India vs Pakistan

India and Pakistan are rival countries since their birth. India is often blamed for heading, and supporting criminal, offensive, and terrorist activities, inside Pakistan. Kulbhushan-Jadev took the case to another hype. India vs Pakistan conflict is now changed into a genetic trait of the people of the continent.

India vs Pakistan
India vs Pakistan

An Insight on Indian role of the conflict.

Theme: India vs Pakistan.

During the recent months, the animosity among the two states has to lead to the recent military adventure among the two rivals. Any poor countries like these two should never waste the Tax-payer money on such non-sense adventures.

Both countries are suffering from poverty, low labor wages, bad governmental structures, corrupt businessmen, senseless politicians, and bad education system.

Whereas there lies another fact, they both have abnormally powerful armies willing to convert any hot debate into an escalated armed adventure.

Furthermore, the army of Pakistan is now proving itself as a more sensible institution among the two rivals. During a recent press-conference by DG ISPR Pakistan, the standings and vision of Pakistani Armed forces are more clear. They appear more responsible as compared to their Indian counterpart.

The recent violation of Indian fighter planes is the best example of armed violence happening on the continent. Exclusive: two Indian fighter jets get shot down by the Pakistan air force.

Radical Hinduism

Radical Hindu organizations and their representatives are in power. They are becoming a threat to national and international peace. They act and monger in mobs making it impossible for the governments to work. Whereas, it is escalating the concerns of human-rights activists. Because both countries are emotionally sensitive. These actions are increasing the difficulties of Indian minorities. These minorities include Muslims, Christians, Shika, and Zoroastrians.

Indian Minorities.

Mob violence by extremist Hindu groups affiliated with the ruling BJP against minority communities, especially Muslims, continued throughout the year amid rumors that they traded or killed cows for beef. As of November, there had been 18 such attacks, and eight people killed during the year.

Dalits, formerly “untouchables,” continued to be discriminated against in education and in jobs. There was increased violence against Dalits, in part as a reaction to their more organized and vocal demands for social progress and to narrow historical caste differences.

Human Rights Watch.

Indian Muslim Population

The case of Indian minorities has to play a vital role in the peace sustenance process of the two countries. India is home to 172 million Muslims. They share a 14%+ section of the total Indian population graph.

Indian Christian Population

About 2.3% of India Population follows the Christian faith. There are about 28 million Christians living inside India.

Non-state actors.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is working inside Indian territories. Pakistan and Human Rights Activists demands a ban on their activities. The organization runs terrorist training camps and receives governmental funding via RAW to perform specifies activities.

India has to stop participating in and harboring terror inside the Iranian adjoining-to-Pakistan border areas along with terrorist training camps inside India.

Civil Society
india vs pakistan war
Don’t allow hate-speech and ethnophobia to prevail.

Pakistan also had faced a few non-state actors and players who played their role in destabilizing the country multiple times. Pak-Army and now their supported government has put an end to their activities heavily sponsored by CIA, RAW, and Mossad. Whereas, in India, the factor of radicalization is touching its ultimate.

BJP and Anti-neighbor policies.

PM Modi is a politician. He is selling what a majority of the people want to buy. What do they want to buy? Radicalization and attacks on all neighboring countries. They want to make India a dominating and driving force inside Asia. But not on the basis of excellence or human development. They want to achieve this destiny on the basis of power and violence.

It was the doctrine of English people. But thanks God! It’s not that black-age anymore.

india pakistan war 1965

Fairness Doctrine?

They lost everything to Peace. Everyone will have to surrender in front of PEACE!

Voice Of Peace

Pakistan demands from India to follow the UN resolutions.

Pakistan shouldn’t have any problem with the advancement and success of Indian government and nation. The sentiments of the locals are positive when it comes to the relationship with India and other neighboring countries. But the way they are adopting to govern and rule, are barbaric and jungle-type. They should be decently encountered for the benefit of common people.

A Request To General Public.

A vast majority of under-poverty-line people are being told that all the insecurities they feel and the failures they face are because of Pakistan. And this is what the government is selling to ample poor for a very little benefit. This will not bring any improvement anyways in any sector of life, whatsoever.

India vs Pakistan
Is Strength justice?

Let’s fight in the battlefields of excellence, services provision, eliminating poverty, and fighting terrorism.

Stay Informed And Away From Radical Politicians

Let not your politicians make a fool of you by wasting your money on doing useless adventures near elections. And it’s not because soldiers fear from death, it’s because there are humans in India too who are being misled and ill-fed. They and their family’s future is at stake. The future of the world is at stake. Because any heated conflict can trigger a nuclear war. And this nuclear war can take in to cover the whole planet.

The general public in this India vs Pakistan conflicting situation should indicate politicians that politicians need a country to sustain their looting and corruption chain. So it’s better not to ruin the country by messing with neighbors.

How To Reverse India vs Pakistan Conflict?

This is a Zillion-Dollar question. Obviously peace is the only key to success. The reduced enmity and increased good will feelings among the two countries can improve the conditions of the people of both countries.

Choose Accountability

This time choose accountability, not corruption. And those who chant this slogan are liars.

Accountability Is The Only Key To Success.

Don’t postpone things for tomorrow, because tomorrow might not come.


India is in the same situation as Pakistan was in 2008. Situations got better on this side of the border. In order to sustain a Political system with appropriate management and leadership. And after the very recent elections, we have the most under-observation, a new government. But things are getting worst inside India.

India needs to vote for excellence, It will help in India’s Geopolitical importance, it’s upbringing and economic wellbeing. Don’t vote Radicalism.

Following the UN-resolutions, both countries can achieve Peace.

Arts and literature

Engagement of people on a cultural level. Arts and literature of both countries have an identical touch and taste. Thus, should be promoted for peaceful interactions.

Breaking News Culture

News channels should not be allowed to dictate the states. Indian media, seeking cheap recognition adopts unfair means of journalism. They engage in spreading fake breaking News and dummy Expert Opinion.

The military spending on non-serious adventures should be reduced. This will result in the reduction of poverty inside India and obviously in Pakistan too.

US-$52 Military Spending

There should be a reduction in military spendings. Pakistan isn’t willing to engage with India on battlegrounds. Same goes about the policy of China. So, why such huge military spending? To keep the scale balanced Pakistan also has to spend huge money on security projects. Pakistan’s military spendings per year are about $10.8 billion.

How India Can Advance In Such a Case?

In this world of technological advancement, no intelligent person wants to conquer the land.

Intelligently smart people conquer Markets.


Pakistan and India War 2019

India has attacked Pakistan without any provocation in 2019. Pakistan Air-Force Shot Its 3 Fighter-Jets down. The tension soon after this incident vanished as India had to face pressure and insult throughout the world. The two nations have nuclear weapons in their arsenal.

Effect Of Nuclear War Between India And Pakistan

The nuclear arsenal of Pakistan consists of 150+ Nuclear warheads whereas India has around a hundred nuclear weapons. Any Nuclear war can wipe both nations off the surface of Earth.

Why Do India And Pakistan Fight?

The radical fanatics of India are the most effective component of India. They want to make India a solely pure land for Hindus. It needs it to be cleaned up of all foreign elements. The Radical tycoons urge people to throw all non-Hindus out of the Indian territories.

Monetary Unit Of India And Pakistan

The monetary unit of India And Pakistan are Rupiah, Paisa Or Rupees.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a writer by passion.

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