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Typhoid fever is a bacterial disease, caused by salmonella typhoid. We transmit it through the ingestion of food or drinks, contaminated by or getting infected by the feces or urine of already infected people. In fact, roughly 21.6 million people each year get infected by Typhoid and this medical condition kills somewhere 216000- 600000 people each year. A properly managed Typhoid diet can help the patient recover faster. Modafinil drug http://buyprovigilsafe.com/

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Typhoid Causing Agents

  • Open area defecation & urination
  • Contaminated
    • water
    • food
    • fingers
    • flies
  • Contaminated Ice & ice-cream
  • Over a month, old food
  • Vegetables grown in sewage water
  • Polluted drinking water
  • Health Ignorance

Signs & Symptoms

  • Rose spots high fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Typhoid meningitis
  • Aches and pains
  • Chest congestion

Management of Typhoid Diet

We can manage the Typhoid fever by adoption of below described strategies

 Diet of Typhoid Fever
Diet of Typhoid Fever

Diet of Typhoid Fever

  • Fluids and Electrolytes should be monitored and replaced diligently
  • Oral nutrition with a soft, digestible diet is preferable
  • It is very important to stay Hydrated during typhoid fever
  • A high-calorie diet is recommended for all patients suffering from typhoid.
    •  High amount of calories in the body prevent the weight loss that takes place due to typhoid fever. High-calorie food items include
      • Pasta
      • Boiled potatoes,
      • White bread and
      • Bananas
    • and all these protein-rich foods should be a part of typhoid patient’s diet
  • Eat food items that are high in water content and drink plenty of fresh fruit juices
  • Boiled rice, Baked potato and Poached eggs are beneficial for the body during typhoid fever
  • Dairy Products should be consumed in large amount including
    • Yogurt 
    • Honey
    • Eggs
  • Vegetarians can eat legumes and cottage cheese that are also high in protein content
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Foods to Avoid in Your Typhoid Diet

  • Avoid high-fiber foods as they can distress your digestive system
  • You should Avoid vegetables like cabbage and capsicum as they cause gas and bloating
  • Avoid food which have a strong flavor of onion and garlic
  • Spicy and acetic acid foods like chili, hot sauce and vinegar should be kept at bay
  • You should also avoid Ghee, butter, deserts and other fried food items

Typhoid Recovery or Prevention

  • Stay home away from work and gatherings until recovery
  • To avoid infection always wash vegetables and fruits before consumption
  • Improvement in basic sanitation
  • Adoption of food hygiene
  • Protection & purification of drinking water supplies
  • I recommend Vaccination to those who live in an endemic area, household contacts, a group at risk like school goings and hospital staff etc.


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