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Start Earning On Amazon For Free! No Rush, No Fuss.

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We have initiated a program on our blog where anyone can register and start blogging after a straightforward verification process on https://hardhour.com. You can email us or contact us.

Selling on Amazon as an affiliate is as simple as described below.

  • You will have to write a piece of content that matches your product.
  • After writing your content {I will define in another post the tips on doing that}, you shall embed the products you want to promote in there.
  • How you can embed the product is the right question to arise in your mind.
  1. You have to make an Amazon Id; by going here.


  • After making your Id, you have to navigate to the products linking page


  • On the above-linked page, proceed to the search box, type in the keyword of the product you want to promote and match the blog post you wrote earlier with the keywords by following the guidelines we have already mentioned on our platform and in emails.

Now, you need to take the next step:

  • Start promoting your content or the blog post that you wrote about the chosen product. This blog post will market the product, and users following your blog posts and their need or interest will buy the Amazon product.
  • Congratulations, you have made your first sale.

Want to know how to market your products? Join us on Infinity Binary – Branding and get your blog, online store, or more. If you don’t want to spend any money making a blog and establishing it, you can proceed to Hard Hour Make Your Voice Matter and start blogging over there. We will only take 10% of your commission on any qualified sales. If you are unable to make any sales, don’t give us a penny.

Selling on Amazon requires a lot of patience, understanding, and skill. We are managing the money-related part of this journey, and you can invest in improving your writing skills and the marketing skills that will always help you in one way or another. 

You can do it – Never back up!

Happy selling 🙂

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