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Tons of courses, too much noise, but little to no value creation – this is the story of a majority of E-Commerce & Technology Entrepreneurs and Lecturers. But wait, don’t lose hope, and let me tell you about a Proven Amazon Course by Brock Johnson that works.

I am a writer and know the effort it takes to create a masterpiece, and when it comes to exploring a top-notch industry for beginners, even experts of industry fail. It is not all about being good at selling for an instructor, but the blend of philosophy and storytelling matters the most. Students need to be taken through all the various steps and processes involved. Additionally, supporting students by giving them master-crafted templates from contacting sellers to checklists for products qualification matters the most. And this course by Brock Johnson is rich in resources and ready to use templates.

How to Earn Online in Pakistan by selling online
the last Amazon course!

Getting straight to the point, if you are a beginner and want to learn Amazon FBA course or Private label, there is no one better at it than Brock Johnson, and I am a student who has taken the course. I conducted a thorough research on the internet while finding a suitable course and the high rating by students, and excellent reviews made me go for the course. And I always feel that it was a best decision.

The course has 48 sections or modules that discuss everything a person needs to learn, from knowing nothing about Amazon Marketplace to owning a 7-figure business. This course is also known as “the last amazon course” as it covers everything.

Why Brock Johnson?

Brock Johnson is a 7-figure Amazon seller with tons of experience in brand building and customer retention. The best part is that he shares the very moments of his journey that had setbacks, challenges, and finally, a worthy outcome that keeps motivating and pushing throughout the course. And you will never bore or feel that you need to google something that he didn’t describe in the lecture. Get ready for a lot of motivation and inspiration throughout the course. Start with the video below!

Brock Johnson – A Kind Person

In 2014 Brock started selling on Amazon with a $100 investment.

He began selling things through his online store after learning everything he could about Amazon FBA. He lost money on his first seven products, and his bank account was in the red. Then, in early 2017, he recognized a great chance in the solar eclipse. He began selling solar eclipse spectacles a few months before the event and went from having no money to having $6 million in just six months.

Proven Amazon Course
Proven Amazon Course


And Now he wants you not to make mistakes or waste money – And that’s only possible if you will Make informed decisions!

You can only make informed decision if you have the knowledge and information about the processes. And you also need to know about pitfalls and possible hurdles on your way. There are plenty of such things that you will learn to earn and save your present and future alike.

A Priceless Course

Although he faced many health challenges that led him to life-threatening situations, he never lost hope. And it is said that to whom God loves, trials the hardest. And he found the purpose of life by helping people and playing a role in making this world a better place. Brock is a philosophical person and sees the optimistic side of life. His philanthropy is not only the creation of this course but making as detailed as possible so to help people without looking for any other source of information.

If we honestly evaluate the value of this comprehensive course on Amazon by Brock Johnson, it’s priceless. The overall cost in recording, gear purchase, time spent is nothing to sell in $10-15 with lifetime access to the course. His team constantly updates the content and included videos on Covid-19 and its impact on the business. So, I take it as a service to the E-commerce learning community and people who want to earn money online with Amazon FBA or PL. Additionally, if a person wants to get into Import/Export business, this course is a goto tool in their toolkit.

Proven Amazon Course - brock johnson
Proven Amazon Course – Brock Johnson

What is in the course?

Module 1 & 2: It starts with an overview on Amazon Marketplace, and how it works in he first module. It includes the temporary changes that must be incorporated to get going during the pandemic.

Module 3 – Module 5: These modules include detailed lectures on Product research. There are plenty of tools and procedures that are taught in these modules.

Module 7 and Module 8: These modules have information about finding product Ideas not only using tools but simple free methods.

Module 9,10, and 11: are on common or exclusive Pitfall, Validation methods, and Sourcing the products.

Module 11 to Module 20: deal with everything included in sourcing the product. The topics covered under these modules are

  • Sourcing
    • Finding a supplier
    • Supplier Validation
    • Negotiations
    • Product Designs
    • Product Packaging
    • Business Fundamental
    • Insurance & Trademarks etc.
    • Exclusive Sourcing Checklist
    • Ordering
    • Shipping

Module 21 to Module 41: These modules deal with post shipping matters. This includes everything from storing product at local or Amazon warehouse to costing, selling, advertising, and customer support.

  • Amazon FBA
    • Amazon Fulfillment Center
      • Shipment delays, Liquidation, Destruction etc.
  • Listings
    • Overview
    • Keywords Fundamentals
    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Research PRO
    • Tactical and Technical Writing
    • Listing Troubleshooting
  • Product Photography
    • Amazon Guidelines
    • Photo Types
    • Photo Aspect
    • Photography Pitfalls
    • Amazon Video & Enhanced Branded Content
  • Product Launch
    • How to launch
    • Email Campaigns
    • PPC Campaigns
    • Branding
    • Business Fundamentals
    • Payments
    • In-Person Events

There are several other modules that show the depth of the course and the efforts of Brock Johnson to help people learn and grow. This program doesn’t educate you on selling successfully on Amazon but also enables you to go beyond the limits.

Module 41 to Module 48: include in-depth information on various post selling elements. And are all listed below:

  • Outsourcing
  • Defense and Maintenance
  • Scaling
  • Reimbursements
  • Legal & Tax
  • Trademarks and Law
  • Assets Protection

The Best Part!

Its super difficult to interact with a couple of people during these busy days. And here we have Brock Johnson, who spares time to reach out to his students and ask them personally, how they are doing and how the course benefitted them? This is what we can’t buy, and even if it had a price tag, it would never be $1. The $1 Amazon Course!

Final Remarks – Proven Amazon Course

This course is a proven Amazon course and you can find tons of reviews by students online. Additionally, everything that one needs to learn is there in the course a an amazing price with lifetime updates.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a writer by passion.

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