How to work online from home and earn money?

The world is going crazy to work at the ease and comfort of their home. If you are one of those seeking to earn 6-7 figures or beyond, the first question you need to answer is how to work online from home and make money?

Online working opportunities are limitless. All you need to do is to discover your desired niche where you think you can excel. Pick up your laptop and ramp up your skills-bank. You may have specific skills already, for that matter, needing to be dust-off, and you are good to go from the comfort of your home’s couch or sneaking your way into the local coworking space.

As the gig explosion happened, it brought up countless opportunities for remote workers to gain financial freedom, stability and improve their living standards. Case in point, Freelancers, have achieved a great deal of success by standing next to three big gig-driven-economy giants— the United States, UK, and Brazil. With a 47% annual growth rate of freelancers, Freelancers are all set to become the leading professionals in the global arena to provide online services and earn money

If success is the end goal, struggle, consistency, and passion-driven attitude become prerequisites. There is no other way around. 

This blog lists a few key things and mentions some potential opportunities for aspiring people who want to start online working. 

How to work online from home and earn money?
How to work online from home and earn money?

Identify Your Niche

You intend to start working online, but the only thing that etches your mind is identifying your niche that best fits your interest. Your passion will drive you to success in your specific niche.
Now you may be feeling tempted that how to identify your desired market segment. This article, combined with a few case studies, will hopefully provide you with clues to explore your chosen niche.

Case-Study 1

Hammad had been fond of pets. Over the years, he had acquired extensive knowledge about pets, such as different kinds of breeds, pet’s health-related issues, and proper nutritional intakes. One day, the idea of blogging hits his mind, and he created a personal blog. His blog gained popularity started earning money with it. 

Develop Your Skills-Set

Skills are the building blocks of every successful career. Once you have successfully identified your area of passion, acquiring relevant skills will ultimately drive your devotion to a profession. In today’s knowledge economy and the internet rolling the world, you don’t need to pay or hustle yourself towards the classroom for your skills development journey. Many innovative platforms such as SkillShare, DigiskillsCoursera, etc., teach you skills through their learning management system, relevant to your niche, and without hacking into your pocket money.  

Where to Sell Your Skills 

Once you have learned a set of skills, such as content writing, data entry, data formatting, web designing, web development, logo designing, website building, digital marketing, online community management, and search engine optimization. The next question that may arise in your mind is where to market them. You will be pleased to know that there are various freelance marketplaces where you can sign up for free and showcase your expertise. Few prominent freelance marketplaces are;

i- Fiverr
ii- Upwork

By turning to freelance marketplaces, it is also essential that you have good business development and good communication skills as you will be outreaching remote clients.

Content Writing

You may have come to read a lot in your life and felt passionate about writing. To utilize the vocabulary bank you have developed over the years, content creation may seem a piece of cake to you. However, further clarity of various writing genres/styles is essential to become a savvy content developer. Typically content development styles include;

  • Blogging 
  • Guest posts writing 
  • Promotional content writing 
  • Informational writing
  • Press release content writing
  • Creative writing
  • Essay writing 
  • Reviews writing 
  • Technical reports writing 
how to work online as a content writer
how to work online as a content writer


If you are good with cameras and have a passion for video-based content creation—YouTube is the best platform to generate a handsome revenue stream. The quality of content coupled with a bit of creativity can come in very handy in increasing your viewership and subscriber base.

Case-Study 2

Waqas always travels to new places in Pakistan and talks to people about his experiences. He shoots random videos of attractive landscapes and recreational resorts just for the sake of his memories. He wasn’t aware that he could make some bucks with it until a friend introduced him to the idea of video blogging or vlogging— he found his niche. 
By reading till now, hopefully, you might have realized that where you can fit in for online working. 

Start Low, Think Big

There is no remedy for overnight success regardless of the career nature you opt for. However, many inspiring entrepreneurs who started as part-time freelancers with $5 gigs on Fiverr are now running their successful businesses. Having such entrepreneurial instincts and looking for a more collaborative environment at the initial phase of your dream idea— the idea of joining a nearby coworking space is a viable solution for your startup growth.

Typically, coworking spaces in Islamabad offer budding entrepreneurs and freelancers with a robust infrastructure and elegantly designed shared workplace. It includes a part-time desk, dedicated desk, rental conference rooms, small meeting rooms, small private offices, and executive suites for startup’s team support. 


The trend of working online is on the rise for the last decade. However, many people are not aware of where and how to start working online and earn money. This blog provides you with a brief road map to unlock the possibility of online working and emphasizes your desired niche identification, skills development, lists freelance marketplace, and other resources for generating an online revenue stream.

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