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What is God Phone Number

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What is God Phone Number? You might be thinking of contacting Him and sharing whatever you want. God’s phone numbers on earth are prayer, supplications, prostration before God, and remembering Him repeatedly calling his great names. All the prophets of God used to pray Him with calling unto His uniqueness and oneness.

God created Adam, and he was living with Eve peacefully in heaven. However, when Adam and Eve were punished for not following and observing the commandments of God, God descended them of their status for following Devil.

Adam’s status was high; God created Him that way and prioritized him over other creations. The Devil, previously the most acknowledged and even prioritized above angels, was envious of Adam’s birth. God tested Iblis or Devil, and he failed miserably by not finding the purpose of life.

devils plan against adam
devils plan against adam

The purpose of life is said to worship God and obey the commandments. The Devil was pious and always claimed his trust, obedience, and allegiance to God. However, God knew he would not observe a single blow of hardship. And it happened the same, and Devil, as soon as commanded by God to bow before Adam, refused; more on this later!

When the devil refused, he was cursed and removed from his status of the most worthy. All his good deeds were dusted down to earth and he wanted to avenge himself. And his mission of derailing Adam started. He approached Adam and Eve to make them fall prey to horrendous mistake of disobeying God.

They ate from the tree, they were prohibited from. And were banished from the heaven to earth where they had to roam for several years asking for God’s forgiveness. Today, the children of Adam are looking for, What is God Phone Number, to contact Him.

How to Contact God?

It is not necessary to contact God using a phone number; neither does God entertains any direct communication initiated by humans on earth during this life where he speaks them just like he spoke to prophets including Moses. So, there are a few established ways of reaching him and that is by daily prayers.

Human life on earth starts and ends with pre-birth existence, post-birth existence, and post-death existence. The zygote turns into an embryo, which later develops into a fetus. At the end of the Fetus’s development, the 9th or 10th month, it could result anytime in birth. At any point, as of today, we do not remember what happened; in fact, we do not even know what we were experiencing for the first few years of our childhood.

The purpose of sharing the birth cycle previously was to draw attention to the fact that limited experiences, when repeated many times, give birth to an understanding that makes it a fact. However, any change in the circumstances can break the established fact to turn it into a hoax. And it is not even a fact that there is no life after death. So the mystery remains a mystery. 

This calls for a life after death and establishes it as a reality that might not be practically observable, but not being able to watch it does not mean it does not exist. And a majority of religions, especially Abrahamic religions, believe in life after death. 

And doubt in the notion of life after death only surfaces when there is a lack of belief in God’s presence; we will answer in an upcoming piece of work why there is a God.

What is God Phone Number

So, God’s phone numbers here on earth are to be found using established religions. That call towards absolute oneness and belief in all the prophets of God, including Isaac, Ismael, Moses, Mohammed, and Jesus.

What is God Phone number
What is God Phone number

There are five daily mandatory prayers and many other sacred ways to call upon God and bow before his majesty. So, next time you do not need to use a cellular connection with limited connectivity, which leaves several uncovered areas on earth. Even there is distorted connectivity in the sea, including ships etc., lest it is useable to contact God.

God is closer to us that we need no medium to contact Him, just call upon Him and He is all hearer and all knower.

“And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.”

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