What are the health benefits of Ramadan?

The Health Benefits of Ramadan are enormous. We have written a detailed post on the spiritual aspects of Ramadan, which you can find here. Now we will highlight and describe in detail the health benefits of Ramadan, which scientists have either discovered or are established as a well-known fact by constant practicals of a community.

Is Ramadan like Intermittent Fasting

Ramadan is better than Intermittent fasting as it is a complete course of 30-days backed by spiritual power. Intermittent fasting is all about the delays in the timing of eating. However, Ramadan develops a habit of less and regulated eating. Ramadan helps to build stamina and improve the level of patience and consciousness.

Can Ramadan fasting Reduce Weight?

Yes, fasting during Ramadan and eating the appropriate way after opening the fast can help reduce weight. An essential factor that helps us in our weight loss activities is not eating sugar and other fats. Ramadan is the best time to get hands-on weight loss.

Can Delay Aging and Extend Longevity

Some people, especially women, may find it super attractive that Fasting can aid improved anti-ageing struggles. The studies conducted on rats showed these extremely adorable outcomes of Fasting.

Researchers also found that the overall life span increases super effectively. To quote the exact percentage, it is around 83% life longevity.

So, the beauty factor of fasting in Ramadan shows that apart from a religious obligation and a source of connection to God, Fasting also helps improve beauty.

You can find a super credible research paper here.

Anti-Aging Health Benefits of Ramadan
Anti-Aging Health Benefits of Ramadan

Improved Secretion of Growth Hormone, Muscle Strength, and Metabolism.

Not only fasting improves the production of HGH hormone, which helps in growth, height gain for youngs, and muscle strength.

Scientists conducted a study of hormonal growth on five males and found that the improvement in HGH secretion was fivefold only by fasting for a single day.

So, fasting can help teens in height increase, vision clarity or sight improvement, and detoxification.

As fasting also improves metabolism and regulates bloodstreams inside the body, the growth of HGH hormones and their results can also increase.

You can find a super credible research paper here.

Health Benefits of Ramadan
Health Benefits of Ramadan

Cancer Prevention and Improved Effect of Chemotherapy

Scientists have conduct studies on cancer prevention and found that fasting is a cancer preventive measure. Fasting not only prevents cancer but also helps cancer patients in certain conditions. It also improves the effect of chemotherapy (a way of treating disease) on the patient’s body.

Scientists are conducting studies on rats and test-tube regarding fasting’s effect on cancer prevention and cure. They also found that it helps in curing block tumor formation. Whereas, an extensive effort of research is required to clarify the span of possibilities. Currently, very few studies have been conducted on the effect of fasting on cancer on humans.

You can find the super credible research paper here

Cancer Prevention & Health Benefits of Ramadan
Cancer Prevention & Health Benefits of Ramadan

Patience In Attitude due to Ramadan

Everything is just like as it’s outside the month of Ramadan, but we are required to follow the specific rules as strictly as not otherwise. We, always under the dominant emotion i-e spirituality, keep on forcing ourselves in things we keep on doing throughout our routine life.

These practices increase the level of patience of faithful followers. These attributes well serve a believer in his/her usual life exercises. If we follow the Ramadan strictly, we are a better being after Ramadan, if we get to know the point of fasting in Ramadan, we are going to be more patient, devoted, and helping toward others after Ramadan.

These attributes are necessary to build an exemplary human society. Today we are struggling in the 21st century for peace, serenity, and spirituality. Ramadan can feed our souls all that is the real food of our souls, and subconscious.

Patience is Another Health Benefits of Ramadan
Patience is Another Health Benefits of Ramadan

Detoxification During Ramadan

Muslims follow strictly monotheistic theology as their religion, Islam. And this strictness brings a lot of benefits to it. During the blissful month of Ramadan, due to continuous fasting for around 29-30 days brings notable changes to our bodies.

The body detoxifies the harmful agents using the inherited systems of the body. The immune system starts killing the intoxicants due to improved implementation of genetic-toxic-definitions and a reduced load of intoxicants intake.

In case the body gets mildly dehydrated our blood gets thick and heart has to pump harder which improve the heart muscles functioning and removal of excessive heart fats.

Detoxification is among Health Benefits of Ramadan
Detoxification is among Health Benefits of Ramadan

Removal Of Harmful Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the primary source of body problems and some significant diseases. These diseases include heart problems, obesity, muscle fatigue, and other serious problems.

Diabetes is also causing a lot of health ailments, which has a direct relation to body cholesterol. Fasting regulates the blood flow in the body, removes clots, and regulates sugar levels inside the body. It also helps regulate insulin secretion in the body.

Whereas, we can’t manage to complete our article without writing the impact of High blood pressure on human health.

These diseases are a big reason for people ending up in hospitals in countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK. All these problems can be solved easily by regulating food intake. Fasting plays an important role and acts as a yearly therapy for all body problems.

Cholesterol Removal & Health Benefits of Ramadan
Cholesterol Removal & Health Benefits of Ramadan

Blood Purification is another health benefit of Ramadan

Kidneys play a crucial role in the purification of bloodstreams flowing inside human bodies. On regular days there is a lot of stress on organs to deal with as we take a lot of food and several times. During Ramadan, on one side, we reduce food intake and continue our regular activities.

On the other hand, if we follow prophetic eating habits, we can reduce the number of harmful components or chemical intake. Furthermore, it improves the overall health condition apart from just blood cleansing and blood vessel cleansing.

During day times, we have a reduced water intake, which we are capable of normalizing after the fasting overs. However, in consonance to other health benefits, this reduced water intake also appears facilitating the whole process of body health revision and revitalization.

Blood Purification & Health Benefits of Ramadan
Blood Purification & Health Benefits of Ramadan

Calmness in Attitude Is Among Many Health Benefits of Ramadan

This is the best psychological experience to ever witness in the busy and hectic life routine.

The month of Ramadan is all about behaving calmly and nicely. Due to lesser food intake, we also don’t want to indulge in any useless activities. In contrast, due to increased patience, we ultimately guide ourselves to deal calmly.

The prolonged period of fasting also allows our reflexes to adopt a changed routine; consequently, we are capable of leaving bad habits as quickly as never outside the month of Ramadan.

We can successfully trick our brain into adapting the best practices taught using the power of spirituality, directly hitting our urge to be spiritual as spirituality is an urge of humans like other urges of love, compassion, dedication. And we can’t prove these urges in laboratory 🙂

Calmness and Ramadan
Calmness and Ramadan

Anger Control Health Benefit

During Ramadan, there undergo a complete overhauling of the human brain, and habits.

From restraining one’s self from taking the food, leaving sins, restraining from keeping marital relations to increased levels of spirituality, and devotion to God, we are just practicing a lot more good than the other eleven months of the year.

Controlled anger ensures muscle relaxation, improved thinking, neutral decisions leading to success, and improved habits.

So, this practice ensures the complete change in a human’s life. Psychologically 21 days are enough to leave any most robust habit altogether, which may have been a part of our routine life for over the years.

So, following this one month with devotion can eliminate depression, anger, fear, selfishness, and other negative attributes.

Control your anger and make use of Ramadan
Control your anger and make use of Ramadan

Anti Depression Health Benefits Of Ramadan

Islam indicates that there is a connection between our gut and thoughts in our brain and its justifiable.
If you are too self-indulgent or the one who somehow does not spare anytime for himself and leaves the inner thirst for spirituality unattended, then depression can catch you.

Secondly, if you are a shy person or try not to interact with people, you still can get affected by depressive thoughts. Islam is all about unity, faith, and discipline, making it compulsory for men to pray in gathering, and tightening the familial ties for women to interact most healthily provides an ultimate solution to loneliness and depression.

The best among the men are those who are best to their wives, and I am the best one to my family.
Says prophet Mohammed (saw).

It makes an exemplary social setup on a grander scale.

Islamic Board

And when we have increased interactions and meetings, we get to know people better; we also tend to tolerate their mistakes knowing the fact that they are humans just like us. And ALLAH loves those who are forgiving in nature.

Don't get depressed during Ramadan and after
Don’t get depressed during Ramadan and after

Commentary on Health Benefits of Ramadan

Sometimes, people can even feel depressed despite the improved social setup, and this happens most of the time due to the hateful or questioning attitude of fellow humans. Islam prohibits all these ill feelings and actions.

Keeping the fact in mind that Islam needs us to stay forgiving and thankful before God despite the situations and problems as life is a test.
These attributes are very healthy and perfect in consonance to the imperfection of the world, which God requires it to be imperfect by his will.

Health benefits of Ramadan

Are you allowed to drink water in Ramadan?

No, during the hours of fasting, from dawn till sunset, drinking water is not allowed. However, once Muslims break the fast at Maghrib (evening) prayer time, there is no problem drinking water.

Can ramadan be in winter?

Ramadan can be anytime during the year. There is a difference of 10 days every year in the start and end dates of Ramadan. It is because Muslims follow the lunar calendar, and Christians follow the solar calendar. There are typically 10 lesser days in a lunar calendar. This affects the timing of Ramadan every year. So, Ramadan can be during any season of the year, from winter to summer.

Aren’t these health benefits of Ramadan enough for you to start fasting and not for health benefits but the sake of ALLAH? I think they are quite sufficient 🙂

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