What is it About Society that Bothers you?

It is difficult to divide people into precisely identifiable and identical societies in this age of technology. Where much of people’s characteristics, personalities, and ideas are being shaped alike globally as a strong communication medium has made the world a global village. So what is it about society that bothers you is dependent on your world views, culture, understanding, life experiences, and tolerance level.

Humans tend to get angry at things, verbs, or emotions that do not align with whatever they feel and understand to be true, but it is not the only case. Regardless of getting into the debate of the correctness of scale to judge right from wrong, it is essentially true that everyone has a comfort zone and an alien zone. And once into an alien-zone, one not able to comprehend the situation will fall prey to identity loss, depression, and other psychological agitation or problems.

But what is it about society that bothers you the most? It is -not understanding one’s very own personality and what one what from his/her life and themselves. It is essential to understand the severity of influence that any society carries over the thoughts, choices, and understanding of any human. And most people do not understand how a collective effort of society, either positive or negative, influences one’s mind.

Why Would this Bother Anyone?

We are social beings. Anything good or bad happening impacts everyone on this planet actively or passively. For example, you are happy, content with your life, everything is going fine, you get your paycheck on time, your relationship with family is great, your health is fine, etc. However, heading towards your office in the morning, you saw a gruesome act of crime that is now echoing in your mind for the rest of your day. This unhappy incident led you to a condition you didn’t deserve and shouldn’t bother your concern. Previous was one fine example of how our mood, mental health, and happiness is intertwine with the society and other people in general.

Happiness is Only Real When Shared

Now assume about a country where other people speak a different language and appear slightly different than you. These people also have families, colleagues, social life, problems, and worries like anyone else. But they are unable to achieve this level of happiness that you or I usually enjoy due to any ongoing war, political crisis, international sanctions, or economic crisis. Why on earth do we think that it is fair to them to be unable to meet the necessities of life?

The previously discussed example was a bigger picture of a smaller canvas, talking about the crisis in the lives when people don’t understand what they want and why? Everyone wants happiness, but most of us create unfortunate or unhappy moments all the time we do something. Sometimes, we are boiling in anger over unimportant things, and other times, we are complexing things for no actual gain except torturing or maligning others. We all need to understand what truly yields happiness. So we need to create happiness everytime its in our hand to do so.

Happiness is Only Real When Shared
Happiness is Only Real When Shared

It is better to avoid conflicts and quarrels when you are in the mood of acquiring happiness. Furthermore, it is essential to work on things that ultimately yields happiness. Helping people and teaching them whatever you know is a long term investment in happiness. It is also essential to stay engaged in constructive efforts throughout the day. Healthy eating happiness also helps improve metabolism and blood circulation that helps stay fresh and cheerful. Good friends can play a positive role when it is not about competition and winning arguments in other areas of life.

Spirituality also helps understand the purpose of life and keep an eye on the limiting factors such as human capacity, limitation of life, and the obvious nature of life that exchanges happiness with sorrowfulness and vice versa.

What Does not Yield Happiness?

Money never yields happiness. And when it comes to countries that offer a decent living with no major problems such as war, civil unrest, etc., the impact of wealth on happiness narrows down further by many folds. Following is a quote from a research paper:

Research on income and subjective well-being shows that among the non-poor, increased income has little or no lasting impact on happiness.

(Ahuvia, 2008)

Being an entrepreneur and doing a business is not like it appears on a prime time tv show. It takes a lot of exercise, patience, and consistent grinding in the mill that can finally convert into a profitable business overtime. So, no! making more money requires more grinding, thinking, stress, management, and what not. Ease may come at later stages but there is no free lunch.

What is it About Society that Bothers you? 1
What is it about society that bothers you the most? Fake Happiness!

Wasting too much time on social media is also a bad habit and yields little to no positive impact on one’s mood and happiness. Social media has a proven track record of spoiling marriages and the family life of many people, including divorces. Only spending quality time while discussing and educating family, youth, or kids is worth the time and energy spent on socializing.

And there is much more that I will leave for some other day, and I would push every reader to start finding what they need from themselves and their surrounding. Let’s not waste another precious hour, day, week, or month of your life running behind things you don’t like, don’t want in your life, and never wanted in the first place, but during this chaotic surrounding, you either feel that you need it or you are looking for it, or you are convinced to feel that way.

What is it About Society that Bothers you?

Figure out who you are, where you come from, where you are heading, why, and what you need from yourself! What is it about society that bothers you the most should be not knowing yourself and trying to know everybody else.

Abdullah Ali Abbasi
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Abdullah Ali Abbasi is an Engineer by profession and a blogger by passion.

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