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Islamabad Property Dealers – 9 factors for safe deals.

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Native Islamabad Property Dealers make it easier for land-seekers to find the best place for their residence or business. Whatever your construction needs are, Islamabad property dealers make sure to provide you with all your needs accordingly.

The current ongoing projects for buyers and investors are PN Farms Islamabad, Eighteen Islamabad, Legal-Societies adjacent to New-Islamabad Airport, Bahria, DHA, and other commercial places alongside the remarkably pleasant territories of the twin cities.

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Why Islamabad Property Dealers?

Islamabad is the diplomatic hub of the country. The city offers the most spectacular places for investors and purchasers. The property of Islamabad offers the best rate-of-return, comfort, improving lifestyle, and security. Islamabad property dealers group is a sub-project of Tri-Axis Umbrella Projects

We have one of the best property consultants on board with us. Not only that, we deal in the most sophisticated way, we also provide you with the consultation with the changing regional and global business dimensions in mind. 

We offer a variety of property investment solutions as per your specific needs, budget and alienation.

The properties are available for both investors and infrequent purchasers. The emerging business hubs of the city, including and adjacent to, are New Islamabad Airport, Sectors on Srinagar Highway, Naval Farms Islamabad, Park View, Bahria Enclave, Sectors on Peshawar Road, and others.

DHA-Islamabad property dealers deal in all the residential and commercial sale & purchase of lands. 

Benefits of Dealing With Native Islamabad Property Dealers

The land Islamabad Property Dealers Association provides you is clear from all the hazards a property sale/purchase keeps in it.

  • Occupancy certificate.
  • Fard, Intiqal, Aks, etc.
  • Construction Approval.
  • Nadra-Verified Registry.
  • Legal/Judicial Encumbrance.
  • Verification of owner’s Identity.
  • Verification of ownership of the seller.
  • Conversion and land-use permissions.
  • Physical survey and access to the property.
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Property Dealers in Islamabad

Facilitation Process Of Islamabad Property Dealers

Property ventures are exceptionally capital serious, and any errors made during the cycle can raise many concerns to the purchaser. That makes it obligatory for a purchaser to practice the due alert while looking at the property reports. With legitimate lawful guidance, the examination of archives, and the check of pertinent data relating to the property, the purchaser can guarantee that the venture brings true serenity and a feeling that all is well with the world.

With due vigilance of all the processes, the Islamabad Property Dealers facilitate our customers and purchasers down to their project completion. We also encourage the reselling process, construction, and building of your respective lands.

  1. Title documents of the property: Government order for grant, succession certificate, sale deed, gift deed, will, partition deed, etc., evidencing the transfer of title over the years, culminating in the vesting of the property with the seller.
  2. Nature of title: Leasehold, freehold, or development right.
  3. In the case the seller is claiming development rights to the property, we provide the development agreement and power of attorney documents, executed by the owners in favor of the seller.
  4. All title documents being duly stamped and registered at the office of the jurisdictional sub-registrar of assurances.
  5. Khata registered in the name of the seller.
  6. We provide buyer’s safety against any litigation or claims.

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