping the country excel in many sectors. 

Completed Solar Energy Projects in Pakistan

Solar Energy Projects Energy CapacityProject LocationCompletion Date
1M/s QA Solar Pvt. Ltd.100Bahawalpur, Quaid-a-Azam Solar Park.July, 2015
2M/s Appolo Solar Pakistan Ltd.100 Bahawalpur, Quaid-a-Azam Solar Park. May, 2016
3M/s Crest Energy Pakistan Ltd.100 Bahawalpur, Quaid-a-Azam Solar Park. July, 2016
4M/s Best Green Energy Pakistan Ltd.100 Bahawalpur, Quaid-a-Azam Solar Park. July, 2016
5Harappa Solar Pvt. Ltd.18SahiwalOct, 2017
6AJ Power Pvt. Ltd.12Pind-Dadan KhanDec, 2017
Completed Solar Energy Projects in Pakistan

Under-Construction Solar Energy Projects in Pakistan

1Asia Petroleum Limited30Bahalwalnager, Punjab
2ET Solar (Pvt.) Ltd.50Fateh Jang, Attock
3Siddiqsons Solar Ltd50Kalar Kahar, Chakwal
4Lalpir Solar Limited12Mehmood Kot, Muzafargarh
5Janpur Energy Limited                  12Sultanabad, Rahim Yar Khan
6ACT Solar (Pvt.) Ltd.50Thatta, Sindh
7ET Solar (Pvt.) Ltd.25Thatta, Sindh
8R.E. Solar II Pvt. Ltd.20Dadu, Sindh
9R.E. Solar I Pvt. Ltd.20Dadu, Sindh
10IPS Solar Park – SB 24 Pvt. Ltd.50Nooriabad, Sindh
11IPS Solar Park- JA 23 Pvt. Ltd.50Nooriabad, Sindh
12IPS Solar Park- IPS 22 Pvt. Ltd.50Nooriabad, Sindh
Under-Construction Solar Energy Projects in Pakistan

How can we use solar energy in Pakistan?

We can use solar energy in Pakistan on an individual basis. The solar energy that a single panel generates is enough for lighting up a complete home. Now, the government of Pakistan also pays back if we add additional energy back to the national grid. New digital electrical meters are capable of measuring our contribution to the national grid.

What is the cost of Solar Panel in Pakistan?

A base cost of 5000 rupees per 150 watts applies. Now, if you need a 300 watts panel, calculate it for yourself. It would be 150*2=300, and the cost will be 5000*2 = 10,000.

Can you run an Inverter AC Run on Solar Power?

Solar panels can power anything and everything. However, they are costly renewable energy resources. As we told you that per 150 watts of electricity generation, you have to spend 5000 rupees. 1-ton AC requires 2kW of electricity, and you will have to purchase a panel that can give an output of 2000 watts. 14150 for a single panel or 7300 for a double panel solar panel. The cost of the panels reaches 70,000 pkr. However, you will have to purchase batteries and pay installation charges summing up this venture to around 160,000 rupees.

Efforts for installation of Solar Energy In Pakistan

Pakistan has some of the highest insolation, with eight to nine hours of sunshine per day. Pakistan has an ideal climatic condition for solar power generation. However, the country is lagging in adopting the technology.
Pakistan has solar panels installed in its various areas of Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan. Initiatives by the Japan International Cooperation, the International Renewable Energy, Chinese companies, and Pakistani private sector energy companies are progressive.

Additionally, there are initiatives and facilitation schemes by banks like Meezan Bank Solar Funds etc, that are encouraging people to adopt solar energy. Pakistan aims to build the world’s largest solar power park in the Cholistan Desert, Punjab, the Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Park (QASP) with a 1 GW capacity. It can power around 320,000 homes per year.

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