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Importance of Transparency and Accountability in Government

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The importance of Transparency and Accountability in Government institutionalize justice. It serves as a backbone of lasting peace, equality, and justice for any nation. Transparency is a simple word that implies it should be visible to everybody when a governing body takes action in any form, shape, or time. However, accountability offers the free and fair evaluation of all the steps of governing bodies.

Good administration is a broader term. It requires following a superior protocol in planning, decision-making, and implementation of public policies. Thus, the policy-making establishes a higher level of importance on the administration level. Therefore, the involvement of public entities, governmental and non-governmental or private stakeholders guarantees a prosperous nation.

Usage of Technology to Ensure Transparency and Accountability

Decentralized Transparency and Accountability system is the only option to ensure excellent surveillance on governmental officials. It is important to increase awareness about the importance of technology in our daily life. The financial disparity, and theft of hard-earned public money is institutionalizing a new form of human slavery. There is no felling of accountability especially in third world countries, and technology can help save people.

Transparency and Accountability in Government
Transparency and Accountability in Government

In a society of humans, the sole responsibility of governing institutions is to establish justice (meezan) to make sure to shake every hand and hear every voice. Transparency and accountability are two interdependent components of good administration and cannot survive independently.

Legislation For Transparency and Accountability in Government

No human society can allow the forcible imposition of a governing body. As nature dictates in its divine laws, and we observe it in physical expressions of nature, everything has a logical frame of reference. God has established a scale of judgment for right and wrong within ourselves. A civilized human society is one where the imposition has no room to exist, and dialogue succeeds.
Religion plays a crucial role as it has wide acceptance in predominant civilized societies for the known history.
Once dialogues and discussions followed by divine or cultural interactors conclude to constitute a code of judicial and administrative procedure, none, except transgressors subject to the criminal proceedings, can violate or negate to observe these laws.

legislation for Transparency and Accountability in Government

All humans are equally created, and the philosophy of life implies that only a judicial system that keeps all lives valuable and all stomachs equally filled can take over the matters of human interest. It involves the majority of eligible people to define the rules and regulations. It is a widely accepted natural phenomenon where every person is differently capable. Few people are excellent in debates and public speaking, while others are introverted yet excellent programmers. Hence, the eligible people can decide for certain decisions to be either correct or incorrect.

The importance of Transparency and Accountability in Government is high for nation building.

A series of extensive research and elaborated observations had concluded that the only way to establish justice is by observing divine laws, as no one is allowed to change or fabricate them. None of the civilized human societies should trust humans on legislative authorities. We have seen the misuse of these rights all along human history. Let’s talk about the stages of implementation of laws related to Transparency and Accountability in Government and its machinery.

A good government works on individual, institutional, national, and international levels to improve services to individuals alongside the delivery of health care, education, and judicial facilities. It also seeks to ensure accountability by ensuring public access to information, participation in decision-making, and promotion of human rights. A government that aims at giving freedom, creating opportunities, peace-politics, and transparency is the only government eligible to run on the public funds. Good administration means development with dignity and deliberately accepting the service to people as an honor and not the other way around.

Accountability implies the answerability or responsibility of a person to act following law and standards for decisions taken. It is an obligation on each public office holder to ensure that he holds accountable everyone in front of the law and establishes the writ of government following the intended purpose of legislation and constitution. Public offices holders must also accept accountability for all acts they perform personally, through them, under their direction, or knowledge even if it was within the scope of their authority. However, they should have legal protection against victimization for actions done in good faith.

Transparency is a debatable topic. The formulation, implementation, and evaluation of Government policies should be transparent. The transparency in devising and implementing financial strategies is of utmost importance. Governments are participating in the misuse of funds, wastage of funds, and theft of public funds. Trillions of dollars are spent each year on programs that burden the economy and don’t serve any real benefit to society. There are loopholes in the financial system that money launderers, criminals, and government officials equally exploit for their advantage.

Funding a Government for Transparency and Accountability

The only way to fund a government is tax collection, and that too is by clear justification, transparency, and accountability. The mysterious usage of the fund is only plundering and subject to responsibility. A good government aims to provide a transparent system that works at its optimum level. In a rotten political system, when things get messy, the domino effect can bring horrific results.

The stability and placement of a government is in the hands of people. The true source of power are people both in terms of feeding the institutions, and keeping the power. However, the only way of justifying tyranny is provided by divisions in a society. Good Governance stands for the best possible utilization of resources by the state. It also involves utilizing funds through proper channeling, monitoring, and evaluation. And education of people in science and technology, finance, and religion can bring positive results.

Importance of Transparency and Accountability in Government
Importance of Transparency and Accountability in Government

Transparency and Accountability in Government require the exchange of information, empowerment, and transparency. It helps in strengthening the infrastructure for democracy, encouraging active citizen participation. Good Governance builds a culture that serves people and enhances their welfare through effective institutions. Resultantly, a nation develops sincerity for the country, cause, and culture. Strong information and communication network can also play a pivotal role in spreading awareness and educating people.

We can conclude from the essence of human history and divine laws that only people eligible to govern any human society must be the ones that provide justice. There must not be room for governments that profit from the misery and problems. I would want to conclude this brief post on the notes of karma. Every action replies, and nothing goes unnoticed in the divine kingdom of God.

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