Importance of Technology in Our Life

The world is emerging in technology and is keen on adopting technological advancements for the known history. The majority of humans acknowledge the importance of technology. However, the adoption of technology requires a systematic approach for extensive benefits. Most of the time, countries lag in the adoption of technological advancement due o its expensiveness. It is therefore essential to reduce the cost of technology equipment, processes, and adoption.

Importance of technology is well known :)
Importance of technology is well known 🙂

Technology is the adoption of scientific methods in the industry. Thus, all the big giants like GoogleFacebookAppleTeslaTechCrunch, and NASA are the embodiment of technological advancement. There are six denominations of Technology, i-e Natural sciencesEngineering and TechnologyMedical and health sciencesAgricultural SciencesSocial scienceHumanities.

The most dominant aspect of technology that in one way or another interacts and facilitates all the areas is Information Technology. Information technology is the use of the computer to save, retrieve, transmit, or manipulate data. This type of data usage and manipulation is efficiently in use nowadays in almost every sector of life.

How important is Nano technology?
How important is Nano technology?

The sectors of the world are battling in their try to excel in the field of science and technology. Since the start of this century, citizens are investing more in the education sector. And this expenditure isn’t abnormal or unattended but is alienated because of the inclination of governments, industries, and other professional enterprises towards Information Technology. Competing with the global standards in the 21st-century requires improvement at a higher pace.

Importance of Technology in Medicine

The World specializes in the production of various types of medical goods. The production of medical equipment produces a lot of revenue for several countries and health benefits for other countries. Many countries earn by import and export of medical equipment, medicine, and related services. We cannot neglect the importance of technology in the medical industry. Technological advancement has reduced the cost of medical equipment, research, and medicines. Businesses are competing in the international market for decades based on extraordinary quality and lower prices, thanks to technology.

Save lives. by adopting Information Technology. Be Nice to others.
Save lives. by adopting Information Technology. Be Nice to others.

In 2015, the total value of US exports to 49 global health security priority countries exceeded $308 billion.

Pakistan exports more than $2 Billion of eye-care products every year. The total medical-goods export climbs up a figure of $3.5 Billion.

Performance in Medical Technology around the Globe.

Leading countries of the world are growing at an astonishing rate in the field of technology. It is not only a claim if we consider technological advancement as the only performance indicator. Countries like the USARussiaChina are excelling based on their technical authority over others. Additionally, the field of medical sciences is no exception when we talk about the advancement of technology in these countries.

medical technology.
medical technology.

World leaders are excelling in medical technology. However, third-world countries are lagging. Medical Industry requires massive investments in research and development followed by infrastructure and a basic framework for production. Third-world countries can’t fund medical ventures using their financial reserves. Therefore these countries rely on foreign and local investments to increase their pace of work and the usage of capabilities.

Unfortunately, third-world countries lack basic health infrastructure for a majority of their population. Information Technology (IT) resources in the medical sector can improve the overall world health condition with speedy, secure, and effective management, as most third-world countries face management-dilemma.

The world health regulatory bodies should improve their laws and implementation globally to fit 21st-century global needs. Asian countries can expand their influence in the international market as both raw material and labor are locally available at a low cost. The medical research centers operating under the government have to increase their capacity to meet international standards. The governments should also increase the allocated fund for the Information Technology regulatory bodies to attract investors. 

Importance Of Technology in the field of Medical Sciences

The world’s population is increasing, so the pollution, resources shrinkage, and the consequences of bad management. The problems are growing, so are the demands for healthcare facilities. Without an increase in the pace of Medical research and infusion with technology, humans will face pandemics. While we were writing this article world didn’t know about Covid-19, but now while we are updating this post, the world faces a pandemic.

Human Genome and Technology
Human Genome and Technology

There is a lack of integration of Information Technology (IT) and the Medical sector that may lead to challenging circumstances. Multi-national companies have invested in the field and are making huge revenue. However, proper taxation and a low-profit percentage on pharmaceutical goods can help everyone. The tax collected by the pharmaceutical industry should be used for technological inventions and research in the field only. The provision of cheap and excessive medical facilities is necessary, especially for countries with low income per capita like African countries, India, Pakistan, Mexico, and Cyprus.
The world is facing its worst pandemic ever, and it raises concerns for everybody. It is a dire need to rearrange the priorities and keep Medical, Health, Safety, Education, and Food on top.

Suggestions And Future of Medical And Technology Integration.

Health is a gift of God. Eat healthy food. Always track your eating habits. Get in touch with an expert. Prepare a diet plan according to your needs. Keep your food light and green. Reduce junk food or try to avoid it. Track all your activities using IT modules empowered by Android, Mac, and other devices. Technology can play an important role on an individual level. Make sure you are adopting the technology for the sake of goodness and progress. 

Future of Technology
Future of Technology

Medical technology includes the production of medical equipment, which may consist of ECG machines, Stents, and other Medicare goods. Technological advancement not only improves the techniques but also reduces the cost and creates ease of access. The importance of technology can be well observed during Covid-19 and the post-pandemic world.


Abdullah Ali Abbasi

Although humanity has earned a lot of advancement in the medical industry, it’s not up yet. The technology has ample space available to embrace innovation. Scholars globally are coming up with great ideas that are very easy to implement and friendly on taxpayers’ accounts.
Suggestions May Include

Importance of Technology in Military!

Military technology serves an essential role in the survival of nations in the growing competition and hostility. Since the first generation of humans, the conflict gets down from heated conversations to war. Therefore, humans have always invested heavily throughout their history in warfare and related technology. The world has witnessed the epitome of hostility during the first and second World Wars. The conflicts have grown ever since. However, the cold war is the new world’s norm.

Military technology involves all the major categories of technology for a better understanding and importance of strategic frontiers. Computer modeling, the formation of reports mathematically geared to create prototypes to avoid cost wastage, and then a computer-aided representation of behaviors is all we do under the domain of technology.

Military equipment and importance of technology
Military equipment and scope of technology.

Throughout human history, we have spent a portion of our budget on military-strength developments. The military technological advancements are the elitist ones. Nations are increasing their stronghold over military technology equipment like fighter aircraft, battle tanks, submarines, howitzers, and ammunition. Armed forces have the latest military technologies fully integrated with technological masterpieces.

The growing Global tension, monopoly of businesses, century-old cold war, and financial interests restrict the integration or distribution of technologies. Restrictions often carry unfortunate effects on the overall economic condition of target countries.

Fighter Jet plane technology
Fighter Jet plane technology. Fly above sky. Stay motivated. Be patient.

Performance in Military Technology around the Globe.

The world is growing fastest in the field of military technology. Countries like China, Russia, the USA, Korea, Pakistan, India, and Egypt are investing heavily in military advancement. The importance of the military is so high that every country invests heavily in it.

Some of the recent technology masterpieces include heat sensing technologies, image processing technologies, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence with military appliances. Other technologies include world-class missile systems like the Russian air defense systems and Pakistani nuclear weapons. 

SpaceX is working on future technological advancements of space missions and the commercialization of the interstellar journey. These projects are using military-grade information processing made possible by computations on computers.

NASA‘s moon missions are historical events in the field of technology and the Military. We can understand the importance of technology in the Military by the hefty budget allocations globally.

NASA technology
NASA technology

Importance Of Technology in the field of Military

Artificial Intelligence will take over military operations in the future. The recent war between Armenia and Azerbaijan involved the use of Artificial Intelligence. The advantage of artificial intelligence is precision. The precision reduces collateral damage and civilian engagements.

The world is manufacturing and building several high-quality military equipment and modules. There is potential in the field, and countries like the USA and Russia are already making trillions. Have you ever thought about why it’s necessary to have a military? Enviousness, Hostility, and anger are the elements that can blind humans in the worst-case scenario. Groups, Gangs, and Countries see militarism as the only way out.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

The world is now under the rule of combined military efforts. Militaries charge for their services and protect citizens. However, in the past, the services were provided by considerably small groups without any discipline. There were many groups instead of any singularity, and the chances of conflict were much higher. In the modern world, the possibility of war based on minor problems is probably less. Additionally, the advanced military world now relies on cold-war military doctrine.

The adoption of modern Technology can bring second and third-world countries to frontiers of peace. And the rest of the world can take advantage of conflict-free mobility, economic ties, and cheap raw material and craftsmanship.

Suggestions And Future of Military And Technology Integration.

Military advancement is a need of our century. The integration of technology in the military industry can bring positive results. The civil Economy sees considerable advancement due to military research. It also helps advancement in other areas of life. Military research facilitates Industrial processes, reduction in material wastage, alternate technologies, universe exploration, and many other constructive affairs of life.

Military Personnel technology
Military Personnel technology

How can countries advance in their development

The best option is to improve the syllabus and teaching quality of developing countries. Developing countries often don’t have enough funds to invest in research, which leads to a phase of continuous loss. It is essential to bring the sections of the world closer for improved harmony, understanding, and diversity.

Developed countries should encourage under-developed country students to attend courses. Passively these students can help by teaching and information sharing with their communities. As this phase is lengthy and needs state sponsorship and appropriate legislation, developed countries should emphasize distant learning programs. Additionally, following facilitations can help in growth:

  • State ownership and political support.
  • Inauguration of ways to Artificial Intelligence.
  • Space technology.

Importance of Technology in Education

Education is a driving force in every sector of our life. Nations excel only based on educational excellence. However, there is a great importance of technology in the educational sector. Today most of the leading educational institutions rely on modern technology to teach their students and evaluate their performance. Have you ever thought about how the 21st century has brought us to the height of educational excellence? It’s all due to advanced learning and the involvement of technology in almost every sector of our life.

Education and Importance of Technology
Education and scope of technology.

What is the importance of technology in education?

The answer to this question is simple. The adoption of technology allows us to access modern techniques, research papers, and proven points of view. Everyone knows how Google and other search engines are shaping our learning style. Now it is just a matter of few keyboard strikes to learn the solution to challenging questions.

Do you want to know if your understanding of a query or topic is correct or incorrect? YouTube can help you learn challenging concepts. There are thousands of experts and tutors delivering lectures on YouTube and other media outlets. Such ease was unknown to our ancestors. A couple of years ago, the internet was slow, and there was little to no content available.

Education and YouTube
Education and YouTube

However, with passing days, the online spaces are getting stronger. Improvement is due to the access of people to advanced technologies. The technology is improving, and now we have personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, and WIFI devices that have improved our connections. Television was once the only mode of information and entertainment, but now we have hundreds and thousands of online platforms like Netflix, Facebook, Hard Hour, and LinkedIn.

Performance in Education and Technology around the Globe.

During 2019 Covid-19 started hitting many countries simultaneously. The business and educational sectors around the globe stopped providing services and facilities. Soon it started taking over the entire world and
president of the united stated Donald Trump declared Covid-19 a global pandemic.

The world started embracing and spending more of its time on online platforms like social media. Once Covid-19 grew beyond expectations, the need for technology sore to its new heights in every sector of life. The educational sector was the first to participate and conduct its activities online as soon as the pandemic hit. Teachers and students, for the very first time in human history, started engaging online. Google Classroom and Zoom took over the entire world.

The usage of technology in the educational industry involved various sectors. The sale of mobile phones and laptops increased, and internet usage also scored a new height around the globe. We can measure the importance of technology in not the educational sector alone but other areas of life as well. There exists no doubt that technology connected us in these hard hours, and the world continued to live and fulfill needs due to the involvement of technology.

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world at a high pace. Educational sectors need to adopt modern learning. An introduction to Artificial Intelligence at the appropriate age is necessary. So students may stop fanaticizing and misunderstanding the technology and learn ways to interact and improve the technology.

Importance of Technology in the field of Education

As we are discussing about the importance of technology over and over again, it is important to mention that all these technological advancements are due to education. If any country wants to improve the capacity and understanding of their students, they should adopt modern educational techniques.

To think technologically, one needs to have a strong understanding of modules of technology. If we have to produce a sketch, unlike the old days where it took a couple of months to sketch it, we can use the technology and draw computer-aided designs. Do we want to calculate the results of a complex equation? It shouldn’t take hundreds of days standing in long queues waiting for our turn. Now we can perform mathematical tasks and complete lengthy equations in little to no time.

Importance of Technology in Education Industry
Importance of Technology in Education Industry

To understand and use the technology, one has to go through practicing it for perfection. And to learn the in-depth ideas, exploring any program or algorithm is necessary. Therefore, the educational system should facilitate the operations for technological advancement and capacity building of students.

Suggestions And Future of Education And Technology Integration.

The educational system is lagging in every aspect of student facilitation and nourishment. Some students are drawing the attention of policymakers to the problems in the educational system. There are horrific shortcomings in the training of teaching staff and the laboratory equipment. The syllabus teaches material that does not help us in real life, and students are wasting their time memorizing things instead of understanding them.

Einstein once said there is no need to memorize information that we can find written in books. The priorities of the educational system look like they are teaching students literature instead of science. Scientific education contains historical experiences and innovations that are not complex machines anymore and doesn’t teach us any lesson that is beneficial for future explorations of the scientific world. Therefore, it is essential to bring reforms to the educational system.

Future of technologies
Future of technologies and scope of technology

Importance of Technology in Textile.

Today we are capable of making magnificent designs and masterpieces. We are capable of creating multiple designs, calculate the usage of material, wastage, and safety all because of technology. Textile or clothing industry is not an exception when it comes to the importance of technology. The technology has made our lives more colorful by offering us a variety of outfits.

The world produces high-quality fashion wears and material needed for the production of high standard fabrics. The industry is already producing on-demand clothes and fabrics for international brands. Asian countries like Pakistan exported USD 3803 Million Textile goods, USD 3497 Million Cotton, USD 2347 Million knitted clothing, and USD 2253 Million Non-Knitted clothing last year to the European countries. Pakistan is the exporter of clothing items to countries like the USA, Russia, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom, Netherlands and other countries. The list of textile exporters include countries like Bangladesh, India, China, and Sri Lanka.

imortance of technology in Textile
importance of technology in Textile

Performance of Textile Technology around the globe

Countries are making huge money through the textile industry. They have adopted modern techniques, on-time product delivery mechanisms, and good quality to increase their revenue. All their efforts are paying them back in the form of increased foreign reserves. The population is growing, and so the burden on the textile industry. However, the scope of the textile industry is way beyond imagination.
The clothing industry is evolving every day.

Importance of Technology in Textile
Importance of Technology in Textile

Big corporations are investing sums of money in textile research. We need to improve technology and find alternative solutions to problems like energy crisis, less dependence on natural resources, and least reliance on non-renewable energy resources. Additionally, it is important to reduce the cost of clothing and housing to improve the overall living style of world’s population.

Suggestions And Future of Textile Technology

We all wear clothes, and with the dawn of the 21st century, the fashion industry has made it a norm for us to buy fashion outfits. The purchase frequency of buying an attire is touching its peak ever in history. We researched why people chase fashion trends and how frequently they buy outfits? On average, we purchase one piece of clothing per month.

Technology-based applications like FacebookTikTok, and snack video are also playing a crucial role in trendsetting. Hence the future of the textile industry is bright. People won’t stop wearing clothes, taking blankets, and hanging curtains in the known future. Therefore it is essential to improve the technology involved in textile manufacturing. We can improve the output of industry by following below listed suggestions.

  • No Power Failure or Break down for the Textile industry.
  • Reduction of taxes or competitive tax-rate with the neighboring countries.
  • Formation of ministry and budget allocation for research.
  • Less or Duty-free ports with improved organizational structure.
  • Low tax-duty on industrial equipment import.

Importance of Technology in Agriculture.

The world runs on agricultural outcomes. The importance of agriculture is well established for the known human history. We all know how we can never live a single day without relying on agricultural products. Here we are discussing both livestock and agriculture simultaneously as both are interrelated.

In the previous centuries, the yield of crops was low as compared to the present day. There used to be continuous spells of droughts and famine. Dying from starvation and hunger was a fact for people living in deserts and war-torn areas. The scarcity of food was a common phenomenon.

Importance of Technology in Food Industry
Importance of Technology in Food Industry

However, scientists kept investigating the agricultural industry. Field visits, sample collection, and performance of the various test was a daily routine for most of them. Scientists innovated pesticides, fertilizers, new sowing, and harvesting techniques. The industry adopted the usage of technological means to orchestrate news and information vital for farmers.

Technology changed the way we live and is improving our overall life experience better by each passing day. We are now more than ever self-sufficient in the food industry. Our agricultural efforts have reduced wastage and improved the yield percentage by many times.

Performance in Agriculture Technology around the Globe

Every sector of our life is excelling in technology. Agricultural research is helping innovate new methods and patterns of crops yield. Here world bank’s point of view is hopeful about the future of Agriculture.

Agricultural development is one of the most powerful tools to end extreme poverty, boost shared prosperity and feed a projected 9.7 billion people by 2050. Growth in the agriculture sector is two to four times more effective in raising incomes among the poorest. Analyses in 2016 found that 65 percent of poor working adults made a living through agriculture.

importance of technology in agriculture
importance of technology in agriculture

Agricultural fields require extensive hardships, care, and time expenditure. Authorities give less attention to the agriculture industry around the globe. However, the unions of farmers play a positive role in attracting the government.

Nevertheless, the adoption of modern technology brings positive changes, and farmers are investing regularly. This implies that the future is sustainable for farmers and people related to the industry.

Importance of Technology in the field of Agriculture

If you want to run a successful business, the crucial area is demand and supply chain. The demand for food is at an all-time high, the population is growing, and the load of the agricultural industry. The growth in demand and shortage in supply or tight schedules indicate the potential. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to introduce reforms in the agricultural industry throughout the world. It is also essential to digitalize the business for improved business opportunities.

Importance of Technology in Agriculture Industry
Importance of Technology in Agriculture Industry

According to Business of International Settlement (BIS), the global agriculture economy is expected to reach $23 billion. So by exerting in the field and with the available manpower, countries can generate huge revenue. And with the technological advancement we can create thousands of jobs for locals and international workers.

Suggestions And Future of Agriculture Technology

There are several universities teaching agricultural-innovation, food security, and improved-harvesting techniques. However, there is room available for improvement. In the past, governments introduced several systems to modernize the agricultural sector. The country has adopted internationally recognized models. Still, there is a need to introduce reforms to make use of its potential.

Importance of Technology in Agriculture
Importance of Technology in Agriculture
  • Medicinal Crops Cultivation.
  • Researchers and Farmers junction.
  • Improved Irrigation Techniques.
  • Making researchers find Optimal solutions.
  • Assigning Bio-Technologists to produce improved seeds and pesticide.
  • Investment in production of Fertilizers.
  • Adoption of new and restriction on harmful techniques.
  • Protection of crop against weather, and non-professional handling and stocking.

Scope Of Technology

Under the scope of technology, there is a lot of room available for improvement and innovation. Technology is a need of humans, and we all know its importance. Therefore, not only do humans invest time in learning technology, but spend their time and resources in innovating new technology. Technology innovation has financial benefits that also make it a lucrative industry that attracts people of various backgrounds.

Before discussing the room of improvement in the technology sector, let us examine, where in the world of technology we stand?

scope of technology.
scope of technology.

The world is growing, and the natural resources are decreasing with each passing day. The population is increasing, and so the competition. We have developed an impressive arsenal of technological advancements. We have built self-driving cars, surveillance systems, and artificial intelligence systems. We are exploring the deep-down mountains, and the highest skies fall behind us in space.
We should grow in the field of health, textile, security, peace, harmony, and other human-aid technological sectors.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a writer by passion.

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