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Where God Was Born?

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Where God was born, a growing number of people find themselves trapped in the circular logic when it comes to answering this question. The human brain has limitations, and to understand those limitations, we can look into human history, find analogies, or quote examples from the daily life of humans.

Life is evolving, and today humans are at the epitome of knowledge in many areas of life, such as technology and science. However, this notion of success is deep-rooted in the concept of comparison—the comparison of two or more slightly or entirely different generations. The impact or vastness among the generations in terms of technological advances expands when we compare distant generations.

A couple of years ago, there were no mobile phones, and the internet was extremely slow or infinitely lethargic. And when we move a little farther in history, 19th century, there was nothing known as the internet. And these patterns could be easily recognized in many areas where humans are embarking great successes over time.

So, humans are tied to progress in one way or another. And the progress is there for a reason, humans lack education, intelligence, resources, and command over matters, and thus the room available for improvements allows improvement. And there is no limit to this progress that shows that we are far behind the completion.

Humans are tied to progress
Humans are tied to progress

We can compare it to a 1000m race between athletes. A toddler might never be able to complete that race, but adults are known to complete these races in far less time. For an adult, it’s just peanut; for that toddler, a lot of room for improvement is always there.

Many scientists believe that everything came out of nothing. Stephen Hawking also believed in singularity, which promotes the idea that at one time in history, everything was packed closely in a place smaller than an atom. More on this could be found in our science section.

And under an external influence, all these things came out of singularity and started to expand. And this gave birth to an ever-expanding universe. However, all these commentaries on the existence of life, the birth of the universe, and everything attached to it are just commentary on what might have happened. It is not actually what happened; neither is it who might have done it or the actual scientific procedure of doing it the “right way.”

The previously mentioned examples identify the limitations applied to human existence and all the related matters. God is a being with no limitations and is known to be the true master who gave birth to and imposed these restrictions, limitations, and room for improvement for all His creations.

consistent laws of nature call for a God
consistent laws of nature call for a God

However, when we look around the universe, there appears to be a constant motion of everything, or we can say that it is not progressing but taking varying shapes and forms of consistent excellence. And by saying so, it implies consistency in the laws of nature. The laws are divine and consistent. And an example that correlates to this notion is the addition of poison in the glass of water.

Someone might say that there are several imperfections in the system, so we can easily conclude that these are not imperfections but limitations imposed by the almighty. For example, a person might say that it would have been better if humans had wings so that the number of deaths due to falling from high spaces could reduce. It would have been an imperfection if there had been no solution. We see that as small as a sparrow and as large and fat as Kori Bustard.

So, solutions are there, but God imposes limitations for reasons known to him, and a debate will be published in the near future. We see the sun, the moon, earth, solar system, universe, parallel universes, and things we know or do not know, all tied to the notion of birth.

The notion of birth attached to anything will immediately render itself off of the special place of being God. A thing with a weakness tied to it, of being born and relying on the environment or ecosystem, is dependent upon the environment or pre-established ecosystem for it to exist. And this all calls for a deity who resides outside this system and causes an impact on the system.

where God was born actually
where God was born actually

Where God Was Born and Why?

God is a being who is free from any ungodly acts, limitations, and burdens. The presence of the universe and all the systems or modules placed in it by God exercise absolute authority and perfections. None of his creations deviate from the path He has predestined for it. More on destiny and the notion attached that if a person has authority over his actions, later.

The birth is a notion of weakness and the majesty and bounty of God. As He gives birth, the Majesty of God makes it possible for all His creations to survive in an ecosystem, He designed, with limitations He imposed, for reasons He knows and the results He knows.

So, there is no need for God to be born. He is far higher to these limitations of time, space, and nothingness.

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