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Saad Ahmed

Saad Ahmed is a finance professional with 5+ years of experience in commercial banking, supply chain management and financial consultation. He has worked with some of the best banks in the region and invests his free time to learn about the automation tech in finance and banking.
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Coronavirus and Banking -Positive Surge in Digital Banking

Ever since the Coronavirus was declared as a pandemic, all the governments of the world have taken measures to prevent its spread. The...

Pak-China Economic Relation, 2020 – An Overview

Pakistan and China, the geographic neighbors, had maintained a diplomatic relationship since 1950 when Pakistan recognized the People’s Republic of China regime ( Since...

5 Steps PTI Government Is Taking To Ease Investments In Pakistani Businesses

The PTI government, under the leadership of Imran Khan, had pledged to make Pakistan an investor-friendly country with reforms that encourage ease...

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