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The Saints of Rescue 1122

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The cheerful face of Pakistan and the #1 institution named Rescue 1122. Being a Civil Engineer, Writer, and civil rights activist, I see everything from a particular viewpoint aligned to values defined by the sacred law unchangeable by humans under the burden of personal benefits and urges.

People holding powerful positions never want to lose their power, status, and exclusive rights to moulding and reinterpreting the laws of the land. While everyone else is required to follow specific rules, they alienate themselves and subject the application of rules to others they think are subservient to them.

Divine or sacred law, that is, Islamic law, never changes under any circumstances and ensures a fair living environment for all adherents of a land with an unchangeable law. And this ensures equality, peace, justice, financial security, and all the goods in a society. I don’t see Pakistan or most world countries truly establishing a perfect scale for all.

Pakistan is failing to be anywhere being seen as a true representative of that sacred dream that led to the independence of Pakistan. The sacred reason for which people gave their lives, abandoned villages, and lost relatives and wealth. However, during this chaotic situation, there are always great vibes from great people that helps me and people who keep similar views. And such people are a majority in this country except those in power.

The Story of Rescue 1122

On the 16th of April, 2022, I was leaving my home to buy cough syrup for myself, and just after a furlong, I saw a student being carried by passersby who was caught in a road accident on his motorbike.

After crossing a small group of spectators, I approached him and tried looking into his situation. And saw a severe injury covering his eye with blood. I asked him to let me see his face as he was covering his injury with a random cloth provided by nearby shop owners.

I soothed them by taping his shoulders and asked him if he could see with his eye or not, and he nodded his head, saying that he couldn’t see. Well, bad news, but I was sure that he might not be able to temporarily use his eye amid shock and his brain’s response to sudden shock.

Around 2-3 minutes passed during the conversation, and I wanted to continue my journey to the nearest medical store. Still, before leaving, I made sure to buy a bandage and antiseptic for the injured.

But to my surprise, the real saviors of the people, the rescue 1122 emergency quick response teams, approached the scene, and I felt at peace with high aspirates and prayers for the team.

Why is it appreciable?

A country where there is no role of law. Recently national assembly got sold to the highest bidder in horse trading. And where everyone takes money in public lodges to do nothing. Pandora papers are recent events of their excellence.

There are unsung heroes of Pakistan who never abstain themselves from serving the country tirelessly. The important thing is that it was 8:20 – 8-25 pm, during the month of Ramadan.

Reaching at an emergency spot within such a short period is appreciable. Salute to you, the people who believe in serving nation and people in need. And that’s why qualify as the real saint of the country.

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