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Pandora Papers Pakistan – Corrupt Elite

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Pandora Papers Pakistan is the tale of the corrupt Pakistani elite from various backgrounds. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released the Pandora Papers (Panama-2) today, signaling the start of another worldwide crisis. Another global scandal following Panama Papers is going to be uncovered, according to the details. Pandora papers 2021 unfold another version of the same old stories of corrupt leaders.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists will make 11.9 million papers public today (ICIJ). Even the Panama Papers investigation from 2016 will be dwarfed by the magnitude of this global investigation. According to the investigators, this investigation involved as many as 600 journalists and 150 media organizations from 117 countries. Pandora papers leak is a collective effort of heroic journalists. And covering corruption tales is not “tracheary.”

The Pandora Papers project, according to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ Pakistan), has financial information on famous people from 117 countries, including Pakistan. The Pandora Papers investigation, which was conducted by the FBI, also included two Pakistani journalists. The Pandora Papers are also said to contain financial information on several notable Pakistani personalities. Remember that the Panama Papers, which were leaked in 2015, disclosed the names of many prominent and well-known persons who had ties to offshore firms.

Pandora Papers Pakistan - Corrupt Elite 1

Pandora Papers Pakistan

Corruption is engulfing the people of Pakistan, and their living standard is growing uglier. Millions of people in Pakistan live under poverty, and everyone from the governmental and influential sectors of the country wants to spend money outside Pakistan. Some people claim that they have “legally” laundered their money outside Pakistan. However, the irony is that they are the people who are always looking for foreign investments in Pakistan whenever they appear in public.

The country has the worst people in the offices, and the social unrest will lead to the demise of these filthy plunderers. There is little to no opportunity for Entrepreneurship in Pakistan, and the ill attitude of government officials is justified because they appear required to discourage any business activity in the country. As the politicians and governmental institutions belong to businessmen. They purchase everything from the judiciary to influential posts and governmental jobs. The only way out of this quagmire for the people of Pakistan is to struggle against them and push them out of offices.

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How Pakistani Elite Never Pays Tax?

People can lawfully avoid paying taxes by relocating their money by forming corporations in tax havens, although this is widely regarded as unethical. This is regarded as “unethical” and not “criminal” due to their self-made prophecies and laws. Tax evasion according to the UK government, “involves functioning within the letter, but not the spirit, of the law.” There are a variety of reasons why people would want to keep their money and assets in various countries, such as to protect themselves from criminal attacks or to avoid regimes that are unstable.

Although it is not unlawful to have secret offshore assets, creating a complicated network of secret corporations to shift money and assets is the ideal approach to conceal criminal proceeds. They never pay taxes. They change laws and clauses to suit their needs. The Pakistani nation needs to educate and understand the benefits of education and the need for transparency and accountability in governments rather than chanting political slogans.

Pandora Papers Pakistan
Pandora Papers Pakistan

Will Pandora Accused be held accountable?

No, Never! All these tax evasions are 100% legal. And the plunderers will leave the court waving their hands and showing off their supremacy over people. It is easy for these “law-makers” who always dislike “static laws” like shariah to evade taxes and any judicial proceedings. Pandora papers scandal is not new and won’t be the last either.

They do corruption like no one else. How easy is it? All you have to do is set up a shell business in one of the high-secrecy countries or jurisdictions. This is a firm that exists only in papers, with no employees or a physical location. Certain places award you such facilities. Take a look here, this is an offshore company that I made for educational purposes, and you can see how easy is it to form a company without leaving a country.

However, it is not free. You pay a specialist firm to set up and administer a shell company on your behalf. These companies might provide an address as well as the names of paid directors, leaving no trace of who is really behind the business.

Pandora Papers – Awakening call to Pakistanis

This is a call to poor people and the middle class around the globe, especially in Pakistan. The world is ruled by the laws and laws have intentional loopholes that benefit criminals and plunderers. They make money by smuggling, selling drugs, working as pimps, selling national secrets, and often selling citizens. The public should hold the institutions accountable before them. And there is no way for a bunch of thieves to escape if the nation is awake.
These people are expected to stay in the office due to laws made by them, but we should learn from the history and confront them.

It is in the hands of people to improve their lives and everyone should learn the ways of not relying on governments. And should play their part in standing against their calculated plundering schemes. If Pakistanis will keep sleeping, they will stay a slave to these criminals and their generations to come. They are shameless and hold no moralities, take a look at the recent scandal of Mr. Zubair (ex-governor).

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Pandora Papers Pakistan
Don’t let anyone own you!

How Colonial UK is behind it?

The United Kingdom has been chastised for allowing the property to be owned by anonymous foreign corporations. In 2018, the government released a draught bill that would compel the ultimate owners of UK assets to be disclosed. However, it has yet to be presented to MPs. According to a 2019 parliamentary study, the UK system attracts “money launderers” who “may want to utilize the property to conceal unlawful profits.” According to the report, criminal investigations are frequently “hampered” since authorities are unable to see who ultimately owns properties.

The risk of money laundering through the property was been elevated from “medium” to “high” by the government.
There is no doubt that the prominent position in Pakistan was awarded to people who used to serve the British during their regime of colonial dictatorships over India and Pakistan. And they were heavily awarded for their “efforts” and “services.” They include politicians, army men, and prominent public officeholders. And still, they are all being backed by the UK. These were the same people who continued to work with the UK and US till today. And they financially benefit their masters by laundering Pakistani money to their banks. And then they go to them for loans, leading to double loss every time.

May ALLAH blind them until they reach the deepest sectors of hell. 

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