Benefits of CPEC to Pakistan

Pakistan-China economic corridor is a business partnership between the two powerful neighboring countries. The benefits of CPEC are far-reaching, and the world acknowledges the potential of this trade route. This not-widely highlighted economic boom will change the economy of the world forever. This peaceful and friendly approach of the Asian economic coalition is also benefitting European countries. This economic trade route will help not only the countries directly attached to it but the entire world. The shipping, losses during cargo, and time efficiency will generate economic activity with minimal losses.

In this blog post on the benefits of CPEC, we will start from the first physical appearance of this Economical Collaboration, the roads network. The main focus will be on CPEC benefits to Pakistan.

Importance of roads and ports

The importance of roads and safe passages is utmost for a prosperous, safer nation. The understanding of the role of roads has been around for thousands of years. The first road was in fact a dirt track, which was used by people for traveling between villages and towns. This opened up opportunities for trade as well as tourism. As the most famous means of transportation were horses, camels, mules, and carts, there was no need for roads and highways. However, times are changed now and modern means of transport require modern tracks with multiple passages, tunnels, and bridges to facilitate the easy movement of people and goods.

Dry and seaports are also of undeniable importance for the growth of the economy. CPEC will help generate economic activity in Pakistan both on dry and sea-ports. These opportunities will help create new jobs.

CPEC constructing dry and sea ports
CPEC constructing dry and sea ports

CPEC project invests heavily in road networks, ports, and infrastructure development. These roads have also brought many economic changes in the areas they run through, creating jobs, helping local businesses, and supporting every industry with easy movement of products. Complete detail of these connecting projects can be found following this link.

Benefits of CPEC in Economic Stability

The improvement in infrastructure helps improve lives. Life improvement encourages people to engage in activities of economic importance. The growth in production leads to cost reduction and an increase in sales. 

It is critical to notice that the only way of fuelling the economic cycle is by generating economic activity. The big business is for big companies, and once they make money and deposit it in the bank, there is a lesser opportunity for that money to leave the bank and become a part of the running economy.

Let’s discuss it with an example. Company X hires 1000 employees. The costs in salaries, boarding, office, and operations are 1 million in total. Company X produces a high-quality product and advertises it well in the market by making it a symbol of pride and honor and spends an additional 1 million. The production cost with losses is an additional 1 million, making a total cost ranging 3 million. However, they sell the products for 50 million dollars in profit. And this is happening in the case of all the big corporations. Their expenses are lesser, and earnings are way higher. Therefore, a portion of their money never leaves the banks and increases the distance between poor and wealthy.

Economic disparity is a growing problem throughout the world, and especially in “third-world” countries. The main reason behind these problems is the lack of manufacturing or production in every field. People who make money in these countries flee and deposit the looted money in swiss banks. So, even if they want to spend their money, they spend it in wealthier countries where infrastructure is better, and pubs, casinos, bordellos, and nightclubs host them with a smile on face.

CPEC is a type of project that is generating economic activity in the country. There are hundreds and thousands of benefits of Economic Stability. The provision of better infrastructure, education, health, and other basic human necessities help people grow and achieve Economic Stability.

economic stability with CPEC in Pakistan and rest of the world
economic stability with CPEC in Pakistan and the rest of the world

Benefits of CPEC in Regional Stability

CPEC is an economic triumph that ensures economic stability leading to regional stability. The ambitions of China seem economical, and it is a widely understood notion at this point of human history that nations can only grow together and not alone. The thinking of winning at the cost of the loss of others is inhumane and jungle-type. Hence, due to the non-expansionist policies and behavior of China, the countries are collaborating. The diplomatic missions and relations of China endorse their peaceful theology i-e “economic prosperity for all.” Recently China also offered a positive role in Afghan politics and left a message of peace, negotiations, and mutual growth.

The Asian region is longing for stability. It compromised the security and stability of the Middle East and Asia after the 19th century’s French Colonialism, British invasions, and world wars in the 20th century. The attacks of the crusaders affected the world population in one way or another. We saw the standards of living of prosperous nations going down after nuclear attacks, inhumane economic sanctions, drugs trafficking, human trafficking, shadow-governments, and tracheary funding during the period of the slight upper hand of Crusaders. [Crusaders is not a derogatory term]

CPEC and Regional Stability with growth
Regional Stability with growth

Benefits of CPEC in International Trade

It is essential to involve a nation in economic activities. And the best outcomes are earned in the case of international trades. [This is the reason why crusaders impose economic sanctions]. The problem of Pakistan is the lack of infrastructure and corruption. Read here the Importance of Transparency and Accountability in Government. Pakistan manufactures surgical products, cash crops, fruits, stones, and other items that sell without any “made in Pakistan” stamps. The primary reason behind these problems is lack of education, resources, and commission-making mediocre thinking watchdogs.

Pakistan also doesn’t explore and utilize its natural resources. I also fear that Pakistan will never be able to profit from its mineral reserves, especially oil. And I base my fear on the changing global energy consumption patterns. Countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE are moving towards post-oil economy sustenance policies. We have found renewable energy resources like solar, wind, and Geothermal, Hydrothermal, and Biomass. Some of the renewable energy resources are expensive, but the investment of the same corporations in such technologies will realign their monopoly from non-renewable to renewable resources.

 renewable energy resources and Pakistan
renewable energy resources and Pakistan

Therefore, logically and empirically, we believe that International trade, familiarity with the corporate sector, corporate thinking, and the tactics of survival and pulling out of this continuous cycle of persecution are necessary. International trading will prosper, and the economic depression of the country will come to an end.

Importance of trade routes

We can call trade routes the veins in our body that connect the heart to every other part of our body. If the connection gets blocked or destroyed, that part of the body dies to eternity. Trade is an elementary factor in the evolution and development of human society. The only time a country needs foreign reserves is when it needs to purchase something. The dependence on purchasing increases by a decrease in production and the addition of a new manufacturing system. Manufacturing is badly affected by terrorism, corruption, money laundering, power outages, undocumented wealth, poor management, and tyrannous regimes. Monetary systems like IMF and World Bank keep an account of money that we make from selling products globally in dollars and whatever we purchase. They then list the capacity of any country and decides for its future. These countries can’t legally buy any equipment, and the lack of in-house production, economic sanctions, and declining exports all put fuel on the fire.

 Benefits of CPEC for Pakistan
Benefits of CPEC for Pakistan

History of silk road

The Silk Road is the name given by Europeans to a network of trade routes across the Asian continent linking China and India with the Roman Empire in Europe. It evolved from the ancient trade routes used by the Han dynasty. The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative Chinese silk trade that flourished on this eastern route beginning in early medieval times and lasted until the late 19th century when diplomatic relations opened up between East Asia, Central Asia, and Europe. The Silk Road was one of the most successful trade routes known to man. It started in Chang’an, situated in today’s Xi’an city that the capital of China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), and ended at the Roman Empire. Silk Road became one of the famous paths connecting China with other parts of Asia for about 1,000 years. And the Europeans consider CPEC as a revival of the Ancient Silk Road.

Cpec benefits to Pakistan

The benefits of CPEC for Pakistan are enormous in number. CPEC internships and CPEC job opportunities are the most appealing paradigms of the project for the people of Pakistan. CPEC Benefits to Pakistan include infrastructure development, investments in the energy sector of Pakistan, and trade routes connecting China to the rest of the world. CPEC Pakistan has the following benefits that will become a building block for a great Pakistan.

  • Strategic Benefits for Pakistan in the Region and beyond due to CPEC.
  • Exploration and Usage of dying Natural Resources.
  • A trade route combining the under-served regions of the country especially KPK and Baluchistan.
  • Constrictive Spending of Foreign Loans.
    • There are people who are trying to push their agenda in the disguise of growing foreign loans of Pakistan. However, they are the ones that actually pushed Pakistan to this quagmire of foreign loans. However, this time, the loan is being spent in the construction of infrastructure that will generate huge money.
  • Entrepreneurship in Pakistan will grow and people will learn new ways of practical entrepreneurship. Locals will be able to run successful small businesses.
  • No more “do more” and foreign pressure folded inside financial dependence.
  • Creation of Jobs and internships in Pakistan.
  • New business opportunities will help circulate money inside the country, and attract foreign investment.
    • The prosperity of a nation depends on the circulation of money. The more and more money flows towards same people, the more it accumulates inside the bank account of few beneficiaries. These people are usually big businessmen that earn way more than their investment due to corporation-backing monetary policies.
    • If there are local businesses that are luxurious enough to make these businessmen spend money inside the country, only than their money comes out of their banks and gets spent in local market. Otherwise, they export their money to other countries with little to no tax for such big fishes.
      • Banks use their money. Its a long debate how this money is used but in a short sentence, to give loans and charge interests. Benefits of CPEC to Pakistan include such usage of funds in local market.
  • Availability of raw material and manufacturing units at competitive prices. And this will help feed the Pakistani industry on the incubator as they will be able to compete with other manufacturers.
  • Better communications and better transport due to 21st century infrastructure and roads network in Pakistan due to CPEC.
  • The greatest benefit of CPEC to Pakistan will be it bolstering the confidence of Pakistan.
  • Regional stability alongside stability of Afghanistan, beneficial to Pakistan.

Benefits of CPEC to Pakistan are too much. They will impact each and every sector of our life, be it health, education, security, technology or International relations. The Pakistan will grow in one way or another. And if Pakistani government will reduce corruption that it will be an answer to the question, why I love Pakistan?

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Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a writer by passion.

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