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How Powerful is God

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How powerful is God, and how He holds everything under his command and authority is unique to His majesty and Bounty? God’s attributes and unlimited virtues can’t be quantified, and they are ever-lasting forever. To understand his power in this minutely small portion of the universe we live in, using our tiny but intelligent brain, we all need to take the portion of it we understand, and we are limited in our abilities to absorb and define all his qualities. With that being said, we can move forward.

Let’s start with the Universe. The vastness of Universe calls for the undeniable strength and power of God. He who created this universe in a six days and holds the superiority and absolute ownership of each and everything that encompases the universes and beyond. It is unintelligent to limit the creations of God to what we know unless otherwise obligated by God Himself.

Creation: He created everything in this reality, known and known, visible and invisible, understandable and misunderstood, existing or yet in creation, destroyed or yet in destruction, writeable and unwriteable, including but not limited to universes, galaxies, atoms, matter, parallel universes, everything; he created our spirits and everything about us, even planned our whole life story.

How Powerful is God's Kingdom
How Powerful is God’s Kingdom

Power: No one can scale His power; it’s impossible to do so. He created entire realities and realms; then, he had the power to create something infinite, unfathomable in its own right.

Knowledge: Knowledge itself is a creation of God. He created everything and knowing His creations is knowledge to amuse Humans alone. He is omniscient, omnipotent, all-knowing, all-merciful, all-loving, all-forgiving, all-seeing, and all-hearer; nothing can beat his knowledge of what he has created can quantify His qualities or write them down in eternity.

Presence: He is always there with His knowledge and the way He likes; he will never leave. His grip over the matters and existence is firm, with it being nothing in front of His mighty presence. 

Finally, last but not slightest, kindness, loyalty and purity: His kindness is forever endless, eternal, and his love for you will never stop. 

How Powerful is God Almighty

His is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; He chastises whom He pleases; and forgives whom He pleases and God has power over all things.

From the sailing ships in the water to deep in the ocean, gigantic fishes fed tons of food every day, the majesty and power of Almighty God encompasses everything. What is the origin of the water in these oceans? There is none; God created it out of nothing. Moving forwards, the depth of the sea that doesn’t even allow the light to penetrate further is under the stronghold of the Almighty.

When the ships sail and they navigate through it, the wind and thwarting waves are turned down by sailors; it is all due to the right bestowed upon men by almighty to utilize nature and its resources to the fullest.

When a bird flies in the air and keeps flying without dying, utilizing a slick design enabling it to break the wind, it calls for the majesty of the Almighty. When planes fly in the air, the mediums and laws of physics facilitate the flight. Only humans were given the option to either follow or turn down the laws of Almighty God which met their fiasco. No one else in nature turns down or goes against the will and law of Almighty God.

How Powerful is God's creation
How Powerful is God’s creation

And we see all the planets revolving in their corrected paths. They do not collide with each other or cease to perform their assigned actions. They do not fall into or off their orbit, as is the case of stars, including the Sun. This all calls toward the oneness of God and claims His right of worship with no associations in power, sacredness, authority or attributes.

When we try to see around us, we see an ever-stretched sky and ever-expanding earth, and we see no imperfection. There could be imposed limitations on everything by the Almighty, as He has himself told. And when we look towards human anatomy, there are infinite blessings that embark on the absolute intelligence and power of the almighty encompassing everything that exists, will exist, or ceased to exist.

Power of Almighty God in our Limited Approach

The anatomy of humans, and the perfect life in the form of humans, call toward the oneness of Almighty God and His power. The right of Almighty to which only Satan denies. The tasteful crops and the reaping trees in the jungles, the flying birds and small insects, the running streams and rain clouds, the growing cubs of lions and the reproducing horses, the observable nature and everything else all put meaning into the notion of Gods majesty.

However, there is no way we can conclude this topic, but at least it is better to say something to initiate the thought process than to do nothing. And the importance of religion in human life also entails its deep roots in recognizing and worshipping the greatness of Almighty God.

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