How To Publish an Article Online For Free?

You are a new writer looking for ways to publish an article online but don’t know where to start? You can even be in your mid-career or even an experienced writer looking to expand your reach. There is no perfect time for it, and there can be multiple reasons for finding an online platform, blog, or website that can help you publish for free. Let’s find how to publish an article online for free.

The process starts with finding online platforms that can best serve your purpose. If you need it for SEO purposes or marketing, the type of publicity you or your platform needs will change drastically. If you need a do-follow or no-follow link, the strategy and publishing platform will change accordingly. There are websites like Quora, Medium, Blogger, Mix, and LinkedIn, where you can publish your content for marketing. However, if you want to publish content for SEO purposes, you need to find an online platform like Hard Hour that awards do-follow backlinks.

To begin with, Hard Hour offers a free publishing service to writers who are willing to follow the guidelines. Please proceed to this guideline page on write for us. You should start with enhancing your writing quality and avoid committing grammatical and writing-tone mistakes. User-Engagement should be your highest priority as we also consider the engagement factor while selecting an article for publishing on Hard Hour. Similarly, there are hundreds of other science and tech blogs that consider these factors.

Publish an Article for Free

You want to earn backlinks to your website, increase awareness about your brand, or write on a hot topic to benefit readers. You need to publish it on a website anyway. Publishing articles on other high-quality sites bring you a lot of reputation in the eyes of Google and other Search Engines.

You do not need to find hundreds and thousands of websites to publish your articles. Instead, a couple of websites to begin. Increasing the authority of your site or profile needs one hit or top-ranking article on google, and you are all set to go. When you start ranking for a post on google that’s high in demand, the chances of other site owners or bloggers linking back to you increase.

As the benefit of the person earning a backlink is greater than the Editor publishing it, the importance and efforts at the writers’ side increase. Here you need to know how to write effectively while serving the reader and search engine. To write effectively, you should start while keeping in mind the secrets of efficient writing, as time can be your worst enemy. 

Article Submission Guideline

How To Publish an Article Online For Free?
Publish an Article For Free

We at Hard Hour only publish High-Quality articles for our readers from around the globe, especially the United States and other EU countries. We write posts and articles in niches like Science & TechnologyHealthSportsE-GamingEntertainment, and Religion or Spirituality

We have different guidelines for various categories we accept posts and articles for. It is essential to follow editorial guidelines. It is also crucial to understand our processing charges for each post. 

  • We charge 100$ per post under 1000 words but more than 600 words.
  • We charge 50$ per post under 1500 words but more than 1200 words.
  • We charge 20$ per post under 2000 words but more than 1700 words.
  • We charge NOTHING per post more than 2500 words.

The process of evaluation and correction of your post may take a couple of days. Expect to hear from us if the post gets a score of 75/100 in the Grammarly test. 

If we reject a post after receiving it, there must be reasons forcing us to do so. A few of them are hereunder. 

  • Off Topic Articles.
  • Copy/Paste, or Plagiarism.
  • Grammatical Errors.
  • Repetition of Ideas.
  • Unnecessary prolongation of sentences to increase word count.
  • Foul Language or Biasness. 
  • Racial Inequality.
  • Gender Shaming or Body Shaming.

How To Publish an Article Online For Free?

You need this super effective template that we use when trying to find Editors interested in accepting articles, blogs or posts.

How to approach any Editor for free article publishing or guest posting?

Hi dear Editor,

It’s Ali here. I hope you are well and doing great. I came across your website while researching for free guest posting sites. I must say that your website content is up to the mark, and I loved it. So, I want to contribute a high-quality guest post for your blog relevant to the topics you address. 

The blog post will be SEO-friendly and the best fit for your website audience.

Also, please let me know how many Do-follow/No-follow links you support for each guest article. It will be easier to get my content ready.

I am anxiously waiting for your reply.

Best Regards!

How we reply to guest posting or article publishing requests?

Hi dear,

Thanks for reaching us at the Hard Hour Panel. Hard Hour is a place to learn 21st-century Ideas in Science & Technology Niche. Take real insights into Digital Marketing, Entertainment NewsHealth Industry, and much more.

Hard Hour provides an opportunity for writers from various backgrounds to publish their work with the slogan Make Your Voice Matter. We allow one backlink per post. As we only serve the best quality content to our readers, you should feel confident about your time investment in carving a masterpiece.

Please, make sure you thoroughly research the topic you are about to write on and stay positive while addressing it.

Your content published on Hard Hour will be super beneficial even in the future as we are growing continuously. A vast number of writers contact us to publish their content on Hard Hour. Whereas we only accept the best content for our readers that’s unique and never published anywhere else. In the case of copied content, Hard Hour will restrict the submissions for the involved domains for an unlimited amount of time.

There is a chance for your content to reach 0.5 million emails if you write great content of more than 2000 words with no grammatical mistakes. Read our recommendations here at “write for us.”

Hard Hour’s Panel looks forward to working with you. We also look forward to your reply.

As we only publish content that will interest our readers, please remember that our panel decides the topic for your content.

Get your content topic now!

Reasons for Possible Article Rejection

Hi dear, 

  Thanks for sending us your article/blog/content. However, we feel sorry to say that we will not publish this content on Hard Hour. It seems like you didn’t pay attention to Hard Hour guidelines.

The reason(s) behind not publishing your content can be any of these:

  • There is plagiarism in your content, or you have used rewriting/rephrasing tools to write it.
  • Your content contains several (more than 5) grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • Your content is less than 1000 words. A good piece of content is above 1200 words.
  • Your article is just serving promotional purposes.

Please, address the above-mentioned issues or issues we have mentioned in detail on our guidelines page for guest posts.
And resend us the content for revision. If your content complies with the guidelines, we will publish it immediately.

All rights reserved by the Editorial team of Hard Hour

 guest posting or article publishing benefits
SEO Marketing

Final Words

Now you have a complete idea of how things work in the world of guest posting. You can use search queries like “guest posting site” to reach other potential websites that fulfill “publish free article” and other queries of super users.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi
Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a writer by passion.

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